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Other Shotbow, you're great! Here have some feedback ❤️

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Axyy, Mar 9, 2021.

Other - Shotbow, you're great! Here have some feedback ❤️
  1. Axyy Localizer, Marketing Team

    Hello fellow Shotbow players!

    I want to start of by saying that Shotbow is really improving lately, all of you are doing an awesome job at so many things although, I still have some suggestions on how to improve the network even more, and potentially increase the playerbase by a lot. Back in May of 2020 I posted this thread called " Bringing back the old playerbase ", I explained my thoughts and shared ideas to increase the playercount. My feedback was very well taken by the community, so here I am- once again sharing my thoughts and ideas!

    Since Mistri loved how I was using Shotbow's official Brand & Style Guidelines, I will be doing this once again!

    I'm sure we all remember the days when Shotbow was one of the largest networks out there. Don't get me wrong, Shotbow is still a very large Minecraft network with a lot of potential but we also have to be honest. Shotbow was much larger and enjoyable back in the day. At least, I think so. However, this can be changed, I see how Shotbow is actually listening to the community nowadays, and that's a really good start. I'm gassed about the amount of developers they hired in order to bring out new and exciting updates for the community to enjoy. Shotbow tried their best with the release of Warband & Miner Problems, but did it go as expected? In my opinion, no. I barely see any people on either game, al though I think it's good that Shotbow is showing interests in brining out new games. Some of my ideas in this thread will be a little scary and you might think of me as a crazy person, but just read through this a few times. It might actually make a lot of sense.

    Revamp Shotbow?
    Sometimes, you have to go a few steps back in order to go forward. You already did a lot of steps back when you got rid of the EU servers, al though many people didn't agree- you did what was necessary. I've got a plan that would definitely attract new players and so increase the playercount. So, currently Shotbow has 9 gamemodes, and only a few of them have a solid playerbase. I'm talking about Annihilation, MineZ, SMASH and maybe MTA as well. Why don't you put the games, that are barely played into the garage? Be honest here, why would you pay for servers, to keep games alive with not even 10 players on it? That's not how you should go forward. I've seen many large Minecraft networks make sacrefices in order to go forward. Take CubeCraft for example, they removed a lot of different games and game lobbies because they were about to die. Because they removed these games, they had spare money, resourches and time to improve their most popular games. Nowadays, they are expanding again with over 5000+ players daily. In 2020 they went from 1000 players daily to 5000+ so they definitely did something right.

    What could Shotbow do? Well, what if Shotbow was to remove all games with less than 10 people? They would have more money left to invest in other things such as the return of the EU servers? EU could potentially come back with only 4 gamemodes as well. You could remove all sub-lobbies such as the MineZ lobby and Annihilation lobby, and make it so you have to join the games how it was back in the day, straight from the main hub. Imagine if you brought back EU, how many players would return... 2 networks, US and EU, both around 4 popular solid gamemodes.

    In my opinion Shotbow wasted time and resourches in developing and releasing Miner Problems and Warband. You should waste as much effort into these games when nobody is playing them, I'm suggesting to put them in the garage and focus on the popular games and increasing the playercount.

    Shotbow really should advertise more. I believe their partnership with Lunar already did bits. So good job on that! But what about a voting system, you let people vote, and in return they get some cosmetics. This could work with a daily streak maybe? If people vote 5 days in a row they unlock a new balloon or something like that. I believe this would encourage people to vote, and shotbow will appear higher on those websites. Also when you implement something like this, make sure to use as many voting websites as possible. You will need to make sure Shotbow gets high on every website out there.

    I love how Shotbow has this partner program but I believe you can gain more out of it. Try host events and tournaments with them, in order to reach a bigger audience. Encourage creators to host their own events and tournaments, announce it everywhere, have decent prizes and let them livestream it on either Twitch or YouTube.

    Staff Team
    I love how Shotbow is getting new mini admins all the time, like BrightDarkness who definitely deserved that spot. But also old school players like BrendanLeeT. I think these people have a decent understanding of the game they are admin on and could definitely have their input on future updates to have the best possible games out there. Same goes for the public relations team, just wow. A really amazing job on that. I already noticed the screenshot competition hosted by them, seriously a really amazing job. In my eyes, SMASH and Annihilation could definitely use some more help regarding administration/moderation (not talking about myself, as I know I'm on Shotbow's naughty list lmao) but I'm sure that will be all good since they have such a great leadership. Anyways, this sub-category was mainly to give my compliments about how Shotbow is managing its staff team, really great job on this. I didn't mention the development team because I will go over that later in this thread!

    Forum deserves some updates...
    Okay, I'm a big forums noob because I just love it. I also had some experience setting up XenForo forums myself so I just couldn't let myself- I need you guys to update it! To be honest, the current forums are very outdated. Most large Minecraft networks have upgraded to XenForo 2.0 and I believe Shotbow should do this too. The looks of the forums is very outdated, the bbcode editor and profile messages as well. XenForo has so many new cool amazing features, you should really look into it (Navarr I assume?) - It is a little expensive but definitely worth looking into. Ps. I can't stand these glitches and bugs while making a thread! :(

    Development Team
    Gosh, I don't know where to start. 27 developers, what?!?! This truly is amazing, and I believe if all of you work together and do a lot of team building activities- you will bond as a group and improve your work as a developer. Well, I'm not in the staff team so I don't know how it goes between all of you, but I just have a lot of experience working in groups and I know if you do a lot of team bonding your work as a team will improve by a lot. Working in a team is the best thing out there, you can achieve a lot of great things when working together. Again, I don't know how you do things over at Shotbow but just take this as a compliment and some tips from me.

    1.8 Support!
    Almost every large Minecraft network supports 1.8, why doesn't Shotbow do this? By limiting the versions you can join with, you're also limiting the playerbase. 1.8 still has a huge amount of players, and will definitely increase Shotbow's player base. Imagine if Shotbow had US and EU WITH 1.8 support, well I really think a lot of players would return and we would also be able to welcome a lot of new players!

    I have to say Shotbow did a great job as changing the 1.9 PvP mechanics, but honestly- it's not the same. :heart:

    Good job & Thank you!
    I want to end this thread by giving one huge compliment to team Shotbow, I know all of you want the best for the network and so do I. I have so many great memories on here, and I couldn't be more gassed to see the playercount raising! I want to thank all of you for making this server a better place!

    Peace ✌️

  2. ButterTheGiraffe Platinum

    2 steps to fixing Shotbow lol

    1. Stop removing game modes that were actually building a player base: MineZ 2, HCF, WASTED, old Shotbow game modes that were retired due to a declining player base still HAD a player base. MineZ 2 consistently had 50-70 players, WASTED had the same, HCF had hundreds at the start of each map and only declined due to poor administration and updates. If Shotbow were to bring back just one of these three games and give it consistent updates and love, I feel as though they would see an decent increase in player interest in their server.

    2. Bring back HCF, and update it consistently, and properly - add new balances and challenges for each map. There is no good Hardcore factions server anymore and people want it, I know I do. We would love for some good maps with the new minecraft updates implemented in non-gamebreaking ways. Minecraft PVP is on the rise, why not bring back HCF?
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