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Servers Slaughter is unplayable

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Turtledudeguy, Jul 22, 2014.

Servers - Slaughter is unplayable
  1. Turtledudeguy Platinum

    When you go into the arrow arcade and click on slaughter there are no ender eyes...

    this has been going on since you made the game, and we could only play it from the march minigame madness villager.

  2. Turtledudeguy Platinum

    oh and i forgot to mention its on the U.S. server
  3. Biomike Platinum

    I believe this probably falls under a few of the changes that need to be made that Mr_Darn talked about, as the same issue is with sweepers. I'd be patient and wait, however I'll make sure it's noted. Also, there's an edit button in the bottom bar.
  4. IBlakeI Emerald

    Don't fully trust me, but I think Saunders has put that aside to work on. He claimed it would come back later on. None of this is confirmed, just what I think I heard.
  5. Mr_Darn Retired Staff

    Slaughter servers are coming soon. We have not had a chance to put them back up after the big switch.

    We'll let you know when they are back.

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