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Discussion [Suggestion] Catastrophic Explosion when a nexus is destroyed.

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Glitchyy, Jul 4, 2013.

Discussion - [Suggestion] Catastrophic Explosion when a nexus is destroyed.
  1. JuanDeags Platinum

    Sorry for long-ish title.

    But basically, when the nexus is destroyed, It starts a 15 second timer(could be varied depending on nerf/buff) announcing to whole server, in this process it creates chat messages saying "(Team)'s Nexus will explode in X second(s)!"
    Obviously styled up to look appealing and noticeable, but in the instance this happens, enemies and the team must escape either the base inside the walls, or to the edge of the island. Stage one, when the time stops, from the point of the nexus, it creates wide-spread damage. I'm talking flying lava sources(to then create flowing ones once landed), an on-going TNT explosion, projecting TNT in every direction. In stage two of the destruction; obsidian, nether rack(with fire ontop) and soulsand are placed on the top layer of 80% of the island from a 100 block radius of the nexus(can be edited/coded to not do the exterior beyond the wall). Anyone that survives(Stage 3) will be given Wither for 10~ Seconds, blindness for 10, Slowness 1 for 30 seconds, and Weakness for 30 as well(seems tough eh?).

    I honestly thought of this in the first time experience of being in the room of the 2nd last team(my team being the victorious)'s nexus explosion.

    Discuss :)


    EDIT: Oh, and sounds played throughout the destruction/countdown would be cool. For instance when the time stops, the killing dragon(vanilla) sound could be played?

  2. TheHermitSpycrab Platinum

    That. Sounds. EPIC! The only issue I see is all the lag it would cause...
    NikkoTheNeko likes this.
  3. JuanDeags Platinum

    Thats the thing.. Though, it could be toned down a bit.
  4. oposdeo Platinum

    Sounds maybe just a liiitle bit overkill...

    Also infiltrating a destroyed base is really useful because you can loot their community chests and whatnot and get good weapons. Destroying everything would remove a pretty big part of the late game combat. I remember team mates going to yellow after it was destroyed and getting sharpness 5 swords and stuff, so it certainly can turn the tides of the game.

    Although a giant explosion is still cool. Just not the lava and fire and death.

    Oh and why would you give them crazy debuffs? That doesn't even seem fair.
    Creative_DaleK likes this.
  5. charlievan2 Gold

    Ya, because the base would still be a nice place to fight on, even if the nexus is destroyed, maybe just a really big explosion but without the changing all the blocks and stuff.
  6. JuanDeags Platinum

    I guess the debuffs can go? :wink:
  7. MagmaSaber Regular Member

    I say catastrophic explosion that kills everybody not on the outer ten blocks of the island, but only the nexus tower is destroyed.
    Ender3737 likes this.
  8. EmeraldsB Regular Member

    If such a concept would be implemented, they would have to add a timer longer than 15 seconds, (maybe 20) enough time to loot a few chests and get out of there before it blows.
    And second, I think that giving everyone near it wither, slowness, blindness and weakness seems a little harsh. If you stayed outside the boundary of the enemy's base, after it explodes since everyone is weak, you could literally go on and kill nearly everyone there, say you had full armor and a strong sword.
  9. dylanxbox Platinum

    I like the explosion part
    and that is about it

    cool explosion of the nexus room but everything else is safe

    Edit WITH FIRE
  10. thebigE2000 Platinum

    Perhaps just the base explodes, not the whole island. Pretty cool idea btw :wink:
  11. carcus476 Regular Member

    You were joking, right?...
  12. theryan135 Gold

    I think that all entities within that wooden wall that spawns, takes 9.5 hearts true dmg. This way, it wont kill, but will hurt severally, or kill you if you are weakened. Also has some explosion animations :D
  13. NikkoTheNeko Gold

    I'd say just spawning in two chunks of tnt (one in the nexus room and one above the base) would suffice.
    Like maybe the nexus room has a 3x3x3 chunk of tnt detonate and above in the base, each tower has a 5x5x5 chunk of tnt explode in the center of the towers.
  14. Krishan701 Regular Member

    Exactly what I was thinking
  15. XDGrangerDX Gold

    I think this is epic.
    But rather than blowing up the whole island, just blow the towers up.
    Also no lava n stuff.
    NikkoTheNeko likes this.
  16. Asutoro Emerald

    I think that only the nexus tower (area) should explode. I don't really know what else to say other than the fly lava and death is just a bit over the top :confused:
  17. SagaIink Platinum

    Explosions are great. I approve.
  18. GorillaTheApe Regular Member

    That would be epic to see in a Minecraft Animation. In the real game, It'll just lag hard.
  19. Link25Triforce Silver

    maybe up the time, anyone in the nexus room will die :/ 15 secs isn't long enough to get out
  20. J_d_Spazz Emerald

    I'm gonna haveta say a gentle no. Perhaps if it was toned way down, like... The nexus tower falls (like Wasted buildings), and a few explosions around it to leave a crater. But something huge like that would murder my computer six different ways. I already have minor to medium lag problems online, and in single player using world edit to create big things I can have pretty nasty lag. Online with huge things happening? Mm-mm.

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