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MTA Shotbow / Mine Theft Auto need developers!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by storm345, Sep 5, 2018.

MTA - Shotbow / Mine Theft Auto need developers!
  1. storm345 Developer

    Shotbow / Mine Theft Auto need developers!
    We are looking for people to help with the future development of MTA to keep the gamemode thriving into the future!

    Skills required:
    You will need the following knowledge:
    • Confident programming in the Java programming language (Essential)
    • Familiarity with the bukkit/spigot API (Preferred)
    • Knowledge of using 'git' for collaborating on code projects (Preferred)
    • Understanding of essential object oriented programming concepts and have the ability to demonstrate appropriate use of them (Essential)
    • Knowledge of concurrency, especially within Java - Threads, 'synchronized' keyword, 'volatile' keyword, (Preferred)
    • Basic appreciation for how java manages computer memory - so that code can be written that doesn't contain memory leaks (Preferred)
    • Familiarity with the Mine Theft Auto game (Preferred)
    • Good team working skills
    What will I do as a developer for MTA?
    This will depend largely on the quality of your application, but your role will be to help work on new code for the game and to keep the existing code updated and working where/when it is required. You will have a fair bit of creative freedom in this role. You will be assisted by storm345 (Me) and, depending on your ability, changes may initially each be reviewed by storm345 (me) before being pushed to production servers through pull-requests.

    This sounds great! How do I apply?
    All applicants will need to submit their application via a direct message to storm345 (me) on the forums (this website). Don't be discouraged if there are one or two skills listed above you do not have as things can be explained to you as required. Applications should contain the following:
    • An overview of who you are and your programming ability and experience
    • An overview of the related skills you have or do not have, especially those listed above
    • A link to source code that you have written to be reviewed by storm345 to assess your programming ability and it's suitability for working on MTA
    Good luck to all those who apply!
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  2. connor564 Platinum

  3. PaySafeKaart Platinum

  4. NPCt0m Gold

    Will there be other staff positions opening such as Forum admins, Wiki admins or Minez admins?
  5. noobfan Mine Theft Auto Lead

    This is only directed at MineTheftAuto, any other positions for other modes and website will be posted elsewhere if that team is looking for new recruits.
  6. Batrachaan_ Silver

    How about developer of Annihilation?
  7. Leagueish Platinum

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