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MineZ Simoon's Avengers

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by plusouplus, Nov 1, 2020.

MineZ - Simoon's Avengers
  1. plusouplus Obsidian

    Simoon’s Avengers 2.0


    Simoon’s Avengers is a group of dungeoneers that was originally founded in July 2018 with the goal of unifying the MineZ community by introducing players to all of the unique dungeons found in the game. We welcome players of all skill and experience levels to SA, as well as players from any playstyle.

    Over the past few months, we have been working hard to improve the group and create a welcoming atmosphere in our Discord. We are both proud and excited to announce our new version of Simoon’s Avengers is complete! We currently have over 300 members in our Discord, and are always looking forward to welcoming more!

    Simoon's Avengers is made up of players all over the world and hosts runs in a variety of time zones, with around tree or more public runs per week. In addition to those public runs, we will do daily dungeon runs, feel free to join the different voice channels in order to join us. Members are also invited to host their own unofficial runs whenever they would like. We typically host dungeons that require a large group such as elite dungeons, Zerbia Depths, Byesford Labs, etc., but we are always open to other dungeon suggestions if there is interest.

    Current leaders of Simoon’s Avengers :

    Avengers :

    Admins :

    Moderators :

    Dungeon Host :

    Our own practice server

    We are proud to be hosting a public MineZ practice server for the community, and by the community, containing parkour practice and dungeon tutorials for the bulk of the dungeons in the game as well as a variety of other parkour challenges and community-made projects.

    What we do outside of dungeons

    Other than doing dungeons, we have active discussions about MineZ content and new updates as well as hosting game nights, events and public giveaways with prizes such as ranks on Shotbow and items on MineZ

    We also strive to do a public opening of Axis Mundi at least two times a month that we will announce in the #planning channel along with other dungeon runs! (New!)

    Along with these events, we do our best to provide our members with guides on various in - game activities and mechanics as soon as we are able to. These include:
    • Information on new items or mobs
    • New dungeon locations and guides
    • Loot / build changes
    • How to gear up efficiently
    • How to deal with other players
    • Much more!
    Why are we a “group” and not a “clan”?

    We don’t want to be recognized as a “clan” because we want players from all clans to be able to put their differences aside to come together as a dungeon community. Although we aren’t affiliated with any PvP groups or events, our members are always invited to participate in them as long as they don’t fight in the name of SA.

    What’s new?

    We are looking forward to broadening SA to not only be a group for running and learning dungeons, but to also act as a general hub for all players alike from any group or clan to discuss content and share their achievements.
    We are also introducing a new Discord rank titled “Dungeon Host”, which will be given to active and trusted players that wish to help host and facilitate our dungeon runs. They will have to ability to type in #planning and are able to ping the @Dungeoneer role!

    How to join us ?

    If you are interested in joining Simoon's Avengers, dm Nathan!#1783 or any other SA staff member and they will send you an invite link to join our public Discord server !

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