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[Security] Data Breach and Information Leak

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, May 9, 2016.

[Security] Data Breach and Information Leak | Page 9
  1. Navarr Councilor

    We did

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  2. StalePhish Regular Member

    I searched my email for Shotbow and the most recent prior to the Have I Been Pwned was in 2013. I assume this is because I unsubscribed to the newsletter, and the breach message went to the newsletter mailing list instead of an administrative/all accounts mailing list?
  3. Navarr Councilor

    I'm fairly sure I sent it to all accounts as opposed to only those opted in to site mailings.

    The email did get plenty of rejections and was also considered spam by some systems.

    I used every avenue available at the time to ensure registered users were notified

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  4. SenorBeaver Platinum


    You've been around doing your absolute best for years Nav, cheers man, thanks for your time on behalf of all of us - and thanks for doing everything you could to notify us of the issue.
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  5. LegendaryAlex Platinum

    I got myself covered, mate. I love that shotbow chooses some random characters as your password. So I think I am save for now, until the next leak. And if u r too lazy, it's always smart to not have personal information on your account (I know almost no one does it but it's just for the people that do). Not having ur account linked to social media sites with personal information on public also helps.
  6. LaukNLoad Film Crew

    Usernames??? NOT MY USERNAME
  7. FPSHater Obsidian

  8. iilunax Platinum


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