Shotbow Builder Applications are now open!

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Shotbow Builder Applications are now open!
  1. halowars91 Lead Builder


    Hi Everyone!

    It's me. Your friendly neighborhood loremaster and builder, Halo. Today I'm happy to announce the re-opening of build applications for Shotbow.

    Before you go straight to the application, I thought I'd lay out some details and what you'd do for the network.

    About us:

    As our name implies, we're the team behind new lobbies, fun additions to MineZ, Smash, Anni, and other gamemodes. We work closely with the other teams to create their vision. In our freetime, when we're not working on projects or playing games, you can probably find us on our dev server creating fun ideas for the dungeons of tomorrow or the terrain for the battlefield of Anni. If you're more abstract, you may even build a Rainbow Train(Which Exists).

    So what should you prepare?

    I'd recommend constructing a build portfolio first, and foremost. A build portfolio is simply an album of images(typically imgur) that show off your past builds. I will not accept any portfolios in texture packs that are not default. All our modes are built with the default textures in mind, so it's important not to deviate.

    This time around I'm also expanding our team to welcome writers. If you like to write lore, and have an interest in this, I ask that you provide us with some samples of pieces you've written before. My favorite thing is constructing stories, and I'd love to welcome more people into the Lore department.

    Below is the application.(Hard to Miss. Click apply here). Please read it carefully. You may only apply once. I will begin responding to applications in one week. Due to the large volume of applications that we receive for build team, only people that are accepted will receive a forum notification.

    Apply Here!

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you apply! Best of Luck.

    Love, Halo

  2. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Did you steal that start from Spider-Man? :mad:

    Good luck y'all though
  3. LegendaryDucc Platinum

    Good luck to everyone! I would apply before but now it's probably too late for me so. :)
  4. Nikogab22 Localizer

    Good luck to all applicants!
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  5. AWildW0lf Platinum

    Oh how long i've been waiting for this opportunity! I'll no doubt be applying, good luck to everyone!
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  6. ACrispyTortilla Platinum

    Good luck everyone! I know a lot of people were waiting for this moment ;p
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  7. _Swipe Platinum

    woooo good luck mateys
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  8. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    If this is a joke, its terrible.
  9. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Wouldn't call it a joke tbh.
  10. Anvil_SQU Regular Member

    good luck!
  11. Nalacion Emerald

    Good luck everyone, may we finally fill out those builder positions!
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  12. RogueFlame1 Regular Member

    So, can you just be a writer? Or would you have to be both a builder and a writer to help out? Asking for a friend...

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