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Guide SMASH - Map of the month! [Revamped]

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by Axyy, Aug 19, 2020.

Guide - SMASH - Map of the month! [Revamped]
  1. Axyy Marketing Team


    So, it has been a while… but… It’s back!

    Since Lemon started to look into new potential maps for SMASH, I came up with the idea to revive

    SMASH map of the month is a project started by me back in 2016. On the first day of every month, a new thread will be posted where you will be able to vote on your favorite SMASH maps. The map with the most votes will win obviously.

    On this old information thread (Click Here) you can see that it only lasted for 7 months, and due to private reason I had to stop doing it. Now, I will actually keep posting it at least till next year.

    First of all, I really like to bring back some nostalgia. Secondly, it’s really helpful for admins to see which maps are loved and hated by the community. It could possibly help them to remove some boring maps.

    The first edition will go live at the 1st of September 2020.
    Make sure to be there and vote for your favorite map!

    Every edition of SMASH map of the month
    will be added to this thread :heart:

    Last updated: 19-08-2020

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  2. sunbreathing Administrator

    I really love the idea! But do we have that many maps to make this a long run? :oops:
  3. Axyy Marketing Team

    It used to work back in the day so we’ll see :)
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