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Premium Subscriber Changes - MORE STUFF!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by 8_Bit_Hero, Aug 22, 2014.

Premium - Subscriber Changes - MORE STUFF!
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  1. 8_Bit_Hero Retired Staff


    Yes you read that right, 1 month of premium access for $10 PLUS all of those features. That's a $5 discount from the regular price of basic!

    I finally got time to sit down to work out some extra benefits for existing subscribers based on your feedback. I also realized subscriber before was primarily aimed at people who had already reached Platinum+ status and far too many people were getting confused and frustrated about a subscription not getting them premium time who were just getting introduced to The Shotbow Network so BAM! problem fixed. ALL THE THINGS!

    Here is a complete list of what being subscriber gets you:

    • Immediate access to our game When In Rogue
    • Ability to join full teams in Annihilation
    • Custom kill sounds and effects in Annihilation
    • Access to the time trial leaderboards of Death By Void
    • Ability to create custom arenas in Crafty Bomber
    • Ghostpass in Ghostcraft
    • Reserved slot
    • Private server access including the PvE server of MineZ and access to alpha test our latest game When In Rogue
    • Automatically upgraded to Silver, Gold and Platinum as you stay subscribed
    • A free limited edition pet every month
    • A whole starter kit of pets to play with right away
    • Rainbow armor
    • Access to the Wardrobe in the lobby to don whatever armor and weapon or tool you like!

    Awesome right? To subscribe please click the "Go Premium!" link at the top of the page or right here!

    Questions, comments, or queries? Leave them below and I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have.


  2. craftykid45 Platinum

    As a 13 month subscriber, I can say this is TOTALLY worth it!!
  3. Ripdog1 Platinum

    Amazing, might consider getting it!
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  4. Deathwing Emerald

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  5. 8_Bit_Hero Retired Staff

    Just a note - we will still be leaving basic available for purchase for $15. You will not get the above items with it but it's there for purchase as there are still lots of people who use Paysafe cards and whatnot to purchase basic and trial. Overall though I hope you like the extra stuff we threw in for subscriber. It's now something that everyone can be interested in and hopefully I can work with Highlife and Lazer to bring you more cool stuff for it in the future.
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  6. Luigigames Silver

  7. norwayjump Emerald

    :heart: love it kensai
  8. MangoSmoothies Platinum

    Makes subscriber worth it, but what's the point of buying premium then? Everyone will get sub. I should've just waited and gotten sub...

    If I buy sub once, and it runs out, and I'm no longer sub, will I still get my plat rank? (assuming i stayed for 10 months)

    Also, will I get to keep the pets, and the rainbow armor, and other cosmetics?
  9. casewillems Platinum

    how does rainbow armor work?
  10. cookieman768 Platinum

    Do we keep all of the cosmetics when it expires?
  11. McJeffr Qubion Lead Admin

    Nice to see some positive news after the new EULA! Looks good.
  12. Jedi_man Platinum

    are you going to add/remove /swag for non-subs?
  13. 8_Bit_Hero Retired Staff


    Some people just absolutely hate the idea of subscribing OR are using a payment method that can't be charge monthly ie: anyone who uses Paysafe cards (Pretty much everyone not in the USA)

    You get to keep any and all ranks earned through subscription, even if you cancel.

    The subscriber pets you earn each month you get to keep forever, the starter pack of pets, rainbow armor and other cosmetic items you only have as long as you have an active subscription.

    It looks like this: [IMG]
  14. Luigigames Silver

    rainbow armor... WHAT?????
    no. fucking. way!
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  15. Mistri Platinum

    Yeah buddy!!!
    Welp, still can't afford subscriber tho :/
  16. TheRadiantDawn Obsidian

    Am I not understanding something or does subscriber give you the same benefits as premium for a cheaper price ?

    I'm still really annoyed to have lost my 4.0 xp multiplier btw :lmao:
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  17. Jedi_man Platinum

    it was an almost perfect plan
    it would have worked
    if it wasn't for the meddling cloud, the left steve, lazertester, and the arm bobbing
  18. GeneralWaffle64 Obsidian

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  19. Luigigames Silver

    if only i can join the subscribervets... i need money first.
  20. TheRadiantDawn Obsidian

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