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HIPS Spawn killing = ANNOYING

Discussion in 'Arrow Arcade' started by Trap_Master35, Jun 2, 2014.

HIPS - Spawn killing = ANNOYING
  1. Pretendence Platinum

    Okay I hate when I'm doing awesome in hidden in plain sight and I have 3 lives, Then someone manages to kill me and before I can even respawn I lose another life because someone was standing by a spawn point and killed me before I could react.

    Any possibility whatsoever we could get a 3-5 second spawn protection so we don't lose ALL of our lives because we magically appear out of thin air alerting other players to our presence...?

    Feedback is appreciates :)

  2. XDGrangerDX Gold

    A better way would be when you replace one of the existing zombies when you spawn.
  3. Pretendence Platinum

    Great idea!

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