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Suggestion Subscription Changes

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Axyy, Apr 12, 2021.

Suggestion - Subscription Changes
  1. Axyy Marketing Team

    Hello everyone,

    Recently I've been seeing a lot of people with the subscription prefix on both Annihilation and MineZ. To my knowledge, the subscription rank has been pretty much the same for years now. I came up with some fun ways to get more people to buy and enjoy the monthly scubscription rank.

    Currently, being a sub is already worth it, and it comes with many great features, I'll list them here to give all of you a proper way to review this suggestion.
    • All premium benefits
    • Automatic upgrade to silver/gold/platinum for renewing your subscription. Silver upgrade happens at three months, gold at five months, and platinum at ten months.
    • A special Subscriber suffix on all servers, e.g. (sub)
    • Access to all standard pets in the lobby
    • Access to the rainbow armor and wardrobe features in the lobby
    • Access to rainbow leather armour in MineZ (/cosmetics when holding a leather armour piece).
    Surely, there were some new additions but the subscription stayed pretty much the same.

    The Change!
    How do you get more people to buy such a subscription? How does Shotbow benefit the best from it? These are things I was thinking about while creating this suggestion thread. You should read it with the same mindset.

    Suffix Colors
    Honestly, I think this would be amazing. Right now it's very confusing, on some gamemodes the suffix is white, on others it's yellow. Why not let people choose their own color for the suffix using /cosmetics in the lobby? (This would be network wide and not server wide).

    Subscription Chats
    Platinum+ members have access to a Platinum+ Lounge on the forums. Why not add a Subscription Lounge, or additonally give Subscribers access to the old Shoutbox on the forums. In my opinion this would bring subscribers closer together and help grow the community. And yes, this gives them another reason to buy or extend their subscription.

    Future Updates
    Get subscribers involved in future updates, tell them about future plans and let them help games within development. This would definitely be a reason for me to subscribe.

    Subscription Forums Rank
    People to have an active subscription should get a Sub rank on the forums as well, just like the current premium ranks have. This is purely cosmetic and might be another reason for people to get a subscription.

    Daily Challenges
    Give subscribers daily challenges in order to unlock limited edition trails, kill effect, kill sounds or even combine it with suffix colors which I suggested above. Daily challenges could be like, get 50 kills in Annihilation, play 3 games of SMASH and complete the daily dbv course. Honestly, this would be amazing.

    Thanks for considering my suggestions, take care
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