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Other SMASH Changelog

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by Kingey, May 30, 2017.

Other - SMASH Changelog
  1. Kingey SMASH Lead

    - Fixed Spectator
    - Fixed Particles
    - Fixed Double Jump related issues
    - Fixed Player Visibility bug
    - Re-added Ranked
    - Added penalizing system to Ranked
    - Added Void Damage check so you're no longer falling infinitely into the void
    - Added countdown system to Ranked, so more people can join your match during that time
    - Added NPC stats leaderboard
    - Very slightly nerfed knockback velocity
    - Fixed dying from explosions during a Teams match
    - Added Queue info to Ranked signs
    - Fixed SB XP Bug
    - Added the Air Strike item
    - Added /elo <playerName> command to check ELO
    - Added a few new maps!
    - Modified minimum player count for Ranked to 4 players
    - Changed the way map regen works so it's not nearly as laggy
    - Fixed issue with Ranked where sometimes ELO wouldn't update
    - Fixed issue with getting kicked on-join
    - Fixed issue with signs where left clicking wouldn't show players in match
    - Increased Ranked afk kick timer to 75 seconds instead of 60
    - Fixed Random kicks "for flying" caused by lag
    - Firework particles will no longer cause proxy time-outs

    - Removed the following maps from the ranked rotation:
    Dark Castle
    Research Lab
    The Ship
    The Cube
    Shroom Kingdom
    - Changed the /elo <playerName> command to be able to grab ELO's of players that are offline
    - Adjusted the spawnrate of the Air Strike item to be the same as the Rocket Launcher
    - Extended the fuse time by half a second of the Air Strike item
    - When in spectator mode, your chat will now be visible to others as it wasn't before
    - Reduced the amount of sand in the Hourglass map and fixed several lighting glitches
    - Added a second layer of water to the Swamp map
    - Issues with ranked games not starting have been resolved
    - Re-added bowfly, as it was removed by accident
    - Enabled Day/Night cycle in the lobby

    - Removed the Event arena from the rotation as it was accidentally rolled
    - Removed bowfly again
    - Added an internal broadcasting system that only affects SMASH servers
    - Attempted to roll a ruined version of the old lobby as map, only to have it go wrong and losing the map - We'll have to re-do it all

    - Changed the teleport locations of the telepads in the lobby to teleport you in front of the signs instead of in the middle of the lobby
    - Updated the Chessboard map with a newer version by Sam_F_
    - Removed the EU leaderboard, ELO's will be transferred soon
    - An old, ruined and decayed place has recently been uncovered. The people who discovered it have named it 'Legacy'. It is believed to have been a lobby at some point in time, but seems to have seen a lot of smashing overtime

    - Added a second layer of water to the Swamp map
    - Transferred all ELO's from the EU leaderboard if the EU stats exceeded US

    - Added the map Altars for playtesting
    - Fixed players getting kicked from ranked due to lack of playerslots in the game

    - Removed Hourglass from the map rotation

    - Added the map Snowflake for playtesting
    - Re-enabled the party system

    - Made some patches to ranked which should hopefully get the map rotation going right
    - Added the map Aerial for playtesting

    - Removed all maps that were voted out of the rotation in the Map Retirement Poll
    - Fixed hit registration

    - Nerfed and reworked the Air Strike item
    - Nerfed the Jetpack item by reducing the amount of uses to 6 instead of 10
    - Reworked all game signs
    - Reworked the in-game countdown
    - Added a new knockout message
    - Blocked the Jetpack item from ranked
    - Added a 10 second delay in which you can safely quit a ranked match without being penalised - after the 10 seconds are up, you will be blocked out of ranked for 30 minutes and lose 5 ELO points.

    - Added a new system which enables Media Creators- and Partners to initiate an exclusive map using the YouTube block at the fountain. Other people will only be able to join if a game is open. Party features are enabled for the hosts of the games to use.

    - Made the Player Grapple hook register as a hit to recharge the doublejump
    - Changed the countdown to match end to act as a clearer indicator
    - Media maps will now shut down when the host leaves the game
    - Replaced the Bubbles particles with Life. Everyone who purchased the Bubbles particle will have Life unlocked instead now
    - Added some stats to the match end chat message
    - Potentially fixed empty games. If you encounter these again, please report them on the forums using the Bug Report section.

    (Halloween changes included):
    - Fixed the issue of crashing servers
    - Fixed the grabbing animation - you should now see players on top of you again when you grab them
    - Fixed several issues with the party system and removed some typos
    - Fixed players getting put in the lobby after dying once in a game
    - Added some spooky scary music to the lobby - use /music to toggle
    - Added 2 new spooky seasonal maps, they will disappear at the end of the Halloween event
    - Added a seasonal item called 'Peek a Boom'
    - Increased the server reboot intervals to 12 hours rather than 6 hours.

  2. Sam_F_ Gold

    Thanks for this thread!
    I get the reason why Chessboard was removed from rotation - like the others, it's too easy to stay alive, making for a boring ranked match.
    As its builder, I'm perfectly interested in editing it in order to make it better for competitive play! I've already received a couple of suggestions:
    -- Re-adding holes to the board, in place of the stained glass
    -- Taking off the walls, on the sides of the board and/or on the walkway on the outside
    My question to you, Kingey, is if I were to make these adjustments, whether you'd consider using the new version in-game, and possibly look at its viability for competitive play.

    My other complaint/suggestion is: why do ranked matches need 5 players to start now? I much preferred it at 4, it simply didn't take as long to get a match. What do people think about changing it back?

    Once again -- thanks so much!
  3. Kingey SMASH Lead

    Absolutely, we strive to be as involved with the community as possible in terms of feedback and adjustments. If you want you can send me a modified version, and test play it yourself.

    The required amount of players is 4 at the moment, you must have misread something =p
  4. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member

    "- Re-added bowfly, as it was removed by accident", bowfly doesn't work though. You shouldn't add it again, it is horrible when people saving thier jet pack up and can save themselves so often. With bowfly it's even worse, they can save it the half of the match... It is annoying.
  5. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    Really looking forward to playing now, thanks a ton for all the responses to feedback. Are there any updates on the old lobby as a map?

    Considering I was the one to bring it up I may as well explain from my point of view. I think the three main ways it is 'too' safe are due to

    Its size. Anyone is more or less able to stand in the center and stay on the main area after being thrown away, and then safely return the center by running away from any other players trying to intercept them. White Chapel's floor gaps are a good example of making horizontal size less safe, so I think your idea to add holes would definitely help. In fact I think it's going to be the most important change, because even making the perimeter less safe won't stop people taking advantage of the fact that they can't be thrown the length of the radius of the board.

    Walls at side of board. Some maps can get away with high walls, such as Sanctuary. I think this is in part due to the rest of the design. Sanctuary has an unsafe middle area which pushes players to stay around the edges by default, so there's far more opportunities to throw someone past the wall, and when trying to do so the players are already closer to the wall, so the throws are easier to pull off. Sanctuary also easily has its floor blown up which also increases the other risks of dying. Going back to Chessboard, there's no such lack of safety in the middle to push players to standing close enough to those walls that they can easily be thrown over them. Obviously you can't just shrink the entire board, so making the walls less high will increase the horizontal distance away from them someone can throw another player past, because less vertical height means they can throw the player at a lower angle and get more horizontal distance.

    The last thing is the walkways that you've also mentioned. If they were above the chessboard (or obviously if removed entirely) then they wouldn't act as a safe landing spot for someone thrown off the board, due to gravity meaning the player thrown off would already be below them. As for if they still look nice or work well above, or better just removed entirely is going to be your call.


    After some testing with _BrightDarkness_ when no one has an advantage on kills or damage or item use when the game ends at 10 mins it seems like the winner of a game is decided alphabetically. We only tested 2 games so there's a good chance these results are only down to luck but presumably this is easily checked or verified by looking at the code? Obviously if one can win even one game in a million by virtue of having a name starting with lots of underscores this would be problematic.


    Also, does the 'no teaming' rule apply when teaming against a blatant hacker in ranked? When the players in the game have used /report on the player would teaming on them be considered acceptable?
    Sam_F_ and _BrightDarkness_ like this.
  6. _BrightDarkness_ Regular Member

    You guys really have to recheck bowfly. I hit myself with it and got bumped up like 20 blocks, very buggy. And are you sure that it should be re-added? I think it is not a good idea.
    vampire_toothy likes this.
  7. AsiatusxX Regular Member

    It behaves like it did on the Beta server then. During 1.8 this bug never occured but once the Beta servers got released it started to happen. No idea what causes this unfortunately.
    _BrightDarkness_ likes this.
  8. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    On the 'transfer' of elo, I presume elo will be transfered as giving the larger of the two servers? I know I (and probably many other players are in a similar position) have already out climbed my EU score and so wouldn't want my elo dragged back down by an overwriting EU transfer.
  9. Kingey SMASH Lead

    Yes. If your current ELO is higher than your former one on EU, nothing will happen to it.
    SkeletonXF238 and LegendaryAlex like this.
  10. AsiatusxX Regular Member

    Did i miss out on something? Are EU servers being taken down permanently or what?
  11. Kingey SMASH Lead

    ACrispyTortilla likes this.
  12. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    I think that the updated Chessboard map is suitable for ranked now, and speaking of that I've still been seeing the 'blacklisted' maps in ranked in the last two days, and the second layer of water in swamp isn't currently there. Are these features supposed to be out yet?
  13. Kingey SMASH Lead

    Yes, they should be. We'll look at the cause soon.

    All map changes should be rolled correctly now.
  14. Kingey SMASH Lead

    The Hourglass map has been removed from the map rotation due to an issue with invisible blocks which prevented proper gameplay.
  15. Kingey SMASH Lead

  16. Axyy Obsidian

  17. Kingey SMASH Lead

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  18. Axyy Obsidian

  19. Text Regular Member

    Hey, Snowflake seems to be missing from the map rotation suddenly. Is there something wrong with it that caused this?
  20. Kingey SMASH Lead

    We've got some exciting news for you, as the first official ranked season has just ended and in addition has awarded the top-players with an xp reward! Refer to Dentil's New Moon for more details.

    Besides that, we have added both new particle trails and knockout sounds for you to unlock in the xp shop. These are:

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