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Class Suggestion Scout overpowered?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by atomicmonsta, Aug 27, 2021.

Class Suggestion - Scout overpowered?
  1. atomicmonsta Gold

    Hi everyone! I'm a new player to annihilation, even though i have been playing Shotbow for about 7 years now. I have just recently started playing annihilation, and i have a complaint about one class in particular: Scout. This class is TOO mobile, with the early game being dominated by Grapple spam. You cannot 1v1 these players, as they will constantly reposition on you with Grapple spam. You cannot even get killing blows on them, as they will just grapple away from certain death when being chased by multiple enemies. In the end game, it's not even fun defending a nexus as Scouts will just grapple in, break a nexus, and retreat before anyone can do anything about it. It's really making the game not fun for me, and lots of others.
    Is there anything to do about this? the immobilization classes barely work against them.

  2. Ivandagiant Silver

    Scout is too mobile, I really think that getting hit should detach their grapple. Currently all they have to do is throw out their grapple and run away. If you chase, they use their grapple to jump over you. If you stay, then they just keep running with no consequences.

    Anyway, your best bet if you want to kill a scout is to use wizard. Hit them with a freeze and pray you can kill them in time. If they are running away, you can hit them with flame to disable their grapple again (although flame has a VERY finicky hitbox, almost impossible to hit a scout with it), or you can use whirlwind to boost yourself to them or to cut them off. Darkness is also good for finishing them off if they are low.
  3. JonnyDvE Platinum

    Use bard slowness
  4. SnowVi1liers Emerald

    Bard, Pyro, Swap are classes that hinder Scout's ability to run
  5. NotInRange Regular Member

    Kinda wild that scout has been nerfed to the ground and people are still asking for it to be nerfed even further.
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  6. IEvadeTax Silver

    Scouts are scared of slowness bards.
  7. Ranger_Elite Regular Member

    Not nerfed enough when 90% of players still choose scouts over other mobility classes
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