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Shotbow Presents: Spookfest 2023

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Axyy, Oct 18, 2023.

Shotbow Presents: Spookfest 2023
  1. Axyy Network Co-Lead

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    Hey there Shotbow!

    I hope you're all doing awesome and gearing up for the spookiest time of the year - Halloween! It's your host Axyy here, and I'm stoked to be back to spill the beans on our yearly Spookfest season here at Shotbow. We've got all the good stuff lined up for you once again: game updates that'll give you the chills, heart-pounding events, giveaways that'll make you scream, contests that'll keep you on the edge of your seat, XP codes, and a whole bunch of other spooky surprises.

    Get ready! I'm your guide for this wild ride through everything that's happening during Shotbow's Spookfest 2023. Get ready for some Halloween fun like you've never seen before!

    Spooky Network Secrets
    Rumor has it, there's some seriously spooky stuff brewing on the server! The whispers say we're in for wickedly cool changes that'll give everyone a thrill!
    • We will be having a network-wide 2x XP Multiplier until the end of October.
    • Annihilation is enabling a 2x Rank Points Multiplier during the first week.
    • Use code HALLOWEEN2023 for 15,000 Shotbow XP.
    Ghoul's Gathering Lobby
    Big shoutout to our incredible builders who've conjured up this spine-chilling Spookfest Lobby masterpiece! It's not all about the scares, though – we've stashed some seriously creepy heads around for you to find. Snag 'em, and you'll be in for some awesome cosmetic rewards!

    Please note, this cosmetical reward will only be obtainable during this year's edition of Spookfest!


    The Ghostcraft Resurgence
    Ghostcraft has risen from the shadows once more! Throughout these spooky few weeks, you'll have the opportunity to dive into one of Shotbow's oldest and creepiest games. Just head to the lobby spawn and click on the Ghostcraft NPC.

    Looking for brave souls to join you on this ghostly adventure? Swing by our Discord and creep into the Ghostcraft channel!

    Haunting Game Changes Await
    The whispers in the dark tell us that Annihilation's got a fresh map rotation, and they've packed it full of bone-chilling maps for you to explore. And that's not all—MineZ is back with its own Spookfest season, loaded with wicked items, eerie builds, and game twists that'll send shivers down your spine. Keep an eye out for SMASH, as it's donning a spine-tingling Halloween-themed lobby, complete with freshly haunting items and mobs. Get ready for a hauntingly good time!

    Twitter/X Scares & Prizes
    Shotbow will be hosting a GOLD RANK + SHOTBOW+ (1 month) giveaway on the official Twitter/X account.

    How to enter?
    1. Hop on the Shotbow server
    2. Take a selfie that's related to Spookfest
    3. Tweet & Tag @ShotbowNetwork on Twitter and use the #Spookfest2023 hashtag.

    Winner will be selected at the very last day of this year's edition of Shotbow Spookfest.

    Spooktacular Store Bundle
    The Spooktacular Store Bundle will soon be available on The Shotbow Store.

    Closing Word
    Lastly, thanks to you - our lovely community, for supporting us no matter what! We, as a team really hope you will be enjoying this year's Spookfest. Have fun, I'll see you online!

    (There might be another XP-code hidden in this thread, can you find it? TIP: look at the first 5 paragraphs)


    Hey folks!

    It's time for the Spookfest 2023 Skin Contest, and guess what? Anyone can join in on the fun! We've got cool prizes up for grabs, so don't miss out. This thread's got all you need to know for submitting your Halloween skin!

    2ND PLACE SHOTBOW+ (1 month) & 25K SHOTBOW XP

    • Screenshots must be taken on the Shotbow server.
    • You may submit a maximum of 3 skin designs.
    • All skin submissions should be related to the Halloween season.
    • Any inappropriate submissions will immediately lead to disqualification.
    You can submit your selfie by simply uploading your screenshot to imgur and posting it to this thread.

    The Selfie Competition wraps up on November 1st, 2023. If you're a winner, we'll either slide into your DMs on Discord or on the forums and shout it out on the Forums and our Discord announcements channel! Stay spooky and stay tuned!

    GoOooOoOodluck to everyone!

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    Happy Halloween :heart:
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    there is no hidden xp code
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    Happy Halloween!
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    Happy Halloween
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    Treat me to [G]; otherwise... I'll trick you
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  11. Axyy Network Co-Lead

    Thanks for participating in the Spookfest Skin Contest. I will put the screenshots up to vote within our team and announce the results later this week! :zanonymous:
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