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Other SMASH - The Christmas Update

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by Kingey, Nov 30, 2017.

Other - SMASH - The Christmas Update
  1. Kingey SMASH Lead

    It's December and 3 new maps, a new item, changes to the doublejump system and tons of activities await!
    This update will be rolled on December 1st in the evening of the east coast

    Old yet new
    Who needs regular snowballs when you have an exploding snowball? Introducing the No-So-Crappy Snowball item.
    This item will explode when hitting a player. Upon exploding, it will send dozens of snowballs flying in all directions which in turn can hit players as well.
    A Not-So-Crappy Snowball - Droprate 50% - Damage: 14 - Single use
    This item is inspired by the old 'Just a Crappy Snowball' item dating all the way back to 2013 when SMASH was introduced to Shotbow.


    Once the event is over, we will be adding the Just a Crappy Snowball item back to SMASH.

    Lobby festivities
    This year, we've laid out a variety of activities for you to complete. These include the possiblity to have snowball fights, helping Santa find his presents and building snowmen in the lobby. Read on to find out all the details about what's waiting for you!

    If you're using the launchpads and enter the main square of the lobby, you will be greeted by a hologram telling you to look at the ground when standing on a patch of snow. Doing this gives you a snowball which you can use to pelt other players. You can only have 1 snowball at a time, this makes snowball fights more competitive as you have to dodge and collect at the same time. Every time you hit someone, they will receive a slowness debuff for 5 seconds. You can only pick up snow at the main square, to avoid people getting pelted at the spawn to the point of annoyance.

    Apart from throwing snowballs, you can also use them to build a snowman. You can do so in the small fenced area which houses several pressure plates. In order to build a snowman, you require 8 snowballs. Every individual snowball has to be taken to a pressure plate to be added to your snowman. Once you've reached 8, a snowman will appear with some fancy fireworks and will despawn after several moments. You can repeat this activity as many times as you want.

    To the right of the game signs, you will find Santa Claus and his pretty empty sled. Right-click to speak to him. Turns out his presents fell out of his sled while he was passing over the SMASH lobby and now he can't find them anymore. Help Santa by finding all 5 presents that are spread throughout the lobby. Upon finding a present, right-click it. Once you've found all the missing presents, return to Santa as he may have a reward for your assistance.

    Seasonal maps
    As we did with Halloween, we have 3 brand new seasonal maps for you to play on. Thanks to the people who made them! These are the maps:
    • Winter Cell - 36 players
    • Sled - 10 players - Will be added to ranked
    • Tree - 4 players - Will be added to ranked
    Ranked suspensions
    Starting with the Christmas update, our administration team will be equipped with the ability to temporarily or permanently suspend access to ranked. This measure is to get repeating offenders off of the leaderboards and out of ranked. The people who are blocked from playing ranked are recognisable by their ELO being red. Take that cheating buggers!


    Do note that this will only happen if and when enough evidence is gathered. If you ever encounter a teamer or booster, report it on the forums or contact a member of staff in-game.

    No more lagfly!
    That's right, we've made several changes to the doublejump system. A major change is that lagflying will no longer be possible. This evens out the odds between opponents from different parts of the world with different connection qualities.
    Additionally, doublejumping should now be much more responsive. Share your thoughts here on the forums and help us improve it even more!

    Changes made to SMASH
    As always, we never rest when it comes to making the game more enjoyable for everyone. Some of these changes were rolled before the Christmas update, but were part of the planning or were hotfixes:
    - Replaced the 2 game sign walls by one in the center;
    - Fixed the grabbing animation - if someone gets stuck on your head, they should dismount after 3 seconds;
    - Fixed empty games and duplicated players;
    - You longer get forced into spectator mode when in a ranked match after losing all your lives;
    - Re-enabled the day/night cycle in game worlds;
    - Added a /song command so you can see which song is currently playing on the server.

    All in all, there is plenty for you to explore this winter. So grab a coat and hop on SMASH!

    On behalf of the SMASH Team, we wish you happy holidays!

  2. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Oh shit, I'm not gonna lie, this actually looks like a really good (christmas) update.
    I love December, I really am going to enjoy this month (especially me :wink:).
    Mistri and JesseTheSkrub like this.
  3. ACrispyTortilla SMASH Mini Admin

    Great update overall, I really enjoy this time of the year so this just adds to it ;p Only thing i thought should have more content was if the present hunt was much bigger ;p I really enjoyed going around the map looking for the presents in the snowy enviroment (by the way, the lobby looks amazing!)

    Heres to another year of great smashing : )
  4. Kingey SMASH Lead

    The following fixes have been applied to SMASH:
    • The Smasher item now deals 200 damage again;
    • Jetpacks will once again no longer spawn in ranked matches;
    • Penalising for quitting a ranked match will now only happen after the initial 10 seconds in which you may leave have passed;
    • People will no longer appear to be permanently sneaking after disengaging when being grabbed;
    • The ranked map rotation should be fixed™.
    The following changes have been made to SMASH:
    • Moved the match timer to the boss bar;
    • Added an indicator when you get grabbed and grab someone.

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