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Suggestion Suggestion for Maps

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Maashg, Jan 10, 2017.

Suggestion - Suggestion for Maps

You liked my suggestions?

Yes 7 vote(s) 87.5%
No 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. Maashg Regular Member

    Hello everyone :)
    My English is bad, hopefully you understand me :)
    Lot of players know, old maps are better than current maps.
    All US players vote Coastal, Canyon, Cherokee, Hamlet, Nature and Andorra 3.9.2. at forum (Of course it is their choices. I can not say anything for them.).
    So all good maps have been eliminated for example: Castaway, Solumque, Thallos, Temples etc.
    In my opinion, new maps are killing EU Shotbow. EU players want to play on old maps.

    So my suggestions:

    -Please add all old maps why developers have to remove some maps? Playing the same maps again and again is boring. Too many maps make Shotbow is great again. Other Annihilation servers do not eliminate any maps. So please do not remove any map.
    -Please organize a map voting at forum for EU and for US separately.
    -Please organize a map voting again for 2017 at forum.
    -And finally, please re-add Cronos map. Yes i know it is so small. But Cronos has different style for game. Small maps can be funny right? Like old times. Everybody loves Cronos.

    Thank you for reading...


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  2. OGVipeR Regular Member

    I agree with you.
    Playing the same maps again and again is boring. Cronos being added back would be so great!
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  3. TheFlame_YT Gold

    Please listen this guy
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  4. Maashg Regular Member

    Ty for supporting :)
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  5. Trainspotting Emerald

    You do realise that the maps: Thallos, Castaway, Temples and Solumque are newer than Coastal, Canyon, Andorra(3.9.2) and Cherokee. So I'm confused as to why you want 'the old maps' to return. Do you mean you want the removed maps back? Well this just isn't going to happen because the whole reason they were removed was because the community, generally, voted for them to get removed. Your one opinion, as harsh as it is, will have very little effect.

    As for my general opinion I would say that I agree some maps like Thallos and maybe Castaway should return... sadly I don't think this is going to happen :(
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  6. Maashg Regular Member

    ...and Cronos :(
  7. Maashg Regular Member

    UP UP UP
  8. ACringyTortilla Platinum

    Not everyone likes the maps that were removed, personally I like thallos and cronos but I don't like the others.

    Umm not true. I vote for coastal cherokee hamlet canyon nature and andorra if im feeling like I want the map. A lot of Us players likes amazon, valleys, kingdom ect.

    P.S Sorry for the late response
  9. Soularless Silver

    This guy knows what he is talking about... Well, except for the fact that all US players vote for those "newer" maps... They're older. But I would agree that some maps should return... And Amazon just needs to go...
  10. Maashg Regular Member

    I was US player, I played at US server for 2-3 months, and i play on US sometimes but i did not see a Valleys, Cavern, Amazon, Yggdrasil game. I just was 1 time Castles, Skylands. Sometimes they are voting Kingdom. Maybe a lot of US players love these maps but they are so weak for US game voting.
  11. Maashg Regular Member

    Noo i love Amazon it has memory for old players :/
  12. ACringyTortilla Platinum

    I saw you playing Us like 2-3 months ago? Now there is a new generation. I see a couple of valleys and yggdrasil and lots of skylands but sadly I don't see amazon.
  13. Superbob1000 Administrator

    Hey. So the maps that were voted out are gone because the community didn't want them anymore (or the majority anyway). But there are ways for old maps to make it back in. One way is if the creator made another version that is new and improved. This'll be viewed as a whole other submission and could be considered.

    Also the sandbox sometimes hosts old maps so be looking out for that. :wink:
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