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Update SMASH Arena Update Changelog

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by Veghetto, May 14, 2021.

Update - SMASH Arena Update Changelog
  1. Veghetto Retired Staff


    Hey Everyone!
    Below you'll find the details for patches regarding the Arena Update, and all further updates during the 2021 Calender year. Remember to post bugs in a support room on the Discord!

    December 13th, 2021 The Merry SMASHMAS Update
    • Patch Notes in progress, check back later!
    November 15th, 2021 The Competitive Update
    • Reverted all Spooky crazyness in the lobby, and maps
      • Graveyard is now a permanent map
      • Added Forsaken, submitted by Axyy
    • Re-Added Ranked MMR, aka ELO
      • ELO is gained via public matches using the same calculations as it used to, subject to change at any time.
      • ELO cannot be gained during Party/Media Matches
    • Re-Added Media Matches
      • New Maps: Big Kahuna & Hub
    • Re-Added /join (adds you to the game properly)
    • Updated Tab Header to display current season
    • Updated Rank Colors
      • Colors for ELO update every 50 rather than every 100 points
    • Added new "Join Random Game" icon to the matchmaking GUI
    • Updated matchmaking GUI to display game status, and a general facelift
    October 23rd, 2021The Pretty Spooky Update
    • New Maps: Graveyard, Hallowlobby, Haunted Mansion.
      • Arena: Spooked
    • New Items:
    • Elytra: Allows Glide for 2s, timer activates upon right-clicking
    • Gilded Apple: Restores Stamina/XP Bar upon consumption
    • First Aid Kit: Restores 15% (a % of your damage %) every 2s
      • Peek a Boom returns
    • Overhauled Tips, they now are much more like MineZ
    • Added Glowing effect to players while they use the Extra Life
    • Parties are now publicly displayed
    • Item Weights Reworked
      • Wooden Sword 10, Gilded Sword 7, Stone Sword 5, Shiny Sword 3, Diamond Sword 1, Bow 4, Player Grapple 5, Instant Teleporter 8, Cluster Grenade 4, Frag Grenade 6, Awesome Soup 3, Food 5, Proximity Mine 5, The Smasher 1, Speed 5, Monster Egg 8, Singularity Grenade 5, Jetpack 3, Fire Flower 5, The Shotbow 3, Rocket Launcher 2, Ice Cube 4, Crafty Bomb 3, Regenerate Map 1, Cloud In A Bottle 3, Air Strike 2, Just A Crappy Snowball 7, Shadow Walk 5, Homing Snowball Of Doom 5, Extra Life 1, Missile Battery 2, Peek a Boom 4
        • Changed to: Wooden Sword 8, Gilded Sword 6, Stone Sword 4, Shiny Sword 3, Diamond Sword 2, Bow 5, Player Grapple 4, Instant Teleporter 7, Cluster Grenade 4, Frag Grenade 6, Awesome Soup 2, Food 4, Proximity Mine 6, The Smasher 2, Speed 6, Monster Egg 7, Singularity Grenade 5, Jetpack 3, Fire Flower 4, The Shotbow 3, Rocket Launcher 2, Ice Cube 5, Crafty Bomb 3, Regenerate Map 2, Cloud In A Bottle 3, Air Strike 2, Just A Crappy Snowball 7, Shadow Walk 6, Homing Snowball Of Doom 5, Extra Life 1, Missile Battery 4, Peek a Boom 6 + Gilded Apple 5 Elytra 3 First Aid Kit 4
    • Fixed:
      • Cacti Damage Removed (Need to look at Magma blocks doing the same thing)
      • Fixed "Change Me!"
      • Hearts now properly display according to lives remaining
    July 4th, 2021
    • New festive lobby, which plays a fireworks show every night!
    • New map: Steampunk, made by Death_Tr00per
    • 2 New Seasonal Map Variants: Arena & Walkway "Beached" edition
    • Multiple maps received small festive tweaks to coincide with Independence Day
    • 2 new KO Sounds, and 2 new particles (network-wide), which will be added to the XP Shop soon
    June 6th, 2021
    • Fixed "Ghost Rooms"- Matches should no longer display in the matchmaking menu once all players have left
    • Fixed Meta Data display on matchmaking menu (Wool colors, stone brick types, etc)
    • Player count will now also be displayed by however many items are in a stack (e.g A stack of 2 wool for a temple game with 2 players)
    • Changed 2 arena icons
    • Fixed ice jump disabling duration
    • Re-Enabled Spectator mode- you also stay in the game while spectating, so your slot is kept for the next round
    • Added missing signs to some lobby boxes (Thanks Yesus42!)
    • Fixed a missing arena author credit
    • Servers should now properly shutdown, and will no longer spam the player notifying them of an impending shutdown
    • Upped Cathedral Max players to 53
    May 15th, 2021
    • Removed Gamesigns
      • These have been replaced with /matchmaking and 2 lobby npcs
    • Added a tutorial, it can be accessed via pressure plates right off spawn, or behind the ice platforms in back (front?) of spawn
    • General Map Changes
      • All maps are now able to be played with 8 players by default (prior minimum was 4). Any maps added in the future do not need to be built with this 8 player requirement in mind, as smaller maps are still mostly preferred by the vast majority of the community, however it is good to note the average players will likely be 5-6 now.
      • Multiple map icons have been changed
      • Multiple maps had their credits given
    • Aerial
      • Added 4 new playerspawns, and 1 new itemspawn
      • Extra lighting hidden throughout the map
      • Map maker credit added
    • Altars
      • 4 new playerspawns
      • Added lighting
    • Arena
      • Fixed pillars not being lit
      • 4 new playerspawns (in the center portion of the map, on top of item spawns)
    • Atrium
      • Lighting, build symmetry errors
    • Beatbox
      • Corners of the bottom floors have item spawns
      • Wood on the second level is now glass
    • Enchantment
      • Changed map icon
    • Fort Sponge
      • Map credits added
      • build symmetry errors
    • Garden
      • Removed the extra appendage on the outside of the building
    • Highway
      • Added the item/playerspawns below the bridge which were previously forgotten
    • Lava Spire
      • Changed map to Lava Spire 2.0, a map created by the original map maker in response to players, essentially removing the walls and making all obsidian coal blocks instead. While this doesn't make it great for ranked still, we thought it was a worthwhile change (albeit 7 years late)
    • Library
      • 2 new playerspawns
    • Lormeadow
      • Lowered map height, no more dying to stray punches because you got too close to the sun
    • Maze
      • Maze has a lot of walls, so really if you want to sit in the middle and camp for items, its a totally viable strategy, and the only other place to even get items is around the edges, which is dangerous even without the pressure of being knocked off. With the changes made, combat should be more focused on the top portion of the map, hopefully giving this map a large improvement overall
      • Increased floor level by 2 blocks relative to the walls, meaning you can now do a normal double jump in most areas and get on top of the walls
      • Added item spawns on top of the foilage
      • Removed a few item spawns on the outer edges which were near impossible to get to safely
      • Moved 8 player spawns to the top layer (1 in each corner on the bottom layer, 1 near each of corners atop the leaves, 4 in the fountain area, 4 atop the leaves looking at the fountain
      • Moved lobby box to right above the map
    • Netherfort
      • Added a few new itemspawns, 4 new playerspawns
    • Oculus
      • Lowered Y level of the map
      • Raised the middle obsidian sphere by a few blocks for easier traversal
    • Pathways
      • Added an itemspawn on the middle glass sphere
      • Added 4 new playerspawns
    • Research Lab
      • Those pesky lazertesters harnessed beacon power, players receive speed I while nearby active beacons
      • Minor light updates and prettying up
      • 1 new item spawn
    • Ruins
      • Removed a few item spawns that were hardly ever utilized
      • Added more item spawns in combat heavy areas
      • Upped player max to 16
    • Swamp
      • Removed second layer of blocks initially added with second layer of water (the second layer of water still remains however)
      • Removed air/water blocks under the middle structure
      • Changed up item/player spawns
      • Map is now an actual Swampland biome, with its yucky grass color and all!
      • Added additional lilypads for easier traversal
      • Minor block changes to pretty up the map
      • Lowered an island for additional traversability to the top of the middle structure
        • Added floating leaves in the air for the same reason
      • These changes should make the map a lot more traversable for less skilled players, and players with a grasp on advanced movement should find the floating leaves to be very useful; however the danger of falling right through the water remains deadly for everyone
    • Volcano
      • Minor map changes to reflect the original design
      • 4 new player spawns
    • Walkway
      • Moved a playerspawn from the side of the tower to the top
    • Yun
      • Added an itemspawn below the small bridge
      • Slightly moved and modified lobby
      • Added and modified player spawns, players face more appropriate directions now
    • New Maps
      • Collide, Endgame Flame Cavern, Olympian Heights
        • (Originally Freezeflame Cavern but the name was too long)
        • Olympian Heights has a small modification to the middle structure; removed 2 of the pillars to make it easier to throw opponents outside, and placed lava as a hazard below the Yin/Yang symbol
    • Old Maps
      • All spawns (maps and items) are likely different from their originals, we have no good reference for these locations so it was from memory and from what we thought would be considered improvements from the original!
    • The Cube
      • Swapped out iron blocks & red hardened clay for concrete, which has a lower blast resistance; this should make it much easier to throw players out
    • New KO Sounds arriving to XP Shop
    • Rocket Launcher Rockets can be deflected with punches or projectiles
    • Removed Grab Title/Subtitles, they will likely be re-added in the future with a /preference command similar to other modes.
    -Thanks Everyone for the support!
    ~The SMASH Team
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