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Event SMASH's 6th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kingey, Jan 18, 2019.

Event - SMASH's 6th Anniversary
  1. Kingey Councilor


    Hello everyone!

    In a few days, SMASH's 6th anniversary will be upon us and with it there will be several changes and happenings which we are keen on sharing with you! On January 22nd, 2013, SMASH was released to the public and has since become one of the classic Shotbow games that is still around on this day. As celebration, we've organised a small 'throwback event' which will take you back to the old days of SMASH, read on to learn what we have in store for you!

    Cosmetic game changes
    We have implemented some cosmetic changes to the game. Game mechanics and systems have remained untouched. Things like bowfly and other ancient mechanics will not be available. We made the following changes:
    • The old 1.7 SMASH Lobby has made it's return to the game with most if not all secret signs, sayings and redstone systems restored. (if you notice anything amiss, let us know!)
    • We've reverted back to the old knockout messages - they will once again contain ELO values!
    • We changed the post-match chatmessage back to its old design.
    • Gone are the comfortable popping sounds whenever an item spawns near you, back is the horrendous and constant dinging sound upon item spawning.
    Map changes
    Old maps will be returning to the game! To add to the nostalgia, almost all currently disabled maps will be re-added to the map rotation and be available to play again. Returning maps are:
    • Abandonded Bridge
    • Corrupted
    • DarkCastle
    • The Ship
    • WhiteChapel
    Besides returning maps, we will also be welcoming a new player-built map: Walkway by Mohawk2!

    XP Boosters and discounts!
    Big news! From Tuesday, January 22nd until Sunday, January 27th, SMASH will be hosting a x1 XP booster. This means that depending on the presence of a premium player on the server, you can get a multiplier up to x4. That is 60xp per kill in a regular match and 120xp per kill in a ranked match!

    As well as a booster, we will also have a huge discount on ALL SMASH XP packages in the xp store. Knockout sounds, particle trails and the party pass will all be discounted by a whopping 60%! Even the outrageously expensive particle trails that would usually cost 400k xp will be included in this discount.

    In response to several instances where we have been asked if it was possible and if it could be added, the SMASH Party Pass will soon be available for purchase in the Shotbow Buycraft store in order to skip the 20k XP grind.

    Discounts will come into effect on January 22nd.

    Thank you!
    On a more personal note, I would like to thank our veteran players, regulars and those who just hopped on for a few games to kill time, it's been an absolute pleasure to be working with a community as close as the one SMASH has. What feedback and support we have been given by you has really helped us make changes for the better and I am looking forward to leading this game for a very long time to come!

    On behalf of the entire SMASH Team, thank you, celebrate with us and we'll hopefully see you in-game!
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  2. sunbreathing Administrator

  3. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    Hey, that map looks really nice :wink:
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    I aspire to be more like you.
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  5. notswipe Developer

    damn im old
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    guess i missed that lul
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