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Tech Support Slaughter is Either Down or Unavailable

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by truffled1984, Feb 18, 2021.

Tech Support - Slaughter is Either Down or Unavailable
  1. val_lmao Regular Member

    Ever since what I believe to be the 16th of this month, it has been impossible for me (or any of my friends) to connect to Slaughter. Other gamemodes work, so it seems the issue is only with Slaughter. Servers are shown to be up, but the number of supposed players does not change and instead appears to be completely frozen.

  2. Pyachi2002 Slaughter Lead

    Just brought a server back up. There has been an issue since 1.1 where the automatic reboots break and never spin up new servers. We have been looking into it for the past few days and hopefully should have a fix for it soon.

    Sorry for any inconveniences caused while we work on these issues.

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