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Song inspired story: Need You by F.O.O.L

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Flowing_Time, Jul 7, 2017.

Song inspired story: Need You by F.O.O.L
  1. Flowing_Time Regular Member

    It was the year 2040. War was constant between most of the world’s countries. The countries that didn’t choose to fight but chose to supply their allies with weapons were first to be destroyed by their foes. However, there was one country that chose neither to fight nor to supply any country that allowed it to live on for generations. That country made towering obelisks imbued with a strange power to protect their country in case any war decided to put them in the crossfire.
    25 years after the war, many countries had fallen due to riots, corruption from within their governments, and greed. However, the one country that chose to neither fight, nor supply weapons, had flourished into a kind country that helped the fallen countries regain their peace. The obelisks that they have built were worshipped as deities that protected their beloved country.
    50 years later, technology grew and the obelisks were forgotten from the world and from history. Due to earthquakes and erosion, many of the obelisks had fallen with their power lost, but only a few still stood, those that remained, rest in a cave near a beach with their power still active yet sealed.
    Till one day a young boy exploring the beachside saw that cave and was curious of what hid in the cave. As he approached the entrance, he saw sparkling lights of many lights and decided to explore the cave and learn of it’s secrets. 30 minutes later, he came across a massive plain of sand, not just sand, he had spotted the obelisks, with ever growing curiosity he approached to touch an obelisk. Soon, he heard the yelling of his worried parents screaming for him so he left, with intent that he’ll come back to the place that he found.
    The next day, the young boy decided to return to the cave. He stood at the entrance and stared at the sparkling lights for a while, many of the sparkling lights were flickering off and on as if there were fireflies were waiting for someone to come find them. He then began to walk into the cave surrounded by flickering lights. At the end of the tunnel he looked around the huge space hidden from the rest of the world wondering how no one knew or even found the cave or even heard about the obelisks.
    He started to approach an obelisk and looked at the symbols that were sketched on it's wall. In the world now, there were 7000 languages but the boy only knew 2 languages so he couldn’t understand the letters that were sketched on the obelisk. He began to lift his hand to touch the letters, but as soon he started to lift his hand the letters began to glow and prevented him to touch the obelisk. Soon, strange symbols began to glow into all the obelisks and a handprint glowed into the obelisk that he tried to touch. Then the huge room began to fill up with whispers and humming as well as the flickering lights that were hanging around the entrance of the cave began to gather. Everything then went into darkness and silence which filled the massive room of stone.

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