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Update Spring Update - testing

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Murgatron, Feb 23, 2019.

Update - Spring Update - testing
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  1. Murgatron Retired Staff

    Hello everyone,

    We're currently testing the following changes on the Annihilation Sandbox - THESE ARE NOT LIVE ON PUBLIC SERVERS YET.



    Potion duration of enchanced potions:

    Enchanted potion of regeneration - increase from 35 seconds to 70 seconds.
    Splash variant - increase from 35 seconds to 50 seconds.

    Enchanted potion of strength - increase from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
    Splash variant - increase from 60 seconds to 85 seconds.

    Enchanted potion of speed - increase from 80 seconds to 120 seconds.
    Splash variant - increase from 80 seconds to 100 seconds.

    Alchemist's enchanced potions whilst powerful were not seen as useful due to the low duration which meant often tier 1 potions could sustain a team for longer. We hope these increases makes Alchemist a more appealing pick for players.

    [IMG] Berserker


    Reduced the amount of hearts you lose on death to 5 (10 health).
    Hearts are not lost upon class change.
    Hearts are lost upon death regardless of your class.
    Hearts are not lost upon disconnection.

    Playing berserker could be a frustrating experience if you experienced connection issues or you overextended - all your hard work would be lost. We made the above changes to try and make it fairer for players who enjoy the grind to become the tankiest players in Annihilation!

    [IMG] Dasher


    The hunger penalty for use.
    The blindness and weakness upon blinking.


    The cooldown of the active to 10 seconds.

    In the trio of Scout and Acrobat, Dasher has never been quite up to par. Given this we've made the above tweaks to make the class more potent and less frustrating to play. We hope these changes will make dasher more viable and able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Scout and Acrobat.

    Damage Potions[IMG]

    We've now added the vanilla mechanic where splashback can happen when using instant damage potions.

    When using poison potions there was always the potential for splashback to occur but not with Instant Damage. This meant that teams use tier 2 damage potions without any negative feedback. These potions are incredibly powerful and can completely overwhelm the tankiest of players. It wasn't fun to play against and meant teams would often turtle on maps with a chokepoint entrance - such as Canyon or Coastal. We hope this change broadens the viability and variety of gameplay strategies to defend and attack your nexus.

    Enchanting [IMG]

    Due to a legacy combat plugin we use to help emulate 1.8 PvP the enchanting was determined by a seed. This seed was the same per player per map meaning that your enchantments were always the same. We've now made the seed assigned to each player completely random for every map to bring back the randomness of enchanting once more. You'll still be able to see your enchantments in the enchanting UI though :)

    [IMG] Immobiliser


    Particle effects and a chat message to communicate when a player is immune to being immobilised.


    Reduced the mining fatigue when immobilised to 5 seconds from 10.

    The mining fatigue after being immobilised was frustrating so we amended it to match the original stun duration.
    When a player has been immobilised they are immune to being immobilised again for X seconds. Sadly we never communicated this to the second immobiliser which lead to players questioning if a player was cheating or the class was broken. We've fixed this by adding both a visual effect and chat notification. We hope this more clear and less frustrating for everyone.

    [IMG] Robinhood


    New UI in action bar to keep track of your bow level and kills.


    Tiers are not lost upon class change.
    Tiers are lost upon death regardless of your class.
    Tiers are not lost upon disconnection.

    Similar to Berserker, playing Robinhood was frustrating upon disconnecting so we ensured your progress is saved. We also allowed players to switch class without loosing their hard work - however if you die your tiers will be reduced no matter class you play!



    Life drain ability only successful when the target is at 25% health.

    This has creeped up to 30% at some point so we knocked it back down to 25% as we felt this was more balanced.

    Private Stands [IMG]

    We've reduced the distance to place from a Nexus from 30 to 20. On most, if not all, maps you should not see any distance restriction anymore. We hope this makes it easier for players to brew potions without having to leave the safety of their base.

    [IMG] Vampire


    When in bat form you cannot drop potions.
    Added cooldown for when transforming out of bat form due to light.
    Fixed being able to transform into a bat during the day.

    In bat form, Vampire gave players a huge amount of utility to become a flying machine of death, quickly build structures and be able to quickly fly away after transforming into human form. Given the size of the bat hitbox this made it frustrating to play against so we decided to tone down the utility of vampire whilst keeping it to it's original design to be the ultimate night movement class.

    Other changes

    Some other minor changes include:

    • Left clicking an enderfurnace with a sword will no longer open the UI
    • Scout grapple no longer hooks itself into your teammates
    We also updated some of our backend systems to be faster at detecting and removing some of the most game breaking hackers. Whilst you may not notice a difference ingame we are certainly seeing an improvement from our end - in some cases players being banned faster than any admin could even respond to a report!

    Credits :heart:

    Multiple developers have been involved with this update so many thanks to:
    • DocCodeSharp - High priority bug fixes
    • Galap - Updated backend systems, succubus and private stand adjustment.
    • Skillerfox3 - Robinhood & Berserker changes
    • Robertthegoat - Everything else. Including an extensive bug fixing list. Which is alot. Seriously, ALOT :heart:
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  2. skillerfox3 Developer

    And thank you Murg for project managing this update!
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  3. DutchSurvivor Obsidian

    Lookin sweet guys, thanks!
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  4. Slaystyle Platinum

  5. Unhinge Platinum

    Wow! Every change seems beneficial and makes the game more enjoyable, especially the vampire and instant damage balances in my opinion.
    Although there's one thing I believe is possibly a drawback.

    Having a predictable first enchantment is one of the things I enjoyed about 1.9, it allows you to have much more consistent games when you want to do a certain strategy. As it only affected the first enchantment I believe it's not game breaking and only makes the game more enjoyable. Randomness isn't a skill, you can't adapt really and just end up spending more time enchanting early game.

    thx 4 reading plz dont change 4ever
  6. soto Platinum

    This is for the better.
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  7. Jarool Emerald

    All these changes looking great. However, I really don't want to think about that 70 second regen III potion... coupled with a bit of diamond... it wouldn't even need to be prot IV...

    I would calculate how many hearts that regens, but I'm too lazy (it would be a ridiculous amount). FWIW, enhanced potions are extremely easy to make, being an extra 15 gold + 10 iron for regen III. A witch kill, if you're not selfish.

    Otherwise, everything else looks great! Very glad to see vampire not be the annoying pain it is (I'm hoping you can still be an invis bat) and Berserker + RobinHood getting some nice changes that should hopefully make them easier to play. Overall, looking to be really good.
  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Got private messaged this. THANK GOD. DIE. DIE AND NEVER COME BACK.
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  9. Slaystyle Platinum

    succubus should be 30% in my opinion, It is rarely if ever used, and with this tweak, I am sure it is going to vanish.

    I am glad dasher was changed because I've never seen someone skilled used it in combat.

    Vampire is my favorite class but I am gonna have to admit it needed a nerf and I think what you did is reasonable.

    Damage potions could be stressing, But they are going to become extinct with these changes, It might be good for most of the player base. But my friends love to brew and they playstyle is going to be completely damaged.

    BER/ROBIN HOOD This changes needed to be implemented, getting tier 4-6 with robin hood or 20 hearts as a berserker and getting kicked or disconnected are one of the few things that have ever made me quit the game.

    Private stands *smacks lips* nice.

    immobiliZer - THANK YOU.. Getting immo'd has to be hands down the most frustrating thing in this game. 10 total seconds of mining fatigue is (was) outrageous.

    First enchantments- This tweak was unreasonable, First enchantments are what made annihilation what it is. Everyone has strategies related to first enchantments, Getting a fortune pick for 13 levels, Looting sword for 13, and getting a quick level 30 Efficiency IV-V pick or sharpness IV-V for a phase 2 rush.
  10. ryomou_200 Gold

    Can't wait the end of testing.
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  11. Kevin_is_Panda Retired Staff

  12. StormAerospace Platinum

    Fault occurring when Berserker kills another player, or is killed:


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  13. BusinessDuck Platinum

    Can't wait!
    Great work!
    "When in bat form you can not drop potions"
    Yes Pleeaaase! That's my kind of dish.
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  14. IncognitoSausage Platinum

    Noice and saucy
  15. Tobi472 Platinum

    no u have 2 go invis arcobat again lmao
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  16. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Can you apply the Unlucky Effect to show the length of ability cooldowns?

    Edit: I think potions of Metabolism would be cool. (Natural hp regeneration is 5s/hp)
    Boss buff potion maybe?
  17. FEDPOL1 Regular Member

    Or use the 1.9 fast-healing mechanic
  18. Slaystyle Platinum

    Now that first enchantments aren't a thing, boss buff should provide looting 1-2 swords.
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  19. Slaystyle Platinum

    And are you SURE Mercenary was not tweaked? Lately I've noticed mercenary completely drain me like nothing I've ever seen before.
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  20. soto Platinum

    dont blame shotbow for your lack of skill
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