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Suggestion Some feedback on the goldrush game

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Mohawk2, Apr 22, 2018.

Suggestion - Some feedback on the goldrush game
  1. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    I know that the only thing I have seen is the livestream, but here is something I think could make the game better. If you agree to disagree with these, put your opinion in the comments!
    I am really glad shotbow is not trying to rush gold rush!(pun not intended) Fixing the bugs is very important because the worst thing that could happen is that they would release a broken game, which would turn people away to (possibly) never give the game another chance.
    • Maybe they should make the message that the gate/furnace is being destroyed should correspond with how much hp the gate/furnace has (green/yellow/red)
    • Maybe, instead of the wall/furnace breaking message appearing as a title (the thing that takes up the middle of your screen) and instead be in the action bar (the place where you see music disks play), which is still obvious but takes up far less of the screen. Also, if you did not notice the action bar, there is still the sound effects to alert you
    • Forcing team helmets would be really nice (like in annihilation), sometimes it is really hard to see the color of someone's nametag
    • I hope the different maps have different amounts of gates/smelteries which can intentionally impact game length and amount of entrances into the base
    • Here are some side quests I could think of, however it is kind of hard since I don't know the themes of the maps
    1. Fighting wither skeletons to get 3 wither skulls (skulls do not drop every time but they should drop WAY more frequently than normal minecraft; about 1/3 times. Maybe you need to somehow collect the soulsand, or it could already be pre-built. The wither would spawn and then attack the other base
    2. Fighting hostile mobs in a designated area (not the middle) then bringing it back to prepare a cannon or something
    • One interesting thing to think about is having upgrades apply only while you are in your base. That means you would not be fighting in the middle and have their gear suddenly change from leather to iron, and the team that had the upgrade would need to go back to their base to get the upgrade to apply
    I thought about adding simple kits (the kind you would get in the lobby), but I decided against it since you can get kits in game, however, I left it just in case anyone wanted to see it
    Simple kits: Since you are trying to keep this game mostly vanilla, kits would be nice but they should be very simple, unlike annihilation. Also, I think people should not be able to change kit mid-game
    Miner: Either gets haste 1 or 2 (for mining the gold) and does 125% to walls and furnaces
    Warrior: Strength 1 (maybe modified damage since strength one is a bit strong)
    Archer: +some about of ranged damage (I think 3-5 extra ranged damage would be nice)
    It would also be nice for there to be a way to tell these classes apart visiually for the other team
    Here's another one that I came up with later, but he adressed later in the stream saying no (I was making this list while watching the stream)
    Making a map with four teams and a bigger gold mine would be super cool!
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  2. Goliac Silver

    Those are some pretty good ideas and it's nice to see that you got the enthusiasm to improve the game. But i'd say let's wait until at least the alpha comes out.
    I'm excited much as you too!
  3. Robertthegoat Developer

    Heya! Thank you for the ideas. As the game is still in pre-Alpha, I cannot disclose much about it, but I can say that suggestions even at this early state will be considered.

    One comment I can make on your suggestion about swapping the title for alerts about your smelter in favor of the action bar is that the action bar is already used for a number of different status messages. Adding a message that prominent and with the potential to play many times may block out other important information sent to the player.
  4. Pyachi2002 Slaughter Lead

    Maybe it could play on the subtitle instead of the title, so its not blocking other information but still takes up less of the screen than the main title

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