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so, i accidentally submitted my build early

Discussion in 'Qubion Creative' started by OllyDG, Dec 26, 2016.

so, i accidentally submitted my build early
  1. OllyDG Regular Member

    it sucks that you have to wait 12 hours, cuz i accidentally submitted before finishing ONE ROOM and now i have to wait 12 hours :/

  2. McJeffr Qubion Lead Admin

    Nothing we can do about. If there wasn't any cooldown on the review plugin, our staff team would not be capable of handling the reivews as sometimes people sadly want to submit their plot again 2 minutes after they were denied. Next to that, the 12 hour cooldown is meant for you to actually take another look at your plot, and revisit some parts to improve on it (based off the feedback that you usually get).

    In short, yes you have to wait 12 hours to submit again.

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