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Smash SMASH: Merry SMASHMAS Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Veghetto, Dec 13, 2021.

Smash - SMASH: Merry SMASHMAS Update
  1. Veghetto Retired Staff


    We're coming up on the most explosive time of the year here on Smash, so why don't we make this celebration a special one!

    Full Patch Notes

    AKA: The Multimodal Update!

    While this update does follow the traditional seasonal theme most of the community has come to expect, this update has a huge impact on the future of Smash's content cycle per-say.

    New Modes

    Previously Smash has had a few "modes" like normal, ranked, media, and party; however we're ticking this up a notch now. Within the game selector you'll now find 4 modes to choose from, as shown below. Each mode has its own game rules such as item spawn rates, lives, ELO calculation, and other fun stuff.


    Current modes for this update:
    • Unranked - Original mode, without elo loss or gain
    • Ranked - Original mode with elo in play, teaming is not allowed
    • Lifeless - Unlimited Lives, most kills wins
    • Christmas - Read ahead!
    Christmas LTM

    So, what is this new Christmas mode? Simply put, it's a special mode with loads of new content packed into it, which will last throughout the winter season/celebration. Many of the normal Smash rules are changed up, such as the normal FFA format! Players will now be designated as the Snowman, or a normal Player (we like to call them elves). Snowman have increased lives, scaling with the amount of players in the lobby, and normal players must knock out the Snowman to win. Additionally, only special items are in play here! And if that wasn't enough...

    New Limited TIme Maps!

    The Christmas LTM has 9 selectable maps, all of which are holiday redesigns & returning maps:
    • Arena: Frosted
    • Temple: Frosted
    • Fort Snow (Fort Sponge but snowy)
    • Frosted Bridge
    • Winter Fortress
    • Ice
    • Sled
    • Tree
    • Winter Cell
    Netherfort also returns as a normal map, as it was removed some time ago.
    Tree & Sled will be playable in the normal playlists as well.

    Additional Updates
    • Adjusted sign layout in spawn boxes to make them consistent across all maps
    • Just a Crappy Snowball -> A Not so Crappy Snowball
    • VIllager in Monster Egg -> Snowman
    • Christmas Festivities Return! "New" Lobby & Festive Music
    • Brought back leaderboard position update on login
    • Fixed media maps being playable in party games
    • Fixed party leaders being able to reduce XP gain in public matches by joining
    And that's it! We're hoping to add additional content with regards to more modes in future updates, so hopefully no more simple map reskin updates anymore! A huge thank-you to everyone who's been playing since the Competitive Update and giving feedback, thus far the highest ELO obtained is around 1301, but there's still a little more time to hop on the top 20 leaderboard!
    (As always, any feedback or submissions are greatly appreciated)

    As always, Thanks for flying Shotbow, and for playing SMASH! (Vote for Shotbow!)
    :heart: - The Smash Team
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  2. Axyy Localizer, Marketing Team

    Updates keep getting better and better, good job!
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