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Smash SMASH: The Arena Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Veghetto, May 14, 2021.

Smash - SMASH: The Arena Update
  1. Veghetto Retired Staff

    Smash Changelog

    Hey Everyone!

    It's been a while since our last content update, and while we may have slightly missed our deadline on part two of the Anniversary Update, we're still keeping our promises for that update here! The entire update is based around a complete rework of how maps are made, and how matches are created/played. While we've spent a fair share of time testing, be sure to report anything you find on the Discord or Forums!

    New Maps? Oh my!
    Returning Maps

    This is the major bulk of the update; while we originally planned on making a big deal out of all the old, previously removed maps being re-added for old time's sake, now they'll just be here to stay! Been a while since you last played? Well here's all the old faces coming back to the gang:
    • Abandoned Bridge
    • Corrupted
    • Dark Castle
    • The Ship
    • White Chapel
    • The Cube
    • Overgrowth
    Brand New Maps

    Of course, taking the dust off some old maps isn't all we did in these past few months, we also added 4 brand new maps to the selection. The first 3 on the list are winners from the Map Submission Contest, and the 4th is a map which was accepted for submission a while back, but never made it in due to certain back end restrictions.
    • Olympian Heights
    • Flame Cavern
    • Endgame
    • Collide
    11 new maps added to the roaster in total, wohoo! Some maps also received small changes, all of which will be detailed in the changelog if you'd like all the juicier details regarding how maps have been altered. In general, every map can now be played with at least 8 players, and some maps go beyond their prior limitations. In addition, we also have a few new media maps which we'll be testing out in the coming weeks, be sure to look out for in-game and twitter announcements for those! The arena selection GUI also looks a lot cleaner, boasting a new color scheme and some updated icons.


    Out with the old...

    Players will no longer have to use game signs to join matches, while they were a fun gimmick, and are a hallmark of the mode, we decided it was time to upgrade to a more modern matchmaking format. Now, you can open the arena selection GUI from anywhere in the lobby, with the /matchmaking command. There are 2 lobby NPCs who function as game signs as well. Games will pop up in this initial GUI which you can join, or you can create a new match by clicking the paper item.

    Miscellaneous Updates

    A requested change was to nerf the Rocket Launcher to be deflect-able, and as you can see by the fancy header, that's now a reality! It can be punched, shot, or snowballed away like any old ghast fireball can be. We're interested to see what other balance changes like this you guys have in mind, along with our own planned balance changes.
    We also have 2 new taunts which will be available for purchase on the XP Shop soon!

    Tutorial Time!

    One of the biggest pet-peeves of newer players was the lack of introduction to the game. The wiki isn't exactly up to date, and the various signs posted in the lobby are both dated and easy to miss. Now, there's an extension of the lobby which can be accessed easily from the initial spawn point, or can be traveled to right outside the main hub area easily. It contains all sorts of info on how to play, how items work, and even some advanced stuff!

    Social System Update

    We tried going to the new social system when it was initially released, however this completely broke parties back then. Now, however, you can do all the fun social things available everywhere else on the network, like sending private messages, making friends, you name it!

    Parties 2.0

    The biggest change in this section is parties, you can now create a party from the main hub, and play a party match with that party, no additional steps needed. This also means the party pass is no longer required to make private matches. We're currently looking into fun bonuses to make party matches even better for those who already bought the party pass, without retracting from players who do not own it. If you've got any suggestions on features, let us know!

    Looking Ahead

    The past few months have been a lot of work for us, we had to remake every map from schematics which had to be made; not to mention all the other stuff that goes into making updates. We really appreciate all the feedback everyone gives on the forums, and how patient everyone has been with waiting on this update to be released since it was initially announced.
    Ranked is currently down for maintenance as the new Arena system doesn't play very nicely with it, or the media maps. However we plan on having it back up as soon as possible, and plan on making a few changes to it so its a lot more cohesive as opposed to what it was previously.

    Thanks for your amazing support, and for flying Shotbow!
    - The SMASH Team :heart:

  2. PUSEI7 Obsidian

    Very good update: D
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