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Guide Strength in 1.6 and in 1.5

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by rainbowmoose1, Mar 30, 2014.

Guide - Strength in 1.6 and in 1.5

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  1. Canadian_moose Gold

    A lot of people don't know the difference between strength potions in 1.5 and 1.6+. Saunders has stated that he will probably nerf strength potions to 1.5 but what's the difference?

    1.6-1.7 strength

    Strength 1: strength 1 in annihilation right now will deal 130% more damage than your damage before. You can calculate your damage by multiplying your damage by 2.3 Pretty overpowered huh.

    Strength 2: strength 2 in annihilation right now will deal a whopping 260% more damage. Multiply damage by 3.6. This is incredibly overpowered. I really don't know what Mojang was thinking when they buffed strength.

    1.5 strength

    Strength 1: you will deal an extra 1.5 hearts of damage with each hit. This is normal damage.

    Strength 2: you will deal an extra 3 hearts of damage with each hit.

    So how much better is 1.6 strength to 1.5 strength?

    Using a diamond sword with 1.5 strength 2 against a leather:
    4 hearts +3 hearts(strength 2)= 7 hearts X 0.7 (0.3 damage resistance with leather armour)= 4.9 hearts of damage. Basically you. Can three shot leather or two shot if you get dem criticals.

    Using a diamond with 1.6 strength 2 against a leather:
    4 hearts X 3.6 X 0.7= around 10 hearts of damage

    With 1.6 strength you do more than double damage compared to 1.5 strength. You can nearly one shot leather with a NORMAL diamond sword. You can easily one shot leather by being vampire at night, pyro and fire, sharpness 1+,berserker at low health, warrior, bloodmage, fire aspect, etc.

    And to those who think strength 1 (1.6) isn't overpowered: you can still too shot leathers with a diamond sword non enchanted. You deal 5.5 hearts to a leather.

    For 11 gold per one strength potion, strength is definitely overpowered. It's not getting a nerf, it's getting a change. Remember with your bare fists you deal about he same damage using either strength (1.6 or 1.5).

    Please tell me if my calculations were wrong.

    Fun fact: when they buffed strength in 1.6, they nerfed regeneration. I don't know what Mojang was thinking.

  2. arivator Platinum

    I'm pretty sure with the strength I and strength II that instead of multiplying them by 2.6 and 3.6 its just 1.6 and 2.6.
  3. Moquito35 Regular Member

    I approve
    P.S 1.6 str 1 isn't multiplied by 2.6, the last digit should be a 3 :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. andrew323 Retired Staff

    You forgot to add +1 damage that you get naturally, 4 hearts (8 damage) from a diamond sword. I do have something for this though...
    (Just remember, in minecraft damage terms, 1 damage = [IMG])

    1.6 strength 2

    1.5 strength 2

    (Don't worry about the min and max rows, they're all the same because of the flat absorption from armor alone.)
  5. HavocNades Regular Member

    [quote="rainbowmoose1, post: 1465063, member: 1042936"
    Fun fact: when they buffed strength in 1.6, they nerfed regeneration. I don't know what Mojang was thinking.[/quote]

    The Mojang team started having this weird obsession with UHC, so they nerfed regen.
  6. Canadian_moose Gold

    That's what I thought a while ago but i was told that I was wrong by a dozen people in shoutbox. Tested it out and it turned out I was wrong. It's 130% more not 130% of your normal damage. The wiki doesn't date it very clearly either :(
  7. NobleJury Gold

    We know. But it's 30%, not 60%. So 2.3x.
  8. MacWasPvp Platinum

    Str 2 + dia sword on a leather = 1 hit K.O.
  9. the_grim_sleeper Obsidian

    I made a post like this quite a while ago.

    Meh, at least I don't have to search for it.
    Before, you could make extended level 2 potions. Now, it's either extended or increased.

    Potions were extremely hard to get. You had to have a nether portal, which required a diamond pickaxe, then search for a fortress, mine glowstone and redstone, kill blazes and other mobs, and all the while had to endure attacks from overworld mobs and possibly other players. That extra bit of damage was nothing compared to other enchantments. The buff was necessary to keep the rare and hard-earned strength potions from becoming trivial. Strength nor anything was ever intended to be sold in a shop.

    However, Mojang didn't accommodate, and shouldn't have to take into consideration the needs of a bukkit server community. I'm pretty sure we're one of the only communities that frets over strength potions, at least to our extent.

    The only reason why we see strength as OP is because it's so available. There is no gold shop in Minecraft. Mojang nor Shotbow should have to change something simply because a small portion of the community deems it as something that they hate and do not like.

    That cost only applies to the first batch of potions. Let me break it down.
    3 - Bottles
    10 - Brewing stand
    5 - Nether wart
    15 - Blaze powder
    3 - Glowstone or redstone
    (3 - Gunpowder)
    So that adds up to 36 (or 39 if splash) gold for the first batch of strength potions. That's just strength. No regen, no speed, nothing else.
    For each new batch, it takes 26 (or 29 if splash) MORE gold. This is MUCH easier than starting from scratch and wood gear, working your way up toward diamond. You can easily kill gold miners, brewers, or make your own crap before they can.

    The only damn reason why you pansies think strength is overpowered is because there is a shop for you, and you're babied so much by this gamemode, you don't know anything more than your own damn backyard.
  10. Canadian_moose Gold

    Every server other than annihilation that has strength pots avaible has nerfed them to 1.5 strength pots. Why? Because strength potions 1.6, no matter how hard they are to get, are overpowered in pvp. Vanilla minecraft isn't based on pvp. It's based on building and gathering. It's tough to gather stuff though because of mobs. So Mojang buffed strength potions so the lazy vanilla minecraftets wouldn't have to deal with mobs as much. But they forget about every other potion buff. It's much harder to make regen potions than strength potions. You get two batch of strength potions for each blaze but your not even guaranteed a ghast tear when killing a ghast.

    Anyway collecting 36 gold and cooking and brewing the potions can be done in phase 1 by me(a single person. And that guarantees me three overpowered potions.

    At last I don't like to combat overpowered stuff with the same thing. I don't hack to hackers. Although now I am forced to use strength 2 against strength 2 as that's all that can combat it. Not even notch apples will help you in a strength rush of more than two people.

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