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MineZ Team Apex

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by Dreyar, Jan 17, 2021.

MineZ - Team Apex
  1. Dreyar Platinum



    Hi everyone! We're Apex, a MineZ clan from 2013 and we welcome YOU to join our group today! Apex's main goal is to contest the already saturated big groups in MineZ and make an impact on the server! We're a clan mainly based around PvP, but as many of us are returning players, we welcome members who are knowledgeable on Dungeons/PvE as well!


    DREYAR, Velazzquez
    WishTrick, AMinecraftNoob, uhKirby, xAtlas_
    Eternal_Sentinal, Howl (Ally), Firebal676, SolSalamander (Ally), that_one_guy2000, Divancy, xFinityyy, NateC203
    Purplemualz (Leader), RewriteEons, Zackfs1, Swiftyzz, Monkeyqwert, Applestalker, AGJoe, Shysty, ColesCastle, Snow_Tree, xXBuLLRideRXx, lcecreamm (Ally), cameronduke98 (Ally)
    (If you wish to be added or removed from this list please message me)

    Allied Clans (Current):
    None :3

    Allied Clans (Former):
    The Smiths, Envy, La_Mita's group

    How to join

    Please click the link to access our DISCORD and message either DREYAR or Velazzquez to join. Try to include something about yourself, such as how long you've been playing MineZ for or any Dungeon/Item goals you may have. We look forward to playing with you!

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