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Suggestion Some Feedback

Discussion in 'Gold Rush' started by Hazel_VB, Apr 5, 2019.

Suggestion - Some Feedback
  1. Hazel_VB Regular Member

    Hey there, I've been playing some gold rush today. And have noticed some things that are rather annyoing.

    1: The text of a class getting an upgrade is way too big. You can barely see whats going on behind it. And if a lot of people buy upgrades at the same time it can be really annoying to have it so much on your screen.

    2: The sound from a wall, gate or the smelting breaking is way too loud. And it just spams beeps the whole time in your ear. It gets rather annoying.

    3. Noticed that my fingers get tired fast when playing this gamemode. Because it requires so much clicking. Maybe a standard speed for breaking the walls/gates/smelters would be a better option? It is better for your hand/fingers and it is also more fair. You also get to have clear numbers of how fast you can break walls/gates and smelters this way. Once this gamemode gets competetive(ish) you can time rushes better.

    Also would like to thank you for making this gamemode. It's been interesting and hope it grows as big as Annihilation some day. And glad you let non-premiums also test it.



  2. Hazel_VB Regular Member

    Would also be nice if we could get some Xp?
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