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Discussion So what do ya think of 1.9 MTA?

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by Sherlock_Shears, Jul 30, 2016.

Discussion - So what do ya think of 1.9 MTA?

What do you think of 1.9 MTA?

Like it 14 vote(s) 70.0%
Meh, it seems ok 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Dear god what have they done 3 vote(s) 15.0%
  1. Sherlock_Shears Regular Member

    Where does one even begin with this mix of cool stuff and bugs :lmao: (No offence, ya tried)

    Combat's is broken as hell with the new system considering anyone can aim anything accurately, I'm thinking that the server is gunna evolve into who can carry the most rocket launchers in their hotbar but I haven't been able to dmg test them yet (After testing I found they still do random damage, lowest I got it to do was 1 heart and highest was :cool:, so hopefully the damage has been nerfed so they aren't a 2 shot anymore. Someone also decided that giving brand new players access to a gun that potentially do 10 full hearts to a person wearing full diamond was a good idea. I honestly don't know why you even thought that was smart. If the Marksman was still a high levelled gun it would be a lot better as then not every player has one but giving every plyer a gun that can kill any layer in 1 hit with a critical headshot is absolutely stupid, and if you want to keep this then you HAVE to keep the old gun system. For some reason the Combat Shotgun also now shoots at around half the speed of the Sawn Off which seems a bit odd, but again, I haven't tested damage so the Combat Shotgun could do a lot more than the Sawn Off to compensate. Although I doubt shotguns will be used much, as bullets do 0 damage when you are within 4 blocks of whatever you are shooting. Apart from that, the pvp seems ok, you can now duel wield most pistols and even the Pump Shotgun, so that's kinda cool. Except if you are above level 100, when 9mm starts doing around 5-7 hearts a shot, so a brand new player with 3 minutes of playing can kill the longest playing person. Creeperker's reward for getting to level 194? The ability to be 2 shot by the most common gun in the game and die to a brand new player in under 2 seconds. Seems legit. Riot Shields are also a thing, so it adds a new choice to make: Shield or extra gun? One last thing, SUPPRESSORS ARE OPTIONAL WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That had to be said. Also it appears that drugs and bandages have finally been nerfed, so fights won't last ages now :D

    The new texture pack seems pretty cool although I think it needs to be changed a little, for some reason when you fire a bullet, the size of said bullet is almost the size of a player head :lmao: The guns look amazing when holding them though, and I love the animated texture of the Vulcan (10/10 on that one).

    I think the leaderboard needs to be reworked a little, as I honestly don't think npc cop kills should count towards the "Best KDR" because they aren't too smart :lmao: But apart from that, the leaderboards look amazing and are a very clever idea.

    As for glitches, only a few things that I've found so far:
    Names don't work (For example, it shows my old MC name in chat instead of my new one, I have no idea how the server managed to do that)
    Bullets do 0 damage when the target is within 4 blocks
    If you're in a house and have a gun in your off hand, you can't open chests
    You can't right click anything without shooting your offhand gun
    Bullets are around the size of player heads (That might not be a bug, but it seems like one)
    Falling 7 blocks while wearing full diamond armour makes you take 3.5 hearts of damage (Ik you are now supposed to use a jetpack while falling, but isn't 3.5 hearts of damage a lot for a 7 block fall?)
    Jetpacks don't always activate while falling, meaning you could end up taking the fall damage (Ouch)
    Only US players have their items and levels (I guess you just copied the US server and it's items, that probably not a glitch just a time saver)
    Damage is busted (Creeperker lost 7 hearts to a cop's 9mm, ouch)
    For some reason when I switched MTA servers it gave me another phone in my first available inventory slot (Tried it a few more times, turned out it was just a 1 time thing)
    The switching servers tab on the phone is broken, it shows that 0 people are online when there are actually people online
    Almost every single gun got a new texture, but for some reason one of the coolest items to be added (The shield) didn't get a texture? Not a glitch I suppose, just weirdness
    Jamming might as well not be in the game, when using a Special Carbine and under the required level, when the gun jams it stops you shooting for around 0.5 of a second
    After some testing, only 50% of bullets that hit a person actually do damage
    So a crit Marksman Headshot does 10 hearts. Seems legit. (This is with a high damage roll, and before you deny damage rolls exist, me and my friends have plenty of proof that they exist)

    But overall it seems like a pretty good update, the highlights are probably the fact that suppressors are now optional and the drug/bandage nerf, both amazing things that needed to happen. :D
    Combat changes: 0/10 Quick reason: Higher levels now get 2 shot by 9mms
    Shields and duel-wielding: 8/10 Quick reason: Still some bugs, but pretty good
    Texture pack: 7/10 Quick reason: Bullets the size of player heads and last time I check no shield texture (You added 1 item and you retextured everything but the new thing ;/)

    Edit: Turns out band spam is still a thing, rip
    Edit the 2nd: Turns out damage is busted af, people are taking up to 7 hearts of damage from a cop shooting a 9mm
    Thrice the edit: Added 2 more glitches to the list
    4th times the edit: Turns out they fixed the scanner acting like a phone bug, removing that from the list
    FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE GOLDEN EDITS: Texture pack weirdness
    Some pun about edit 6: Jamming?
    Not so lucky edit 7: Bullets working and GEEZ WHAT IS THAT SNIPER
    My fingers are *eighting* after all these edits ;333: Can't even connect to 1.9 MTA anymore

  2. Micatchu Platinum

    WOW! got so happy. downloaded the resources pack, changed my minecraft to 1.9.*. But there was nothing...:(. still just 1.8

    Are you playing on a beta server? Are you one of the few fortunate people to try it out? I can't find any information about it anywhere. Or am I just doing something wrong somewhere?
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  3. Micatchu Platinum

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  4. Low_Ping Platinum

    If you want to thank anyone on texture and some animation of guns, thank AGearBeast, he has done most, if not all the guns textures, models of airplanes, animations...E.T.C. That guy deserves more credit.
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  5. Creeperker Obsidian

    I'm... I'm...I'm so fun!! Thank you so much!!! Staffs! I had to believe them :lmao:
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  6. KounterattacK Gold

    Or you could tell him to just let the texturepack be. Aside from all the Veterans of MTA being confused by the weird guns, I don't feel like they were even needed. Low, I can tell they worked hard on 1.9, but why try and fix something that isn't broken? :stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Sherlock_Shears Regular Member

    Don't worry, I just casually found 2 more glitches within like 20 seconds :lmao:
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  8. Kingey Retired Staff

    Improve* :wink:
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  9. Sherlock_Shears Regular Member

    You had time to "Improve" but not time to retexture the shield ;D
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  10. KounterattacK Gold

    .... Do I like MTA 1.9, it depends on what aspect. There are MANY things promised that were not fulfilled, and with 9 months time, I feel like the devs just kicked MTA to the curb. I really like the new plane textures, some of the new gun textures, and the shield, but thats about it :/. I have played MTA pretty much every day for the last 7-8 months and have a very good background in it, so I am SOMEWHAT of a reliable source when it comes to improvement. Here are a few of the things (in my opinion) that we should fix.

    1:Guns (more guns)] storm promised more and new guns for different levels early on in the 1.9 development of 1.9, but as we can see now, the only new gun that is out is the Assault SMG, but you can't even buy it. (Il give the benefit of the doubt that it can be found, because I haven't looked :lmao:)

    2:Guns (textures)] I can and do appreciate the work put into the new textures of the planes, jetpack, guns, and other various items, but I don't like how there is new and old textures together. For example, my kit has a Combat Shotgun and a SCarbine (slang for Special Carbine), and I can tell that the shotgun texture was not changed, where as the SCarbine one was. This, and many other un-re-newly-textured entities makes the game look more like a beta or alpha version of MTA due to a pixelated shotgun next to a smoothened out SCarbine.

    3: Map (self explanatory)] Although, I, again must give you the benefit of the doubt on this, because you haunt added it YET, but we have been promised an extension of the map, and please don't let us down m8 :3.

    4: Damage (jetpack)] Um... what were you guys thinking when you took out no-fall damage when you have a jetpack on? If anyone reading this has ever gotten in a battle (involving maxed guns, diamond armour, drugs or bands), than you would know that having the jetpacks no-fall damage ability is a very necessary ability when it comes to fighting. I am suggesting that you change it back, and if you want to nerf the jetpacks, I recommend that you make them slower.

    5: Damage (guns and cops)] Im going to split this up into two sections, this first one is about the cops, and the second is about the guns. Ok, I can see what you were going for when it comes to making cops more difficult, but even in my maxed gear, I can barely take them out. I need to use bands and a shotgun to even get near them without them doing 3 hearts a shot (even when I am in full diamond). Another suggestion for cops to make them more fair is; the higher level you are, the stronger (more bullet resistant) and faster the cops, SWAT, and Military should be. Please do not keep this damage, because If me in maxed gear can barely take them on, imagine a noob.
    The damage of guns against cops, is different against players. I can tell, because my Marksman can now basically 1 shot people, but can't cops. And all the weapons are now very powerful and OP, but again, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, because I know thats what the Shield is for, so I won't complain TOO much on that.

    6: Leaderboards ( :stuck_out_tongue: )] I LOVE this idea, and I am very excited to have it implemented, but as you guys may know, its is very broken and makes no sense. I will overlook this because I already assume this is a WIP.

    7: Glitches ( ::cool:] There are a few that bother me, and I will list them in order of annoyance to me.
    1:Bullet size is WAY to big, they are as big as my head when I shoot them.
    2: Dual wielding is VERY unstable, but I assume you guys will fix that (side note, make WAY more guns available to be used in free hand)
    3:Bandage spam is still a thing
    4: Shield and Combat Shotgun didn't get new texture
    5: Aside from taking fall damage now, it is WAYYYY to high considering I can die from falling 15 blocks off a tree :/
    6: Close range targets take no damage for some reason
    7: Switching servers and name tags are all wonky, I had a friend who's old username was the one in chat, with his new one in TAB
    8: (optional) I NEED TWO SEATED HELES ( and to be able to shoot out of them like a [email protected])

    Anyways... for anyone that took the time to read this, I hope that you take into considerations some of my idea (especially thats last one). Peace Y
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  11. skillerfox3 Developer


    Thanks a lot for your feedback about the 1.9 update! Indeed, there are still lots of little and some bigger bugs. We are working on this!

    We are have been working and are currently working on an MTA map expansion. Because there is only a few builders working on it, it does not go very fast. MTA is a huge and difficult building project so it takes some time to create a new district.
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  12. storm345 Developer

    Guns - I never promised brand new guns, however the assult SMG is indeed findable easily, and the new textures are courtesy of AGearBeast :)
    Textures - A mix of old and new textures has always been the case, we're pretty close to 100% new modelled textures though!
    Map - Map release was never planned to happen same time as 1.9. This is still a WIP, to make to make it quicker - APPLY for builder!
    Jetpack damage - Jetpack fall damage is logical and makes sense. Why wouldn't you take fall damage just cus you have a jetpack on?? Also, the jetpack fall damage is calculated slightly different to vanilla fall damage due to technical reasons.
    Cop damage - Cops get a durability bonus with the riot shield, and SWAT also get a big protection bonus with it. Use riot shields as SWAT to increase your defense.
    Gun Balancing - All feedback is welcome and encouraged.
    Leadboards - What is the issue with these right now? Rewards aren't coded but the actual leaderboards should be fully functional

    Bullet size-Will be fixed in new version of pack soon
    Dual wielding - Some guns can't dual wield for balancing, other bugs in this area should now all be fixed.
    Bandage spam - How is this still a thing? I thought it was fixed?
    Shield texture - It does have a new texture now.
    Close range targets - Fixed now
    Name tags wonky - SHOULD be fixed, please alert if not. Also would be helpful to know if this is network issue or just MTA
    Two seated vehicles - Sadly impossible, minecraft only can render boats as two passengers decently.
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  13. StealthMacaw Regular Member

  14. storm345 Developer

    Maybe one day :stuck_out_tongue:
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  15. KounterattacK Gold

    Well storm, I appreciate you looking over what I said, and Im glad most of it is now fixed. I still do want jetpacks to be no-fall damage free though :3
  16. PokeTheEye Film Crew Lead, MTA Co-Lead

    We can't make it to easy for you :wink:
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  17. KounterattacK Gold

    aww, ment NO damage *facepalm*
  18. 134891949 Regular Member

    Add some more unique houses, like boathouses
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  19. 323465963 Retired Staff

    That's actually a really good idea.
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  20. Creeperker Obsidian

    I'll find the eagerly 1.9 glitch. I'm very expect to 1.9
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