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Event SMASH Map Building Contest

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kingey, Sep 1, 2018.

Event - SMASH Map Building Contest
  1. Kingey Councilor



    As some of you may know, SMASH has been around for more than 5 years and since then we've had a reasonable supply of player-made maps. However, with exciting plans ahead for the future of SMASH we've found ourselves in need of a number of maps to add to the game with the next update to replace the old ones. These could be completely new maps or perhaps revised or improved versions of the old maps. Take into account that changing a few blocks won't qualify as revision.

    In addition to player-made maps, we'll eventually look at having our resident buildteam create some additional maps.

    The objective is simple, make a map as pretty and cool as you can. When building your map, please follow the SMASH map building guidelines:
    • Average of 50x50 dimensions - Feel free to play around with the size depending on the amount of players you want your map to house, but don't overdo it;
    • Make sure there is a lobby box - Or I will make a very ugly one;
    • Mark item- and playerspawns - Please mark playerspawns with iron blocks and itemspawns with gold blocks. Take into account that the amount of iron blocks you place down determine the amount of slots your map will have;
    • Note whether you want to be listed as creator of the map;
    • Don't use excessive amounts of lava or water - SMASH is a fast paced game and FPS lag can be very interfering with the gameplay of people with toaster PC's.
    As for the rules of the contest:
    • Post your build submission in the appropriate board;
    • Mention that the map is for the contest in your thread;
    • Only 1 submission per player;
    • Should a map be built by multiple people, either 1 of them gets the full reward or the reward gets divived between the participants.
    I figured this absolutely would not work unless there is a fair reward for your efforts. Therefore there are rewards for the 3 maps that come out on top. The winning maps will be decided by a community vote. The rewards entail:
    - 1st Place: 50000 Shotbow XP
    - 2nd Place: 35000 Shotbow XP
    - 3rd Place: 20000 Shotbow XP

    If your submission doesn't make it into the top 3, you will not receive a prize. However your map will be considered for addition to the game.

    Submissions can be sent in until September 20th

    Good luck to all!
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  2. Kingey Councilor

    There are 10 days left to submit your build. So far we've seen 4 submissions which can be found and looked at in the Map Submissions board. Make sure you leave them constructive feedback too!
  3. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    What version should this be for? 1.12, 1.9?
  4. Leagueish Platinum

    I used 1.9 for my submission because it's the lowest version that players can use to connect to Shotbow. This was to prevent me from accidentally using blocks that not all versions support.

    And even if it's going to be 1.12 & up there will be no issues.
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  5. Cbb0203 Regular Member

    this map is for 1.12.2
  6. Leagueish Platinum

    ??? What map
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