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Slaughter is the best gamemode but no one plays because the server is dead

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by iTechnoskull, Feb 14, 2019.

Slaughter is the best gamemode but no one plays because the server is dead
  1. iTechnoskull Silver

    Hey whats up! Chris here! Im just here to tell you ive been doing good. I recently picked up smoking cigs and unfortunatly I am not alive if this post is up. Anyways Ive been playing shotbow since it was seperate servers. I played back when HighlifeTTU actually logged into the server! I know right! Dinosaur ages! anyways just want to say this gamemode deserves a better gamemode leader. perhaps me and my skills could assist your server! im a minecraft veteran I eat and sleep in minecraft while I Do it in real life! im into LARP and collecting pokemon in pokemon go. Also this game is so cool I just think that chickens should give more gold and more maps should be added. Perhaps we could get a map of MineZ as a slaughter map. Maybe we could perhaps reboot the gamemode by overhyping it and bam we could implement free cosmetics for slaughter and people would pour money into it like its a slot machine. Sorry for going on a tangent. Im going to go back to eating pizza that my girlfriend buys.

    ps. Please dont tell the admins about this post! they will take it down because they are LAME!
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  2. SwineFlu Platinum

    Ok, this is epic
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  3. YUMMiR Platinum

    what durgs u on

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