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Update SMASH 2022 Update Changelog

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by SMASH Team, Apr 3, 2022.

Update - SMASH 2022 Update Changelog
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  1. SMASH Team Administrator


    Hey Everyone!
    Below you'll find the details for patches regarding updates during the 2022 Calendar year. Remember to post bugs in a support room on the Discord!

    December 10th, 2022 Christmas Update
    • Re-added the following maps:
      • Sled
      • Slowflake
      • Gingersnap
      • Winter Cell
    • Winter themed Lobby
    • New mob: Polar Bear (Christmas only)
    • Made Villager mob more festive
    • New Christmas Items:
      • Christmas Med Kit
      • Jingle Bells
      • Hot Rabbit Stew
      • Snowball Bazooka
      • Snowball Rain
      • Candy Cane
      • Staff of Slowness

    October 16th, 2022 1.16 Update + Spooky Update
    • Updated SMASH to base 1.16
    • New Map: Arcade
    • Reworked Ice Cube
    • Reworked Mob Behavior: Mobs no longer attack the player that summoned the mob
    • New Mob: Iron Golem
    • New Mob: Bee
    • Fixed Media Maps
    • Reworked Knockback
      • Throwing a player is more consistent and launches them in the direction you're facing
      • Players wont get launched upwards when highly damaged
      • Higher X/Z knockback based on % damaged
      • Post feedback over on the Shotbow Discord!
    • Halloween is here!
      • Added Haunted Mansion Map
      • New Mob: Witch
      • New Item: Candle
      • New Item: Fang
      • New Item: Trapped Souls
      • New Item: Lightning Rod
      • Readded Peek a Boom
      • Halloween Items and Mobs are only temporary
    August 4th, 2022 House Keeping & Quality of Life
    • Fixed an issue with some items not activating when clicking a block. (Fire Flower as an example)
    • Quality of life adjustment to in-game Top 3 showing their ELO
    • Some housekeeping
    April 15th, 2022 Bug Fix Update
    • Fixed an exploit allowing players to change Ranked Matches to Custom Matches to prevent ELO loss
    • Fixed an issue with the Double Jump sound playing every time you hit a player
    • Prevented ELO Locked players from joining Ranked games using /matchmaking
    April 7th, 2022 Item Balance Update
    • Fixed Lobby
    • Removed Elytra
    • Extra Life Item
      • Activation Time: 4 seconds -> 10 seconds
      • Blindness for 2 seconds if failed to activate
    • Ice Cube Item
      • Removed Jump Boost Effect
      • Slowness III for 10 seconds applied
      • Disabled Double Jump
    • Poisonous Mist Item
      • Detonates faster
      • Poison II: 4 seconds -> 6 seconds
    • The SMASHER damage decreased to 100
    • Removed Innocent Sheep from Mob Egg
    April 1st, 2022 The Spring Update
    • Fixed a bug that could occur when spectating matches
    • Re-Enabled Cactus damage
    • Fixed a bug that allowed a player to infinitely use the Extra Life item
    • New Lobby
    • New Item: Poisonous Mist
    • Fixed inconsistent damage values
      • Hitting a player using your fists did 4% damage and items did 2% damage we've changed this so items also do a baseline of 4% damage
      • Dislike the change? Let us know why!
    • Re-Evaluated XP Rewards
      • Unranked Knockout: 10 XP
      • Ranked Knockout: 15 XP
      • Custom Match Knockout: 5 XP

  2. Yesus42 Platinum

    Honestly, these changes look fantastic across the board. I am especially happy about the item balancing, except for one case:

    In my opinion, increasing the base damage while holding items to 4% is a mistake. The way I understood it was that the reduction in damage output served to balance out some of the more powerful items (Looking at you, Grapple and Jetpack), and preventing those from being held on for the entire match. In fact, I'm quite surprised that these "inconsistencies" were apparently unintentional and considered in need of fixing. As it is, there is virtually no downside to holding on to a Jetpack until it is used up, leading to drawn out, significantly less exciting games.

    To conclude, I believe that this particular change should be reversed, at least for certain items.
  3. 0rigin7 Obsidian

    Bomb jumps are no longer possible
    EyyColeTrain likes this.
  4. EyyColeTrain Regular Member

    I didn't even think of that!! I finally was feeling like I got the hang of it too.
    Daggez and 0rigin7 like this.
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