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Annihilation Spring Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Apr 12, 2019.

Annihilation - Spring Update
  1. Murgatron Retired Staff


    Hello everyone,

    Today I am happy to announce that the latest update to Annihilation has now gone live! Please see below for a full list of changes :zanonymous:

    Annihilation Spring Update Changelog



    A bug where you could brew potions almost instantaneously.


    Potion duration of enhanced potions:

    Enchanted potion of regeneration - increase from 35 seconds to 70 seconds.
    Splash variant - increase from 35 seconds to 50 seconds.

    Enchanted potion of strength - increase from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
    Splash variant - increase from 60 seconds to 85 seconds.

    Enchanted potion of speed - increase from 80 seconds to 120 seconds.
    Splash variant - increase from 80 seconds to 100 seconds.

    Alchemist's enhanced potions, whilst powerful, were not seen as useful due to the low duration which often meant tier 1 potions could sustain a team for longer. We hope these increases make Alchemist a more appealing pick for players.

    [IMG] Berserker


    Reduced the amount of hearts you lose on death to 5 (10 health).
    Hearts are stored upon class change.
    Hearts are lost upon death regardless of your class.
    Hearts are not lost upon disconnection.

    Playing berserker could be a frustrating experience if you experienced connection issues or you overextended - all your hard work would be lost. We made the above changes to try and make it fairer for players who enjoy the grind to become the tankiest players in Annihilation!

    (Note - Your hearts are not transferred when you change class from berserker)

    [IMG] Dasher


    The cooldown of the active from 5 to 10 seconds.

    Removed the hunger penalty for use.
    Removed the blindness and weakness upon blinking.

    In the trio of Scout and Acrobat, Dasher has never been quite up to par. Given this we've made the above tweaks to make the class more potent and less frustrating to play. We hope these changes will make dasher more viable and able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Scout and Acrobat.

    Damage Potions[IMG]

    We've now added the vanilla mechanic where splashback can happen when using instant damage potions.

    When using poison potions there was always the potential for splashback to occur but not with Instant Damage. This meant that teams use tier 2 damage potions without any negative feedback. These potions are incredibly powerful and can completely overwhelm the tankiest of players. It wasn't fun to play against and meant teams would often turtle on maps with a chokepoint entrance - such as Canyon or Coastal. We hope this change broadens the viability and variety of gameplay strategies to defend and attack your nexus.

    Enchanting [IMG]

    Due to a legacy combat plugin we use to help emulate 1.8 PvP the enchanting was determined by a seed. This seed was the same per player per map meaning that your enchantments were always the same. We've now made the seed assigned to each player completely random for every map to bring back the randomness of enchanting once more. You'll still be able to see your enchantments in the enchanting UI though :)

    [IMG] Immobiliser


    A chat message to communicate when a player is immune to being immobilised.


    Reduced the mining fatigue when immobilised to 5 seconds from 10.

    The mining fatigue after being immobilised was frustrating so we amended it to match the original stun duration.

    When a player has been immobilised they are immune to being immobilised again for 10 seconds. Sadly we never communicated this to the second immobiliser which lead to players questioning if a player was cheating or the class was broken. We've fixed this by adding a chat notification. We hope this more clear and less frustrating for everyone.

    [IMG] RobinHood


    Tiers are not lost upon class change.
    Tiers are lost upon death regardless of your class.
    Tiers are not lost upon disconnection.

    Similar to Berserker, playing RobinHood was frustrating upon disconnecting so we ensured your progress is saved. We also allowed players to switch class without losing their hard work - however, if you die your tiers will be reduced no matter what class you play!

    (Note - Your bow is not transferred upon changing class from Robinhood).



    Grapple has a 25% chance to lose 1 durability per pull.
    Fishing rods cannot be used as grapples.

    We've increased the grapple's durability slightly and in return removed the ability to use fishing rods as "extra" grapples as we felt this was unfair.



    Life drain ability only successful when the target is at 25% health.

    This had creeped up to 30% at some point so we knocked it back down to 25% as we felt this was more balanced.

    Private Stands [IMG]

    We've reduced the distance to place from a Nexus from 30 to 20. On most, if not all, maps you should not see any distance restriction anymore. We hope this makes it easier for players to brew potions without having to leave the safety of their base.

    [IMG] Vampire


    Particles on friendly bats, visible to team-only.


    When in bat form you cannot use splash potions.
    Transform cooldown will start when transforming out of bat form due to light.
    Fixed being able to transform into a bat during the day.

    Due to the potency of splash potions we felt it was unfair for bats to drop them with ease on players with little to no risk. We added a cooldown when bats fly into a lit area as this made it too easy for hit and run tactics that were frustrating to play against. We added particles to indicate if a bat is friendly or not to reduce confusion.

    Witch [IMG]

    Looting swords could grant an insane amount of drops from the witch which was unintended. After discussing it further we've decided to limit the maximum amount of Glowstone and Gunpowder available from the witch to 4 with a Looting 3 sword, 3 with a Looting 2, 2 with a Looting 1 and 1 with regular damage.

    We have also disabled the witch from suffocating to prevent AFK farming of her.

    Other changes

    We have taken the latest additions from MineZ's PvP tweaks and applied them to Annihilation. We hope this change makes the combat even more 1.7 / 1.8 like and enjoyable for all!

    Some other minor changes include:
    • Left clicking an enderfurnace with a sword will no longer open the UI
    • Scout grapple no longer hooks itself into your teammates
    • Fixed particles for the following:
      • Hunter Traps - teammates
      • Iceman on ice
      • Bloody Mess kill effect
      • Ninja Shurikens when hitting blocks
    We also updated some of our backend systems to be faster at detecting and removing some of the most game breaking hackers. Whilst you may not notice a difference ingame we are certainly seeing an improvement from our end - in some cases players being banned faster than any admin could even respond to a report!

    Credits :heart:

    Multiple developers have been involved with this update so many thanks to:
    • DocCodeSharp - High priority bug fixes
    • Galap - Updated backend systems, succubus and private stand adjustment.
    • Skillerfox3 - RobinHood & Berserker changes
    • Robertthegoat - Everything else. Which is alot. Seriously, ALOT :heart:
    Additionally thank you to my wonderful, fantastic and brilliant Anni Admin Team who have not only helped bug test and shape the update but provided useful feedback from you - the players.

    We hope you enjoy this latest update to Annihilation :)


    We have fixed several game breaking bugs that were related to this update. These include:

    • Potion effects being applied to teammates in incorrect situations - i.e inflicting poison on a teammate as bloodmage or regenerating health off a teammates as succubus.
    • Absorption hearts being removed when immobilised.

  2. Monster_Bug Platinum

  3. Anjumac Platinum

    It says it was posted FEB 10... But this looks promising! Can't wait to try it out.
  4. Murgatron Retired Staff

    That was when the thread was first drafted. We've had some delays due to major bugs being found last minute sadly.
    ChickenMac7 likes this.
  5. Navarr Councilor

    I'll modify the date in the DB later. Having an old date like this won't announce properly

    Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
    ChickenMac7 and Mistri like this.
  6. Tobi472 Platinum

    You removed the nearly instant brewing... that was such a nice feature
  7. Snurkle Platinum

    Are you referring to the change in alchemist "A bug where you could brew potions almost instantaneously"? if so, that not a feature, its a bug.
  8. Tobi472 Platinum

    Maybe I do
  9. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Aye sir! Updating!
  10. Ikerss Platinum

    Looks like things are going in a good direction :D
    Fluffoon likes this.
  11. Mikkaiy Regular Member

    These changes look great, however you really need to fix the missile spell from the wizard kit. It doesn't work at all.
    Ivandagiant likes this.
  12. Anjumac Platinum

    The scout change seems kind of pointless. Instead of crafting a new grapple, you have to run to base and select the class again. This just seems like a tedious inconvenience. But at the same time, it could cause a scout to be vulnerable once it breaks... I guess I have some experimenting to do.
  13. Tobi472 Platinum

    Well the whole grapple dura thing seems for me like:
    Mimimi scout is too strong lmao pls nerf scout bc I cant get gud.

    Yes, we make it less strong by making it grapple slowly break. The scout wont see this coming.

    Ah nice ty for the nerf... wait it doesnt make a difference bc every scout who is able to see his toolbar wont make it break before he gets a new one.

    Ah ur right. Here he now he has to select the class new but he even can use its grapple longer.

    This makes sense... wait you just buffed the normal grapple and call this a nerf?

    Nah for scouts there wasnt even a reason to craft rods bc they dont reduce fall damage by half. So yes we nerfed the rod which you shluldnt use at all.

    So did you even wanted to nerf it?

    No life is hard get gud.

    No offense btw but all scout nerfs didnt have a impact imo. The only thing which was good was removing speed 1 in iron and diamond.
  14. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Let's go!!

    @Tobi, any advice on how to nerf scout properly?
    targetaquired likes this.
  15. Tobi472 Platinum

    Thats a tough one. Nerfing scout but not making it unplayable is a really hard balancing question.

    I used to play only scout but rn I think thor and bloodmage are the go to classes in terms of combat classes.

    Still scout might be the best overall desinged class due to its grapple.
    But in night time vampire outlasses its mobility, speed and rushing power.
    As I mentioned there are some classes which grant bonus damage and make combat easier this way, which imo outclasses the combat aspect of the grapple.
    Now with the dasher buff I think scout already got nerfed a bit because we now have 3 viable mobility classes.

    I personally dont think we have to nerf scout rn but if we had to I would do one of the following. ( Most of my ideas are not new)

    1. Remove scout from public games.
    A bit too much I guess but there was a time where I would have done it.

    2. Make the grapple work like in minez and maybe make speed one permanent again.

    3. Grapple cant be used while in iron or diamond armor but make speed one permanent.

    4. Make the grapple break faster while wearing higher better armor like iron or diamond.
  16. xGale Regular Member

    Scout has been nerfed sooo much since it was first released, and no matter what "nerf" shotbow comes out with people will always complain about SOMETHING. I really dont see whats wrong with current scout, maybe in a 1v1 situation it could be hard to counter. But this is a team based game so finding a teammate or two to go immo or pyro to counter scout shouldn't be hard.
    Tozzu likes this.
  17. Tobi472 Platinum

    Good you quote but dont say anything specific to my points. I even said we dont have to nerf it.
  18. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    So, if I understand you correctly; You do agree on the fact that scout is quite a challenge to nerf. But also mock the admins for doing a bad job?

    From my POV: scout will only be a pain in the *** if you wander around alone. Then it will hunt you down, and kill you. Apart from that, staying a certain spot and knowing that the enemy is scout. Then starting to lose the fight and run; you'll die.

    My point being: don't travel alone and if you do. Choose Assassin or Spy to out run it / hide from it.
  19. Anjumac Platinum

    Scout essentially has a permanent safety net, which drastically reduces the risk element. Making fire deactivate the grapple helped increase the risk, because if someone has a fire aspect sword, scout can't grapple away. Here are some ideas for potential nerfs:

    1. Detach the grapple whenever the scout is hit (by players and projectiles, not cactus, lava, etc).

    2. Deactivate grapple for ~2-4 seconds after getting shot by an arrow (have a visual representation)

    3. Make the grapple unbreakable.

    This would make running from a fight harder, but not impossible. It would also give a chance to bow down scouts. Making the grapple unbreakable would just make the class less tedious to play, as you wouldn't have to run back to base every 20 minutes to select scout again. The 2 second cool-down should remain the same, and everything else as well. At the very least, add 1 and 3, 2 might be too much nerf.

    I think these changes would help balance the class and add a layer of risk, whilst not entirely removing the safety-net, and keeping it a fun and good class. Tell me what you think.
    DutchSurvivor likes this.
  20. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    I love it!
    ChickenMac7 likes this.

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