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Annihilation Spring Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Apr 12, 2019.

Annihilation - Spring Update | Page 2
  1. Monster_Bug Platinum

    Go bard and select slowness, go pyro or go immo
    I see enough counters

  2. Robertthegoat Developer

    This update gave us a lot more control over the grapple, so tweaking finer details with it in the future will be easier. The grapple is now custom to the lowest level. I was under the impression, actually, that being able to use normal fishing rods as a grapple was an unintended side-effect of code that wasn't all that fine-grained. You're all encouraged to recommend changes, particularly with the grapple durability, to the Anni staff via the forums.

    One concept I toyed with while working on the update but did not include with this release is the idea of a regenerating grapple. You would be able to do quite a bit of grappling, but excessively using it without taking a breather would break the grapple. Resting the grapple would allow it to regenerate durability over time. That's a reasonable feature from the development standpoint, but its up to you guys to tell the Anni staff if you want it or not.
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  3. Murgatron Retired Staff


    We have fixed several game breaking bugs that were related to this update. These include:

    • Potion effects being applied to teammates in incorrect situations - i.e inflicting poison on a teammate as bloodmage or regenerating health off a teammates as succubus.
    • Absorption hearts being removed when immobilised.
  4. Tobi472 Platinum

    This is exactly the kind of nerf which would make scout unplayable.
    Imo rn dasher is already the better scout and if you get hit as a scout and you cabt use your grapple this gap becomes even bigger.
    But to be fair I like the idea with the arrow. You need to have good aim to shoot a scout but the reward granted could be nice.
  5. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    Dasher might be better at getting to higher places, but it doesn't have the horizontal velocity like scout. Scout can run from players, and catch up to players. Dasher can't catch a scout. In my eyes, the extra mobility scout has, and a much shorter cool-down, puts it ahead of dasher.

    I agree, the grapple detachment might be too big a nerf. Instead, it could detach on a critical hit only, or a 20% chance of occurring. Out of the two, critical hit or ~20% chance of detachment, what do you think would be better? Or perhaps just implement 2 and 3 instead?
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  6. Tobi472 Platinum

    I think that you came up with an awesome idea right there. It may need some testing to get the right numbers.
    Maybe even 33% on a hit would do the job. So yes the % chance over the crit I would think.

    Rn a dasher is not able to catch a scout but I personally as a dasher was able to escape a scout many times in coastal mid. Because you can travel up to 25 blocks which is enough to instantly acess any mid-base from the middle island.
    Scout can choose fights as he wishes which makes the biggest differnence to dasher who has a 10 second cooldown. With the 10 second cooldown you have to pick your fights more careful because if you dont kill him quick enough or you seem to loose you cant run away.
    With dasher you can teleport behind players and surprise them even more.

    For me its hard to say which class is better rn but I know for sure that this version of dasher is quite viable.
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  7. Sevy13 Administrator

    Due to a game balance issue we have decided to make some changes to the Alchemist class.

    Regen 3 was proving to be too powerful. In combination with speed 3 and some kiting, health was recovered at a rate that made it near impossible to counter when dealing with groups of well geared players.

    In a bid to address this, we have removed Regen 3 and replaced it with an extended version of Regen 2. In addition we have extended the duration of Strength 3. This should make Alchemist a little less tanky but more hard hitting, and hopefully more balanced.

    Changes are as follows:

    Alchemist Enhanced Potions

    Regen 3 - Removed & replaced with Regen 2 extended:
    Reg 2 Drink - 2:20mins
    Reg 2 Splash - 1:30mins

    Strength 3 - duration's extended to:
    Str 3 Drink - 3:30mins
    Str 3 Splash - 2:10mins

    Everything else remains unchanged.

    Please try the new changes and let us know what you think.
  8. Tobi472 Platinum

    More hard hittung. Yeah the extra 3.75 damage is really meaningful. Overall its a buff bc of all the new possibilities. Can make poison 3 a thing again since regen 3 got removed?
  9. xondik Regular Member

    Thats amazing update ! I hope i will get unbanned and play !:D:heart:
  10. Slaystyle Platinum


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