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Event Spook Fest Events for this Weekend

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by 100PercentHippo, Oct 12, 2016.

Event - Spook Fest Events for this Weekend
  1. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    Friday's Event - 7 CST

    Given that there is going to be a head hunt on Saturday, we thought it'd be fitting to have a slighty different 'head hunt' on Friday in preparation. There will be a PvP event on the first live US server at Lazerville starting at 7:00 PM CST on October 14th. As this is on live, you will have to bring your own gear, but you do get to keep the gear of the fallen. Starting approximately 30 minutes prior to the event, the region will be set so PvP is disabled. There will be a special prize given to the last man standing, but do note you will be able to leave the event at any time to forfeit your chance for the prize but keep your gear. Best of luck to everyone.
    And before you ask, this is being held on live due to complications with the event server.

    Saturday's Event - Immediately after the chest (~1:30 CST)

    The heads are no longer in place, and the event is now closed. Thanks for everyone that participated. Feel free to still submit images if you have them, and if you have any feedback as to how to make similar events in the future more fun, shoot me a pm.

    As announced in the MineZ Spookfest thread, there will be a spooky head hunt this Saturday, October 15 immediately following the EU Treat Chest (which is happening at 1 PM CST). There will be 20 heads hidden in various locations around the map, and it is your job to seek them out and find them! When you manage to find them all, send me a pm on the forums with an imgur album containing screenshots showing off your achievement. The heads will be placed only on the first EU and US servers. If the servers reboot before all the prizes are claimed, the heads will be replaced, again only on those servers.

    To change up this head hunt a bit from the previous ones, I will be providing you with a list of locations where heads can be hidden at. However, as you know the general area, this does mean that the heads may be a bit more well hidden, so put on your goggles of ... uh ... searching for heads. The list of locations is:

    Anti-Zombie Fortress, Arbreton, Aurora, Carnival Town, Cave, Crymoore Pond, Dark Mansion, Devil's Castle, Eillom, Exolesco, Forest*, Fort McHarlington, Fort Rockwood, Fort Saward, Frostine, Hell Tree*, Jungle Outpost (Jungle Watchtower), Kauri, Mining Town, Sundawn Observatory, Riel, Snow Tree, Sunken Ship, Sunken Tower, Thannus, Tristitia, Quarry, and one optional one in Spawn (if you send pictures of the other 19 you will still win).

    Crossed out locations have 0, Italicized locations with a star have multiple

    As some of you may notice, there are more than 20 locations on that list. It would be way to easy to give you a list of locations that each had a single head. Each of those locations can have either 0, 1, or multiple heads (yes, there can be multiple heads at a single location). Be thorough in your searching :wink:

    In order to win you must adhere to these rules:

    - As mentioned above you need to pm me on the forums with an imgur album containing 20 properly formatted screenshots, showing each of the 20 heads
    - Each screenshot must be a full, unedited, Minecraft screenshot (default binding is F2 to take one and once taken they can be found in the 'screenshots' folder of your minecraft data directory) with the head in clear view
    - You must use the same account for each screenshot. In order to check this, each picture must show you (and only you) talking in chat
    - Your skin must stay the same in each screenshot
    - The screenshot shouldn't show any players other than yourself

    A sample screenshot can be found here. (And no, you don't have to get to the Anemos boss room to win the head hunt)

    - No head will require the use of a button or grapple to access
    - No heads will be placed in dungeons, as much as I do love dungeons
    - Some people don't enjoy head hunting just by itself, so there will be some nifty prizes
    - You CAN take pictures on both the EU and US regions as long as you visit every head
    - If you're having trouble taking a picture, do the best you can. I know where they're hidden, and can recognize those places
    - After around 6 hours, if all prizes haven't yet been claimed I will edit the thread to remove some of the locations from the list that don't have any heads, and mark those with duplicates.

    UPDATE: One head was placed incorrectly, and has been moved to spawn. You do not need to take a picture with it if you don't want to die, you can just get the other 19. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    UPDATE 2: I have changed the list of locations to mark those with 0, 1, or multiple heads. Those with 0 are crossed off, those with duplicates are italicized and asterisked, and all the remaining have 1.
    UPDATE 3: The heads are no longer in place. Thanks for those who participated.

    Winners so far:
    1. up44
    2. senub44
    3. JTGangsterLP6
    4. temis
    5. Chibotle

  2. Catsage Retired Staff

  3. FPSHater Obsidian


    edit: I just got 27 alts to all of these places, I'm ready to win this
  4. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    You should have just used half as many accounts and placed them around US and EU. Twice as efficient :wink:
  5. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    I'm glad you changed the time and added the list of locations! :stuck_out_tongue:

    I have 2 questions in preperation though.

    Can there be heads in locations outside of the listed locations?

    And how many players will recieve a prize?
    Tonkotsuramen921 likes this.
  6. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    No, and several, probably.
  7. Archi_Z Platinum

    Selling Head Hunter 2015 Set lul
  8. RisingThumb Regular Member

    You should put that on the Trading Thread. That's where it is most suitable.
  9. Thannus Platinum

  10. Archi_Z Platinum

    JTGangsterLP6 likes this.
  11. Aexon Regular Member

    "- If you're having trouble taking a picture, do the best you can. I know where they're hidden, and can recognize those places"
    Eh... Bad because if a group does the thing, they will just need to describe to each other the places and no waste time doing each screenshot
  12. Dixeo05 Regular Member

    No events for annihiliation :´(
  13. sunlost Retired Staff

    That doesn't mean "don't take a screenshot", it means take the best screenshot you can. He'll be able to tell where you were.
    100PercentHippo likes this.
  14. 1015Charlie Regular Member

    Will you disclose what the prize is?
  15. schiindler Retired Staff

    is this what the cool kids say these days?

    Catsage likes this.
  16. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    All the heads are now in place! Let the hunting begin!
  17. spearmkw Emerald

    found 5/20 in 2 hours so far. but g2g now because EU life, GG US :(
  18. FPSHater Obsidian

    Hey guys I just went looking like crazy and three places that I can say with the utmost certainty that there is no head at is Forest, Eillom, and Hell Tree. Don't worry about checking those places guys, there's none there anywhere.
    Aexon likes this.
  19. 100PercentHippo Retired Staff

    All heads replaced and location list updated.
  20. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    I almost forgot to express my "Thank you!" towards all Admins and Builders who hosted this awesome event on both regions - on US and EU. Many events in the past had only been held on US, causing EU players to be slightly disadvantaged. Keep it up! :)
    Catsage, Aexon and Techno141 like this.

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