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Class Suggestion Scout

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by soto, Nov 21, 2021.

Class Suggestion - Scout | Page 2
  1. soto Platinum

    To be fair with you, I was and still am one of the people that would’ve vouched for the scout change if it was properly done. The way they executed / went about this really looked like nitpicking at the worst possible time. To put it briefly; it was done very poorly. The server was already on a slow decline, you’re not wrong there, but executing this update with the already declining player base was the nail in the coffin. They’ve taken away the only thing that was more or less fun about the game when the lobbies were dead so all you were left with with were “less fun classes” to play with in 20 player-games. That’s my overall take on this mess and their silence isn’t t helping much either.

  2. soto Platinum

    Update 23/12/2021: Annihilation finally broke the world record speed-run for >>Fastest Gamemode To Die After Making Poor Decisions<< bet those Christmas sales are poppin off rn
    image by @nurupoei
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  3. Nashinium Platinum

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  4. NATALIE_SUNDBERG Regular Member

    And they still have the gall to ban people for typing in the chat. Sad.
  5. soto Platinum

    Germany and their propaganda, can you believe this. . . :mad:

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