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Other Shotbow Q&A

Discussion in 'The Network' started by Fridge2177, Apr 14, 2019.

Other - Shotbow Q&A
  1. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    Hey everyone so I thought it would be a good idea to type up all the major questions from the Shotbwo Q&A that happened this past Saturday the 13th. If you are interested in the video you can find it on the Shotbow YouTube channel or by clicking the link here. Ive marked time stamps on the questions if you want to skim through the video. :)

    Unless otherwise specified, questions are asked by Navarr and answer by Murgatron.

    2:45 As Gold Rush is coming closer to a release will Shotbow be taking on other new projects afterwards or will focus be on fixing current games / garaged games ?
    Gold Rush will be officially coming to Shotbow and will be released. We first want to address the issues with bug fixes with Annihilation and MineZ and that they have a substantial amount of fresh content then Gold rush will get the attention it needs to be reworked and released.
    It is still in early phases as it was left over from what Lazertester made before he left. Now Murg will be taking over and we want to see what the meta of the gamemode will be and how we will make tweaks to make the game as fun as possible. We were happy with the response to the gamemode by the players and are encouraged to have it fully operational.
    5:40 Is Shotbow in its current state gaining enough revenue for the coming months and years and is there a plan for the future to ensure its sustainability
    Obviously the EULA changed the format in which we could monetize using Minecraft. We have some ideas in terms of new content. We do have an issue with legacy accounts that bought platinum a long time ago and have no incentive to support the server anymore. Even though our staff are not paid, we do have server and operational costs that need to be paid.
    We have some ideas but we definitely do have to be EULA compliant, XP and selling unbans which both violate this. We want to have some more cosmetics for the gamemodes because we feel that cosmetics are one of the better ways or earning revenue without having pay-to-win perks. We are aware that our premium packages are a bit lacking and that there are some bugs with the current perks but they are on our list. We are of course looking to give you more value for those who have already purchased ranks, but that is still in discussion. Keeping things fair but realistic is a tough balance.
    Financially right now we are OK but we would obviously like more of a buffer for those slower months. If we ever got to a stage where we might be concerned, we would implement some other action plans for more community engagement. To be clear we will not simply disappear all of a sudden.
    9:30 Has shotbow considered hiring developpers to speed up the process of becoming a bigger server again ? If not why not ?
    The simple answer is that Shotbow does not have any paid staff at the moment so if we were to start paying new developpers, we would have to pay our current staff first. We just do not have the revenue to pay staff even on a temporary basis, but we would welcome applicants who would be willing to volunteer their time to help the server.
    12:50 Does Highlife still interact with staff of Shotbow ?
    This used to be Matt's business but he has since moved on with respects of getting a different source of income. He is still in contact however with myself, Doc and Navarr on a regular basis who are managing Shotbow on a day to day basis. If we ever think we need Matt's acceptance or guidance we can reach out to him whenever we feel necessary. We are here to replace Matt in the eye of the public.
    14:30 Do you know if you're going to continue developping Gold Rush ?
    Yes - answered before see first question. We want content in Anni and MineZ first then bug fix Gold Rush and release it.
    15:30 Will there be a staff team for Gold Rush ?
    15:58 Do you think we will ever see the 2017 Christmas (MineZ) town again ?
    Halo : The build team enjoys creating new content but we will keep them around and build around them instead of just throwing them out and never using them again.
    16:53 Is there a chance that Annihilation will get a major update to keep it fresh and bring back some of the old players ?
    The Spring update just released just yesterday and even though we found some new bugs, there is are plans for a new content patch soon, but we will be talking with Doc to check his availability. Doc does work on MineZ, Annihilation and all the back end stuff. We want to prioritize the stability not only of our gamemodes but also of the server and ensure that we are stable. Ultimately yes we do want to have some more major updates, but they are a ways off.
    18:23 What are the plans for MineZ Classic ?
    Doc : There is a road map available on the forums. The recode update came out early this year / late last year. The item update is in the works and will come out some time in May on the PTR. This means all legendaries will be changed, balancing items, changing particles, changing the PvP system again (including direct community feedback), fixing potions (specifically throwing potions). Then we will have the quest update where we can tell the story of MineZ and update the lore. The milestone system will come back with that update with more than ever before (which is the stats and achivements system). We have even more which will be released soon but you can check in the discord #sneak-peaks where you can see what Doc is working on. There are big changes coming soon
    Navarr: Halo would you like to give us a sneak peak at where the lore might be heading ?
    Halo : As Doc said, we really want to correct the inconsistencies. It is over 6 years old and written by many people so we want to solidify that. The core concept is there, but it is the story that want to tell properly. The origins update will be a big part in telling that
    22:07 Follow up question for that Halo. Are there plans for new dungeons ?
    Halo : The builder always have new ideas for new content but our major push is to have them part of the lore so that they dont appear randomly.
    Doc : In the item update we are also going to be tiering the dungeons so that their reward scales to their difficulty and other factors. Their difficulty will be rated 1-5 and their loot will reflect that. We then will be able to see which dungeons we need more of and of what difficulty (whether it be more easier ones, or more lore based ones, etc).
    24:15 Will MTA be getting any updates ?
    Doc: We're doing config changes to improve it, but nothing right now.
    24:32 Will MineZ 2 be coming back ?
    Doc : At this point in time, no.
    24:55 There was a suggestion to have a community dungeon submission
    Doc : I kinda want to do something like this-
    Halo : We've tried these things in the past and the quality really depends on community contribution so its a bit outside of our control
    Doc : Halo and I will talk about it and will update you
    25:27 (MineZ) Will alts remain the same way if the bank system comes out ?
    Doc : Alts will stay for now but Im not sure about their future. Alts will be allowed and there is no change for the time being
    25:55 What is the best way to make suggestions heard regarding Annihilation ?
    Post it on the forums. I read them every day so post on the forums. I don't really use discord but I do sometimes hop into discord to chat with people in #annihilation. Forums are the best way. Not everyone's suggestions will be heard, but I definitely like to hear from you guys.
    There are times when we release updates and they affect the meta in ways we hadn't anticipated and sometimes people question our decisions. It is here that we need you guys to tell us why something worked or something did't work so we can make further changes.
    29:40 Doc : Will there be more events on MineZ ?
    Doc : A while back we had a big test on the event server. The results were good and we're gonna be fixing the bugs we found, but spoiler : world events will be coming back.
    30:16 What sort of Annihilation events do you have in store and will 8v8 ever come back ?
    8v8 had to be disabled because of performance issues. There are plans on trying to return an 8v8 mode or at least a mode to allow clans to compete, but what might be good in between tournaments and 8v8 is something to allow players to host their own leagues which will be part of the next update. We're also looking at giving payers their own private Anni games with custom settings (like bringing back old phase 5 for example).
    We still do have all VS red and the various other gamemodes that we host on sandbox. Clans will be looked at next update
    32:25 Will Wasted be coming back ?
    Doc : Not in the foreseeable future
    33:54 Is there a reason why we dont have more mini-games on Shotbow ?
    The last 2 years has been Doc coming on and being lead dev. He has spent this time learning all the modes and developing MineZ. We want to continue fixing our current games rather than have buggy modes with no support. Gold Rush will be our "mini-game" but if someone has good ideas for mini games that seem really promising feel free to suggest. The open weekend for Gold Rush was to see if it would be viable for the future and for now we can see that it will be promising.
    Navarr : In the past we haven't had much success with them like Flappy Chick and Light Bikes so we're hesitant to make more.
    37:10 Will there always be a Shotbow even if it might start costing money ? I (the question asker) thought about possibly starting a Go Fund Me if Shotbow really needed it
    Obviously that would have to be a last ditch effort to keep going, but we would be realistic and open about it if things did come to that. We want to become a business again have plans to get there. If worse came to worse, yes community involvement would be appreciated but we would let you know first.
    39:06 Is Shotbow currently advertising and if so how? What do we plan to do with advertising ?
    We've been recently been having issues with our connection due to DDos attacks but we do not want to advertise Shotbow when there is no new content. Even if there is new content in our old gamemodes, we do see a small return in playerbase but it doesn't necessarily bring in new players. We're hoping that with Gold Rush we might be able to attract new players and then we will advertise with a new gamemode on a stable platform.
    41:15 What are the staff opinions on the LGBTQ community ? Are there any LGBTQ staff members ?
    Navarr : We're very open to all members of our community and welcome everyone regardless of sexual orientation.
    Murg : We have no tolerance for discrimination and try to make Shotbow acceptable for all audiences.
    Navarr : We do have some non-binary staff members, but they like to keep their lives private so we will not disclose any names
    42:41 (MineZ) Stats were not implemented with the recode update, are there plans to bring that back and will they be available to all games ? Will old stats transfer ?
    Doc : There is a new system coming in place called the milestone system and it will come out sometime in August ? (see roadmap). We could not bring back the old stats because they used the old system and it wasn't going to be ready for this update. There will be lots of cool features and I will explain more about it later.
    44:20 Will HCF be coming back ?
    Navarr : HCF did come back and they tried their hardest and it did not do very well and went back offline very quickly. There are no plans on bringing it back any time soon.
    45:47 Why don't you pay your staff ?
    I wish I could pay my staff but it is not sustainable with our current revenue. Way back in the day it was a business but things change and now it is a hobby with volunteers on our free time. Getting there will be very difficult on Minecraft
    46:38 Are there any plans for Slaughter ?
    Doc ; Maybe some bug fixes but it's not a top priority. It might be something I take a look at when Im not having a good time with MineZ and Annihilation.
    47:44 Will When in Rogue (WIR) ever come back ?
    Nope. At least not in the foreseeable future. We need small content patches to push out new content for our current gamemodes before taking on something of that size. Not something in our scope of even this year. I love that mode, but we don't have the ressources.
    48:57 Will we ever sell unbans ?
    Can't do it, it's against the EULA. Even if we could we wouldn't because we believe in only giving second chances to those who we think deserve it.
    51;19 Will Shotbow be hosting more community events like this Q&A?
    The reason we haven't done these types of events in a while because we didn't have solid answers for many of the questions we thought people would ask.
    54:38 How long does it take mini admins to become full admins and are there any different teams they can join as minis ?
    When a new staff member comes on, they are dedicated to that mode but can move to other teams as long as they are doing well in their first gamemode. Before promotion we make sure that we are confident in their bans, that they are mature and active. Its not a set checklist but we have a chat with the full admin team and decide if this person is ready.
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