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State of the Server: Player input

Discussion in 'State of the Server' started by akalen4u, May 3, 2013.

State of the Server: Player input
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  1. akalen4u Retired Staff

    Here is your chance to give input. Be constructive, be concise.

    Also how would it feel if I removed all sharpness and just had prot 2 still.

    Plans for map 11
    No rep
    Koths on weekends only, starting on friday night then a koth on saturday with better loot, and another on sunday.

    Remove rogue and bard, keep mining and archer.

    I asked rafiki to enable chunk claiming as well with the new claiming stick/command.

    Please, be constructive, not destructive. And please be concise.
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  2. DryPixel Silver

    I don't agree with the Keeping prot 2, Due to the long amount of time it takes to kill a person. Personally I would rather have the way it is now or noenchants
  3. Motown Gold

    Keep the enchants exactly how they are, nothing needs to change.

    I'm not too keen about the weekend-only koth idea, but I guess I'll see how it goes.
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  4. iHaggis Regular Member

    KEEP ENCHANTS THE WAY THEY ARE or go no enchants. Do NOT have prot with no sharpness. I like rogue and bard but wouldn't mind them disappearing. If something could be done with them (even outside of hcf) that'd be nice.
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  5. Jitter4Ban Emerald

    If you remove the Sharpness I suggest going to full No Enchant. I also agree with removing Rogue and Bard, it seems like they're always underpowered or overpowered.

    Removing KoTH from the weekdays could help the server a lot, since people will want to fight and not just wait for non-deathban fights.

    Also a little off topic: But can we get the old kill messages back as well as Death Signs? I always loved those colors and I always thought they were a symbol for the server. They also just plain look good.

    Even more off topic: Have you thought about playing with players? I would really love to see Admins play with players (Be it Enemies or Allies). You would also learn more about the community, keep in touch with friends, and etc.
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  6. TravisArmstrong Retired Staff

    KOTH's on weekends sounds good.

    [EDIT] Maybe keep in rougue and bard on second thought.

    No rep seems fine, maybe go back to showing a player's # of kills after their name like before?

    Keep enchants like they are, but fix it so you can't repair or combine bows to make them OP.

    Fix it so you can't waste levels on any fire/flame books.

    Add back death signs like Livided suggested if you can make it where it doesn't break doors and such like it could before.
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  7. Chubbymoose Silver

    I am fine with everything EXCEPT removing bard. I LOVE bard, but can never use it because either 1. We have yet to have a palace this map and 2. They were too underpowered last map. I will try to go to eotw/palace as bard, to test it out, but please don't remove it.
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  8. ZoveReign Regular Member

    Please keep enchants how they are, they are fine for people with / without lag.

    Going back to unenchanted is horrible to fight with a high ping.
  9. dreamjar Regular Member

    I for one think that rogue and bard are both significant parts of HCF. Without either of the two, we would revert to nothing more than vanilla PvP with some small tweaks.

    Rogue and Bard both bring flavor and variety to the game and are ways for people who are not great at the traditional aspect of PvP and give them an opportunity to shine, experiment and have fun. I for one have dedicated myself for this map to learn how to play Bard to it's full extent. I want the server to experience something different and I plan on trying to create some change myself through this way and break through the typical KotHs and Palaces fights and bring something new to the game.
  10. Pikaoku Platinum


    No thank you. I like how ambushing a target is a legitimate stratagem at the moment. I feel it is balance, fun and over-all "hardcore". If we look back to the Prot4 example, any noob in the right armour was a walking tank. Not many people enjoyed that, and it was complained about until it was re-removed. I'm of the opinion we just leave it alone.

    Similarly to when Bornwald mentioned this on the subreddit, I have to ask: Why? It's a pretty sweet feature. It's the easiest "score-board" for kills/pvp, and it's available right there in the game. I liked the feature, and I've enjoyed listening to faction mates try to out-rep each other.

    The only reason that quickly pops to mind is overly long names. Although very long user names are (IMO) extremely annoying, and remind me instantly of pay-to-win servers, rep is a small 3/4 digit number. Even if it had to be taken out of chat, it could be implemented via a /rep (player|Scoreboard|Top10) command.

    I don't mind this. All I can say really is Saturday KoTH would need to be really good. People barely go to KoTH, and if they do they get 20 diamonds (not entirely worth it ever since enchants were re-introduced).

    One thing I would like to know is; does this mean a night of KoTHs, or a KoTH. i.e. will there be several KoTHs in one night with a range of rewards, Saturday having the higher tiers, etc etc. Or one big KoTH with a huge reward per night.

    I've suggested a few times a ShotBow server for basically a KitPVP server, featuring those two classes. Could that be a possibility in the future?

    Noice m8, noice.

    This definitely needs to be a thing. The new claiming system is great for bigger factions that are, well, competent. But I've found a heap of noobs bases wide open because they didn't have a clue what they were doing. Suggestion: make "/f claim" bring up a menu that shows the possible syntaxes (like it does for /f rank) so when someone types /f claim it says:

    User input:
    /f claim
    Onscreen output:
    /f claimchunk; claim the chunk you're standing on
    /f claimstick; use the HCFactions Claiming Stick to claim a selection (For advanced users)

    I think that would make it a lot simpler for both noobs and advanced players who don't understand the system.

    An additional point: EU Admin. Please kid-nap Djmaddox again so there can be an admin available for us Euro people. :heart:
    An additional additional point, for the ShotBow web-developer: Please enable justification in posts.
  11. xsaints Gold

    IMO Enchants now are in a good place in terms of balance, as for KoTHs on weekends only I find besides end camping the only PvP we seem to see is during the daily koths. I'm guessing you would be removing them to encourage players to try to raid eachothers bases? I'm not sure that is a great alternative to PvP at koths.
  12. Eum3 Gold

    Sounds good, except leave Sharp the way it is now, and palace instead of koth on saturday.
  13. tueman Platinum

    I'd like the death signs and kills in front of the name, those are cool systems if you're gonna remove rep.
  14. tennisruler11 Platinum

    I think that the enchants and sharpness should stay exactly how it is now. Except try to fix the way to get Power 3's.

    Secondly, why get rid of rep? I personally believe that it is a cool feature and gives incentive to actually kill people other than gear. I love people in our faction trying to out-rep each other.

    Third, I don't know about the only KOTH's on weekends. I think it may work, but I'm not sure. I never played when it was like that, so get someone's perspective that has.

    The removing classes except archer and mining seems great.

    Love the chunk claiming.
  15. Niblic Regular Member

    idea list:

    scrap entire outposts idea
    im pretty sure nobodys going to make a beacon or make an emerald thing or whatever to make a shitty little shack in the middle of nowhere. might be useful for EotW but otherwise useless every other time.

    re-add death signs
    and make them collectable and replaceable

    delete death by void
    nobody even plays that gamemode

    get down with the town bro
    attempt to re-establish admin trust for a better and happier community. don't make promises you can't keep.

    or create an admin bot that says a variety of lines including "we are accepting of criticism" and "the existence of the server doesn't depend on the lead admin's presence!" to establish an illusion of admin trust for a better and happier community.

    make hcfactions training server
    if you guys are really so god damn itchy about pvp.[CENSORED].com maybe you should offer a better service?

    delete chat filter
    or disable it within faction chat

    add necessary trigger warnings to server portal
    i am a pacifistic pig-kin existentialist and this server is provokingly disagreeing with my beliefs by actively promoting violence, actively promoting the brutal slaughter of pigs, and allowing you to "purchase lives" to resurrect after a death which is highly materialistic and microaggressive against my chosen beliefs. also the server title "hcfactions" is a huge fuck you to my reading disabilities since i stumble when introduced to acronyms that aren't immediately obvious, so please check your privilege and add some trigger warnings or something.

    tw: pig-kin tw: pacifism tw: existentialism tw: microaggression tw: materialism tw: violence tw: corporate agenda

  16. Djmaddox Retired Staff

    I've played quite a lot this map, and here are some of the things that should, in my opinion, be added/changed/removed.

    1) Keep enchants like they are right now, or make them no enchants at all, or again full prot 4/sharp5
    2) Re-add death signs(which can not replace doorblocks or any other blocks anymore) and the old death messages
    3) Keep miner class, get rid of archer, rogue and bard
    4) Don't make the chat-filter too sensitive
    6) Make the faction plugin a bit easier to understand for new players(I could help with that)
    7) Keep reputation, but do some more with it, not just it being a number
    8 ) Improve in-game tips
    9) Add those Warzone-border selling shops we were talking about a while ago for this map but which didn't get added
    10) Don't add outposts, for the reasons Niblic stated
    11) Let people mention other servers that are regularly played on, like that training server or the other few (has to do with #4 as well).
    12) Some sort of tax on the size of the land you have? Someone mentioned something about that before, I think a lot could be done with that
    13) Don't make Palace or any other weekly fighting event affect DTR.
    14) Update the rules/restrictions and whatnot on the website regularly

    I hope this stuff helps out, I might add some more things later. :) Also, is anything gonna be done with horses on the next update?

    Pika pls
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  17. chris752w Platinum

    Go back to Factions 2.0, just edit the power to be more detrimental in deathban and non-deathban.
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  18. Kuaf Regular Member

    I like Bard and Rogue, more so because Bard allows swiftness 4 if you have sugar, and so it helps to make runs to spawn and escape other players who are much more powered than you are, particularly if you have little to no diamonds or enchants. Rogues fun to play, just for the invisibility and sneaking up components, though I've never used it other than to scare the other people in my faction. I honestly just love playing Bard more myself, since I'm not too good at pvp but that way I can still hang back holding a blaze rod, and still be useful.
    I don't care much for KOTH myself, since our faction is primarily a friend faction, who all know each other in real life, with 3 groups of friends making our faction up, all the three differing groups being the ones knowing each other irl. Only a few of us are decent pvpers, and so we're not confident enough to try tackling a stronger faction at KOTH, but putting it just on the weekends is a good idea, since that's when most people are free and can play hcf anyways.
    Removing all sharpness and keeping prot 2 is kind of redundant, since I think if anything that would make it easier for established factions to hunt noobs, since keeping the diamond prot 2 even especially without sharpness if the noobier player doesn't have it would make it harder to kill them, and even if it wasn't, and an iron against a diamond 2 guy, it would still be very much so unbalanced, because a plain diamond sword would take quite a few hits to still take them down.
    No rep I could care less about, since I don't think it really adds much, since you can just see their kills on the website anyways, though I did like the Deathsigns of the last map just for the giggles of seeing where my friends had been murdered.
    Kay sorry, I just really wanted to keep Bard and because of Finals season I went and answered all the other things Akalen asked :lmao:
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  19. Niblic Regular Member

    bard should have some cool bullet time matrix wizard shit so if things get a bit rowdy he can activate matrix mode and get his sorry perky tushy out of the situation.
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  20. ginie1 Gold

    This is my opinion.
    -Keep the classes
    -No enchant *keep tool enchant* Or Vanilla without regen potions.
    - Koth during the week and keep palace. Palace is one of thing that everyone loves.
    -Have no member limit.
    -Keep this power system, but bring it to , max 6 DB until raidable. Honestly, the more people you have in a faction= More risk of getting raidable, theres no point in having a member limit.
    -Please for the love of god, Make non-DeathBan areas not make you lose power.
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