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Question Should I build a town/dungeon, where should I put it, and what should it be like?

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Mohawk2, Mar 12, 2018.

Question - Should I build a town/dungeon, where should I put it, and what should it be like?

What location do you like best?

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  1. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    Hey, I was wondering whether I should build a town for mineZ. I would build a map for slaughter instead, but there is no dev for slaughter :/. I have to ask, if it is good, will it likely be added, or is it incredibly difficult to get your town/dungeon added?
    Here is a few things I have built (to give you a good idea of what type of builder I am)
    GC build, first time really attempting to make a huge building look good (I usually make small 1-2 room houses)
    This one I built for a minigame called castle siege, unfortunately the mini game got removed right before it got added :/
    This one is probably closest to the theme I am going to go for if I make a town for mineZ (although bigger), built on a plot world :lmao:
    This one is pretty old, built it about a year ago, but I still like it!
    Here is a few locations on the map I think would be good for adding a town. Vote for which one you like best!
    Btw, the size of the dots don't matter, just I was having to hand draw them and I threw this together in a couple in minutes, and the order of them does not matter either. You can vote for multiple of them, but I would like it if you just voted for three maximum.
    Do you think I have the skills to make a town for mineZ? Comment!

  2. Aexon Regular Member

    Hey, before building a dungeon for MineZ, you should know they rarely (never I think, but I'm not sure) accept dungeon build submissions. And Slaughter does accept build submission, a few maps made by community have been added recently.
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  3. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    Does this apply to towns too, or just dungeons? Also, slaughter has no dev anymore, he retired a little bit after the apocalypse map was added (about a month ago)
  4. Aexon Regular Member

    I know right but there's still Jeroenhero who fixed Slaughter recently and maybe he'd add a map if community and him think it's a good map. You should ask on shotbow discord #slaughter. For MineZ towns, I don't know.

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