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Other Seems to be losing more and more Player

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by ysysimon, Oct 18, 2019.

Other - Seems to be losing more and more Player
  1. ysysimon Emerald


  2. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    No stats, no spook fest, no major content update in more than 4 months... unfortunately due to outside circumstances not much can be changed right now but sooner or later we will get some new content to make things interesting again
  3. boogaert Emerald

    the games 7 years old, i feel like it's not ridiculous that the playerbase dropped, although part of it was from questionable decisions from the staff tbh
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  4. craftminer111 Silver

    Cuz you outnumber when you fight
  5. Carrying Emerald

    Unfortunately, outnumbering is apart of the game. In my opinion, I don't believe this kills the game but has the potential for people to reach out to old players or friends to come join them. Everyone has had that one fight where they have been outnumbered and trust me from my experiences, it's not fun. But there is nothing you can do about it other than fight hard. It's not impossible to win outnumbered fights; good communication and teamwork always prevails.
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  6. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    I've deleted some unconstructive and toxic comments from the thread, rather than locking it. If you have anything constructive to add, please feel free to do so, and always remember that if you'd like to submit a player report with evidence, we'll always take it into account.
  7. craftminer111 Silver

    You talk about admins and they delete it ok gg
  8. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    Reason 1) Bad admins.
    Reason 2) See reason 1.

    Read the above sequentially for 5 years and you'll understand why
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  9. Carrying Emerald

    I apologize if my comments were unconstructive but I know they weren’t toxic either.
  10. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    To me, it seemed to be a bunch of namecalling and accusations — if you have any of those, you know the correct section to report a player. If you think staff are abusing, please message myself or the Network Leads.
  11. Saviour Regular Member

    Cus they have a pvp player base and game modes, and a role play SMP Minecraft version
  12. lightninge Silver

    I haven't played in a while due to stats being gone. IDK what it is, but stats not being there anymore just kind of...ruins it for me, especially since I was trying to get the 5000 zombies achievements and it's been months. I hope they come back soon, I miss them.

    I might buy premium if it goes on sale again, though. I play the other games a lot and I'm considering getting back into MineZ
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  13. GJrocks09 Admin, Builder

    Don't worry stats are planned to come very soon, they will be worked on as soon as we are able to start working again.
  14. Tozzu Platinum

    Talk about sweeping it under the rug. Just delete everything and call it accusations, even though there is a legit reason why people do those posts :stuck_out_tongue:
  15. 1999rocks Platinum

    because the developers just aren't doing a good job. He's "trying his best" apparently though so we can all give him a participation trophy maybe.
  16. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    The comments I deleted pertained to two users accusing each other. One of the users accused the other user of being close friends with admins and therefore getting everything they want with no punishment. Whether or not this is true, the forums are not the correct place to discuss such things. We are concerned with such issues, however, and they should be brought up with the appropriate staff members in private.
  17. cyclone_43 Silver

    x to doubt.
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  18. MuffinMinister Platinum

    I honestly think shotbow should employ a more active rather than passive approach to how they attract players, you used to be able to vote (?) i think to get xp, which helped the player (they got xp) and helped shotbow as a whole (server showed up higher in the big server lists).

    But, the lack of this isnt what is causing a lack of proper player influx. Its mostly due to the fact that promotion used to be free, in the peak days of MineZ and shotbow as a whole, numerous youtubers with a very significant following were making videos on MineZ, as well as other secondary gamemodes (this was even before annihalation was a thing, or just at the start of that) such as ghostcraft and LMS. Due to the fact everyone's favorite minecraft youtuber was playing on here, people were inclined to try it out, either simply due to association or even just the chance of running into a famous player.

    Now, this promotion was mostly free (i believe), the most the youtubers got out of it was a rank upgrade supplied by shotbow, no formal marketing/promotion money. Nowadays, there is little motivation for youtubers to make content on shotbow, even though there is loads of content to make videos on, ever since the golden age of MineZ the amount of dungeons and places to explore has increased dramatically.

    What I propose shotbow does is hire smaller minecraft youtubers that have an actually active viewerbase to make a small 10 episode series, think about good ideas for beginners to do that make for good entertainment.
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  19. Smartz_ Platinum

    I love this idea but once again time and time again they said they won't do it. This server has a history now of being terrible to work with (The Dutch Server whatever merger that flopped due to numerous reason on shotbow's end) and on top of that the game modes have been same since 2015. There is absolutely nothing new to do on this server and every damn time they say they're coming out with something new it's a let down or it gets postponed until it's considered a joke by the community (gold rush). I'm so beyond frustrated with this server and just basic amount of give a shit levels would clean it up a lot. I do agree with you, they do need to hire some talent but with Highlife, Doc, Navarr, and Murg I don't think that will happen.
  20. MuffinMinister Platinum

    The network lead staff is good at practically leading the network, in the sense that nothing is burning down and no shit is being stirred up every 2 seconds.

    However, they lack the vision of similarly stationed executives, it seems like they are more preoccupied with fighting a losing battle. Shotbow has players playing on it, and they mostly enjoy what they're doing, the problem is that unless you have something very special (in games, examples would be starcraft 2, pubg or CS) people are not going to sink in thousands upon thousands of hours without some new content every now and then.) Shotbow's issue is failing to capitalise on the few major content updates they do have, When MineZ: origins part 1 released they should have messaged a couple of large youtubers asking them to take a look, i believe some did on their own accord but with very little permanent profit for shotbow.

    There is a way to save this server, use the limited funding available to capitalise on the content that is being worked on right now. The problem is that the attention is way too divided, i understand that people enjoy MTA but without the bigger gamemodes present on the network the smaller ones (in terms of players cannot exist at all. Annihalation is good as is, there may be some relatively minor issues with it but as a whole it is pretty good.

    With the way things are currently going, the network is heading towards a complete shutdown due to either lack of players and/or lack of active player attraction, noone that likes the gamemodes or has recently spent money towards supporting the network would want this.

    I understand the executive staff's argument that shotbow is volunteer-run, noone gets paid for this, however even if that is the case some form of marketing or advertisement would definitely be beneficial for the server as a whole.

    I hope my prediction is proven wrong, the staff should not repeat their mistakes that were made with the dutch server crossover, and it should be doable financially to regain at least some of the former playercount.
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