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Event Summerfest Event Marathon

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ImAbbyy, Jun 30, 2024.

Event - Summerfest Event Marathon
  1. ImAbbyy Anni Events Co-Lead


    Hey everyone!

    I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break! I'm your host ImAbbyy. In light of Summerfest, I am excited to announce that the Events Team is bringing you another weekend full of events from some of the best gamemodes.

    The Events

    MineZ Summerfest Sumo
    Hosted by: LangScott

    Join us for a fight to be the last man standing in this Beachball Sumo Event. The last three players standing will receive a prize.

    For more information click here!

    MineZ Rising Lava Parkour
    Hosted by: WTDpuddles

    Enjoy a unique parkour experience where players will climb to the top of the volcano as lava rises below them. The top three players will receive a prize.

    For more information click here!

    Annihilation Summer Surge
    Hosted by: ImAbbyy

    Break out you map-reading skills as we embark on a treasure hunt for this years Annihilation Event. The dolphins may have blessed you, but watch out for enemies lurking in the dark.

    For more information click here!

    Smash Summer Bash
    Hosted by: LangScott

    Put your best arm forward as you fight to be the last person standing in this Smash Event.

    Control Beta Test
    Hosted by: LangScott

    Prepare to take out your enemies in this revamped edition of Control.

    Shotball Beta Test

    Throw some balls at your friends as you enjoy Shotbow's take on your favorite classic game, dodge ball.

    Dates & Times

    July 6th Shotball Beta Test - 2PM UTC
    July 6th MineZ Summerfest Sumo - 6PM UTC
    July 6th Control Beta Test - 8PM UTC
    July 7th Annihilation Summer Surge - 3AM UTC
    July 7th Annihilation Summer Surge - 12PM UTC
    July 7th Smash Summer Bash - 2PM UTC
    July 7th MineZ Rising Lava Parkour - 6PM UTC

    Click here for a time converter!

    ☀️We hope to see you all there!☀️
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