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Suggestion Suggestion about reset, season pass and more

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Diploblastic123, Jun 24, 2021.

Suggestion - Suggestion about reset, season pass and more
  1. wosc Regular Member

    Hello! i am new to shotbow community but have played annihilation since 5 years. I wanted to suggest something which will make annihilation more alive and challanging and encourages new players to come and show their skills
    (i am editing orignal msg since theres a better alternative and many ppl are against all stats reset)

    Annihilation season ranks and stats
    Principle- Introduction of season stats and season ranks. A season can be for 6-12 months which resets the season stats and ranks (which is seperate from overall stats and ranks)
    when you do /stats show [name] it will show this Gui (not exact to scale)[IMG]

    Benefits- [IMG]
    1. You can have prizes for top rankers and 1st place at different fields such as nexus damage, kills etc at the end of season
    2. You can have battle pass or season pass costing 5$ in shop which provides extra rewards for promoting to new rank (ppl with premium will have it included ). This point is flexible since my words are not exact and depends on server monetisation etc
    3. This will make game more lively challanging and another motive to play public games more
    4. Ranks are as follows-
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Diamond
    • Crystal
    • Master
    • Titan
    Promotion messeges for season ranks will not be Displayed to everyone and will have upgrades the same way there is promotion of ranks via kills nexus damage etc (rank system)

    Hows the suggestion tell me in the comments! have a nice day:heart:
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  2. hoodlol Platinum

    never happening
  3. Spavky Platinum

    Well, since current ranks are pretty hard to reach, I don't think ranks should be removed every season. BUT there can be seasonal ranks with their own prizes(like kill effects, pets, etc.) so that people might have an actual reason to buy a battle pass. But resetting all stats and stuff(except for the seasonal ranks) doesn't make any sense in my opinion.
    And yeah it's probably going to make games more alive and competitive
  4. wosc Regular Member

    Hey Sparkyy that actually sounds better
    -Having season ranks and season stats which shows your stats for that specific season
    -Doing /stats show [name] shows season stats first and on next page your overall stats

    We can even have season Ranks like
    1. Bronze
    2. Silver
    3. Gold
    4. Diamond
    5. Crystal
    6. Titan
    which will not show promotion msgs in chats to everyone and can have prizes for top rankers
    they will upgrade same way ranks promote
  5. M4NUEL Platinum


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