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Shotbow Presents: Summerfest 2024

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LangScott, Jun 30, 2024.

Shotbow Presents: Summerfest 2024
  1. LangScott MineZ Events Lead, Administrator, Specialist

    Hello Shotbow!

    I hope you're all chilling in this toasty part of the year! I’m your host LangScott, and I’m stoked to bring you Summerfest so you can splash right in. We've got all the good stuff lined up for you once again: game updates for players of all ages, a head hunt for our anniversary, an event marathon and more!

    Get ready! As we slide into everything that's happening during Shotbow's Summerfest 2024. Get ready for some Summer fun that will bring you running back for more!

    Network in General
    Splash into Summerfest with double XP weekends and events planned just for you!
    • We will be having a network-wide 2x XP Multiplier every weekend till the end of August!
    • Annihilation is enabling a 2x Rank Points Multiplier from the 4th-7th, then every other weekend till the end of August!
    Summer Lobby & Head Hunt
    Big shoutout to our incredible builders who’ve created a masterpiece with their bucket and shovel! In celebration of the upcoming anniversary we’ve included a head hunt in the lobby with our brain new trail Coral Mix! If you also decide to decrypt the letters on the heads you will earn an XP code! This head hunt will conclude on July 31st, good luck on your hunt!

    Summer Events
    Next week we will celebrate the summer and the anniversary with an event marathon! More information can be found here. We will also be hosting numerous Summer Events on Annihilation, Minez & SMASH, make sure to stay alert on the events section in our Discord server.

    Memorable Moments
    Join the summer competition and share your favourite Shotbow memories for a chance to win amazing prizes! Whether it's conquering hordes of zombies in MineZ or overcoming the odds in Annihilation, your stories, pictures, and videos are welcome!

    Here's how to join in:
    1. Write down your favorite memory from your time on shotbow, include screenshots or videos if you have any!
    2. Reply to this thread with with your story!
    You will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win one of these prizes:
    • Gold Rank
    • 25k Shotbow XP
    • 15k Shotbow XP
    The contest will end July 31st and the winners will be announced in the August Dentril's New Moon! We will not be granting prizes based off your memory, everyone who enters a memory will be eligible to win!

    So grab your pencils and get writing, we can't wait to see what memories you share!

    Summerfest Store Bundle
    Happy summer, Shotbow! For a limited time only, we are offering a spectacular bundle for Summerfest 2024. This package includes the Gold rank, 25,000 Shotbow XP, THREE particle trails, THREE balloons, TEN shout tokens! Only available through the end of summer 2024.

    This Summerfest Bundle offers a ton of cool perks:
    • Gold Rank ($24.99 value) - Gold tag in-game + all premium benefits
    • 25,000 XP ($4.99 value) - 25,000 XP to spend on all things Shotbow
    • 10 shout tokens ($17.49 value) - shout to the whole server to share your summer vibes
    • 3 particle trails - Beachballs (NEW), Summer Fun, Sandy Beach
    • 3 balloons - Sandcastle (NEW), Orange Square (NEW), Sunny Day
    This Spring Bundle special is available for $39.99, at a HUGE discount!

    Coming soon
    Your favorite game modes are joining in the fun with Annihilation bringing back Anniverstal, MineZ is bringing out Summer exclusive content and SMASH bringing out some Summer maps!

    Closing Words
    Lastly, thank you to our amazing community, the support from you is what allows us to host these events every year. We really hope you will all enjoy this year's Summerfest. Have fun, I'll see you online!
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  2. DogsOP Regular Member

    My favourite time on Shotbow was a time when I played Annihilation with 2 of my brothers. We played on Coastal because that was the OG map and our favourite, and also because it was easy to get the dia block at mid. The three of us went to mid and got the diamond block after an intense fight. But what did we craft with the diamond block? A chestplate? Swords? No, we crafted 3 diamond axes and began the deconstruction of our entire base. We enchanted our axes with unbreaking and efficiency in order to break down the towers and bridges and with that, we bolstered our defenses around our base. In the end, we lost to another team full diamond, notch apples, and pot rushing us but I still had a lot of fun in that game as we got to just troll around and do what we liked.
  3. thecanadiandude Regular Member

    My greatest memory was when Valleys was glitched and had diamonds in phase 1. Not many people knew about the glitch, so I was able to get a full diamond set one game before phase 2 had even started, and had such a great head start on gear that I was able to mine gold for the next few phases, fully enchanting all of my gear with level 30 enchantments by phase 5. (This was a long long time ago).
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  4. QuADconM Gold

    My best moments in Shotbow were when I could play in version 1.8, I lived playing on the Natures Map, one of my favorites and to this day is one of the best, doing rush with the Scout without cooldown and with strength, speed, igneous resistance. Even older moments is when I played in 1.7, where the OG Coastal rooms were 120/120 players and premium ranks guaranteed to join in full rooms and full teams, plus the OG Ghostal Map, were my best moments in shotbow Anni, moments that I will not forget from my childhood :heart:
  5. MutedMute Regular Member

    I remember when I first got into Minez from some friends that dragged me around into all the hardest places to go and it was really fun cause we actually did the hard dungeons it really meant a lot to them but i had no clue and thought that was the difficulty of the entire game :lmao:. I'm back now revisiting every now and again with the same friends who meant a lot to me during those times. It's great to see the game is still being updated!
  6. DonJulio7O Gold

    my greatest memory was when this server had people playing and it wasnt dead as fuck as its now and back when the server had proper marketing and promotion for it!!!!!
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  7. 5ty4 Regular Member

    I fondly remember when you could actually gank and overpower someone in superior gear instead of dying over and over to one person with 5 notches and half an inventory of pots with full level 30 diamond gear when p5 begins trying to defend your nexus in whatever class.
    I also fondly remember when annihilation had full lobbies
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  8. dRaYm0nDgr33N Platinum

    I fondly remember skibidi in the nexus and gyatt level 30 enchant :nope:
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  9. Tanbuster Regular Member

    Me and my buddies used to play on a dingy CityLife server. They had a PVP section with four distinct colors like Annihilation. We always would warp to the yellow side of the PVP section and enjoy fighting anyone who would come in. Later it shut down and we found Shotbow. It basically defined our friendship. We would print out the MineZ map and look over it during lunch in 6th grade, plan a route to loot our way north. We'd play Annihilation and always join the yellow team as a way to remember our first minecraft experience. The server became a nice refuge for us. All of us still get on from time to time even now as adults. I have one hundred memories to share, but to me those memories with them on Shotbown were the best.

    In-Game Username because this Shotbow.net account is outdated- Osiris44
  10. littlepetfrog2 Regular Member

    I was a mixer party and was talking to some of the other guys. I asked what games they played and they had mentioned Minecraft. We got to chatting, somehow Shotbow and Annihilation/MineZ came up. We where talking about the furnace stashes and the meta from the release of the games. We added each other on discord and ended up hopping on later that week!

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