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No Prefix Some game balance could go a long way

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by LegitHunkinBoi, Mar 11, 2019.

No Prefix - Some game balance could go a long way
  1. LegitHunkinBoi Regular Member

    Hello guys. I started playing shotbow anni again with my friend and its sad to see how much lower the population is. Theres many factors for this obviously. Lots of the kids are playing fortnite, etc.

    But a thing I've noticed is that in 2019 gaming everyone is all about new stuff, balance patches, "keeping it fresh". We have gotten some new stuff but I feel like some kit balance could help. Theres a ton of kits, but you mostly only see a select few.

    Like scout. I'm about to tilt a lot of people. But running around with scout stock no gear is braindead. You literally fly away, and can chase anyone, run from any fight. Its mega op.

    Most nexus damage is done by a assasin with 0 risk, or maybe a pickaxe.

    and then theres my almighty spider kit. Its literally horrible. And theres plenty others.

    It could help the game if there was some kit balance done. I'm not saying to ruin scout and make spider op but some bad kits could use some more perks and the better kits could maybe be toned down a tad.

    But just my opinion. peace
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  2. _Swipe Platinum

    re tweeeeeet
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  3. IncognitoSausage Platinum

    Spider is OP my dude, one spider and immobilizer can kill a full diamond without even blinking. But i agree *cough* ninja buff pls *couch*
  4. Murgatron Network Lead

    In the coming Spring update there are several balances being worked on. We've already began scoping the next update and oddly enough Spider is on the radar, along with other classes :)

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