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Announcement Smash Tournament - Official Bracket

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by Veghetto, Sep 30, 2020.

Announcement - Smash Tournament - Official Bracket
  1. Veghetto Retired Staff

    Official Bracket
    Well, the registration for the first official SMASH tournament has concluded, and the bracket is now set in place! If you look on the smash.gg website, participants can now see who they will be up against for the first round! Before we get into the bracket and other info, I would like to extend a grand "thank you" to all 30 players who signed up, I was worried about how many people would actually want to attend something like this, but I'm grateful that we got so many p
    layers. For perspective, with 30 players we will have 29 matches! Matches will start as soon as October 2nd, 2020, lets take a look at the bracket now.

    Since the image can be small on the forums, here is a full resolution link [LINK]
    Additional Info
    Before you go marking your calendars, be sure to note that this is all in Eastern Standard Time (the timezone where I live in) therefore, it is imperative that you convert the times over to your timezone. Lucky for our participants, I typed up a quick visual showing all times in their time-zones for their respective matches.

    The visual above shows the time in EST (see below for more info on times), the players, and the map they will be playing on. The visual will be updated on Monday the 5th, 2020 after all matches have concluded for the first round. If your player head is Steve, that means your name on smashgg was not the same as your name on Shotbow. For those 3 players, see the text based brackets below to find out your opponent and time that way.

    Some of you may also be wondering, why are Tibi14 and JonnyDvE facing nobody? Well, due to the odd amount of participants, two players had to be excluded from first round play to make the bracket work in a 1v1 format the entire way through, the alternative would be to have 2 matches be 3 players, but that would be unfair still. If anybody is curious about how the seeding (randomization) for the tournament was created, I have recordings of me seeding the matches which I can provide if anybody is curious, as well as me randomizing the map selection.


    Bracket (Text Form)
    If the visual is too hard to see, or for whatever other reason, here is the bracket as of week 1 for everyone to read.

    The_Pain_ (aka Grim) Versus Flo_20 - Oculus
    Jell0_ Versus ComandantePana - Hourglass
    Soto Versus Spanglish - Garden
    Dreigous Versus PrincipeDuvalin - Aerial
    FullAdmin Versus Daggez - Highlands
    Mmsalazr Versus Jantsen - Yun
    Cbb0203 Versus EnderMCx - Walkway
    Pupuson Versus Korelle - Loremeadow
    Yesus42 Versus JackieChun430 - Arena
    Zaco123 Versus Veghetto - Legacy
    Zebra_Cookie Versus Akuayuta - Volcano
    PUSEI Versus _Natural_Water_ - Stonehold
    Smartzz Versus Kajuri - Fortress
    Trollavitus Versus Axyy - Netherfort

    Bracket | Week 2 ( 10/9-10/11 )

    Week 2 Bracket | Text Version
    LordGarm V JonnyDve - Highway
    Dreigous V Spanglish - Mushroom Island
    Zaco V Jantsen - Researchlab
    Cbb0203 V Sonicboom- Pathways
    Jackiechun V Tibi14- Loremeadow
    FullAdmin V Pain- Beatbox
    PUSEI V Akuayuta- Sanctuary
    Smartz V Trollavitus- Temple
    Bracket | Week 3 ( 10/16-10/18 )
    Week 3 Bracket | Text Version
    Smartzz V Trollavitus
    (Winner of above) V Akuayuta
    LordGarmadon2006 V Dreigous
    JackieChun430 V THE_PAIN
    Sonicboom_ V Zaco123

    *Note: Maps will now be chosen by both competitors and decided via coin flip in-game from here on out
    Bracket | Week 4 ( 10/23-10/25 )

    Bracket | Week 5 ( 10/31 )

    The Grand Finals are here!
    Join us on Halloween, at noon EST for the final match of the tournament! Both JackieChun and Sonicboom have had great matches up to this point, and we have no doubt this will be a great grand finale!

    ・1st Place: 1 Month Shotbow Subscription + 50,000 Shotbow XP
    ・2nd Place: 40,000 Shotbow XP

    The Grand Conclusion
    The tournament officially concluded on Halloween day (spooky!) with JackieChun430 taking the win, later uncovering that he was zymii (jiren74) in disguise! Congratulations to both him and Sonicboom_ for making it this far, the tournament was a blast to host and watch! Furthermore, there is a survey that, if possible, participants can complete to help give us an idea of how we can improve for tournaments in the future. Here's the link. No email is required to do this, and we will not be correlating responses to IGNs, thats just to make sure we dont get 50 bad responses from any sore losers :wink:.

    Lastly, look out in the discord and youtube for the entire tournament in video format, theres a lot of matches to go through and edit, so it may be a while before its up!

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