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State of DBV: December 2016 Edition

Discussion in 'Death by Void' started by ImbC, Dec 3, 2016.

State of DBV: December 2016 Edition
  1. ImbC DBV Lead Admin

    Hello everyone!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've made one of these State of DBV feedback threads, but with my 2nd year of university out of the way I figured now would be as good a time as any to inform you guys of our progress and plans with DBV for the upcoming 1.9 update and beyond.

    DBV for 1.8
    DBV for 1.8 is considered 'feature complete', and as such all future gameplay changes will only be rolled out to 1.9 DBV. These changes can be found right now on the 1.9 Shotbow Beta Server (beta.shotbow.net). Please help us by playtesting DBV on the beta server and reporting all bugs you encounter.

    DBV for 1.9+
    • We have yet to add any new pieces to 1.9 DBV, though we have removed some unpopular pieces due to them being either too large or too complicated. (pictured below)


    • Fixed some pieces which were causing the course to loop through itself.
    • Fixed ghost pieces generating in infinite courses. (pictured below)

    • Fixed an issue with the lobby leaderboard signs.

    With new Minecraft updates sadly comes new bugs, and we need your help to find them!

    Currently known bugs which are being tackled include:
    • Players not spawning with feathers
    • Infinite courses having generation issues
    If you encounter a bug, please report it via the report a bug section on the forums!

    Final Notes
    • Some of our more veteran players may be interested in knowing that thanks to 1.10's autojump feature, quadruple jumping is now possible.
    • A new Purpur disguise block has been added to Tier 3 (Rare)
    Please leave your comments and feedback below! All feedback is greatly appreciated :heart:


  2. HungerHealer Silver

    Remove the glass courses :).

    Nah, the update looks good.
    ImbC likes this.
  3. ImbC DBV Lead Admin

    The bug where players were not spawning with feathers has been fixed, and infinite courses should now be generating properly again.

    So if that was preventing you from playing 1.9 DBV, check it out now!

    Haha I've already had someone tell me they miss the giant horsebend room, we can never satisfy everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

    Glad to hear you enjoy the update!
    ripshotbow likes this.
  4. Koffge Regular Member

    Can't wait for the update and new course items. The items that get removed deserve it!
    ImbC likes this.
  5. Koffge Regular Member

    Another question: how is the tutorial course getting along? It's closed for a while now on the beta server. I really liked the old one (Pre DbV beeing in the nether) it was a little bit of a challenge
  6. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    Ah men havent played this in ages. Looks like u guys did nice work for 1.9, I will make sure to check for bugs tommorow (if I dont forget it).
    Well done.

    Ur in university? :eek: wow am I the only one who feels dumb now? :lmao:D

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