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Suggestion Scout needs to be nerfed

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by blueprint4, Jan 9, 2022.

Suggestion - Scout needs to be nerfed
  1. blueprint4 Regular Member

    Scout has got to be one of the most OP classes there is. For those who don't have access to the class, it makes playing against them essentially worthless. Fighting a scout is as easy as fighting any other class, however, if you get the upper hand, they can just basically 'fly' away. My suggestion is to add a cool down to using the fishing rod.

  2. ohimgoodfornow Regular Member

    Let me give you a little secret: if you hit one of them, their whole class is useless for 5 seconds. Crazy, right! Use this next time you think Scout is broken.
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  3. IEvadeTax Gold

    A scout nerf was recently added. If they get pvp tagged, the grapple becomes unusable for 5 seconds.
  4. soto Platinum

    idk if u realised but he's trollposting lol
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  5. blueprint4 Regular Member

    I don't think it's enough. All they do is run away, and it's near impossible to actually hit them enough to kill them because they quickly fly away. Not to mention it's basically impossible to escape scouts in battle because if you try to retreat they will just chase you and pull in closer to you and they get a free easy kill. It needs to have some kind of slowness added or less hearts, the class is still very OP.

    The fact it's been "in use" for the entire time shows that it's not very significant, is it?
  6. Tahrien Platinum

    Personally don't think Scout is broken.

    We should buff other classes that make Scout less over-used because there is literally no other class that is good anymore, except for scout kinda
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  7. blueprint4 Regular Member

    Give other classes speed then? We need something to be able to catch up to Scouts when they run away, maybe extra reach? idk
  8. blueprint4 Regular Member

    No, scout is absolutely broken to the core. There's no escape from someone using a fucking scout class, they can just get to you instantly, you can't run or anything. You need to be a scout to be able to counter a scout. This is worse than the Kangaroo kit from McPvP.
  9. blueprint4 Regular Member

    Was that supposed to be an own? Lol.

    If you can't run away from an opponent without being a certain class, then it's obviously OP. I apologize if these criticisms are scarwee for poor buhbuh over here, I'm sure it won't be the end of the world for you if they nerf it :lmao:
  10. soto Platinum

    If you (still) think scout is genuinely broken without all the banter, I suggest you play a game more tactfully cause as of right now scout is one of the weaker classes when it comes down to all its drawbacks. I doubt you remember what scout used to be in 2015 but it's been ruined to shit recently.
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  11. blueprint4 Regular Member

    It hasn't been ruined lol. What do you call a class where if you gain the upper hand in battle, you have a 99% instant win? Overpowered. No other class has this problem, because with other classes, if an opponent runs away, you need to run and run and run to kill them otherwise it's not worth it.
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  12. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    The Scout mechanically needs no changes. Everything about how it functions, the velocities, the movement potential should always stay the same with the possible exception of void grappling as I do not believe in out of bounds play as a rule. Lowering their health would be hard nerfing, don't do that. Blocking off diamond armor would probably the only nerf I would levy towards it.

    On a personal note, I preferred fighting the version of scout before this with the 2.5 second grapple cooldown. I could match the cadence of scout and shoot where they would be either on the downtime or the 2.5 seconds after they grappled. It had phenomenal counterplay in the form of skilled bow shooters, now there's no cooldown and scouts can do several movements faster than you can charge and aim a bow making that lucky shot that stops them from moving is all the more hard. Even if you do, they might be to far away for an engage anyways.

    If people have a grievance with the 2.5 second cooldown not being clear, make it also apply the 'bad luck' effect to signify the cooldown of the ability. This could also be done with all of the class abilities, especially Acrobat as it has no item of it's own.

  13. Hingey Platinum

    Thanks for the laugh, cant believe you are still that ignorant. Scout has no drawbacks there is literally no downsides to using scouts abilities...
  14. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Precisely, there are limitations to how it is used, but there is no opportunity cost. It's free infinite movement. Even some damage sources, like ninja stars, wont activate the 5s combat cooldown (or bring players out of invisibility).

    Also I'm pretty sure combat cooldown isn't activated if a scout throws a snowball at a thorns player as well.
  15. JrAkcel Regular Member

    As someone who own scout, yes it was and is still one of the strongest class being play since the day it was added, even though they can't grappling hook in combat, the speed effect still give them the advantage to be able to run away 5 seconds and then escape. Same thing for offensive, they got their grappling hook and their speed buff, so you can't really escape unless you have very specific class like spy.

    Even at this point, with all the nerf scout receive, it's still one of the most used and strong class for a reason. If it was really that balanced as people said, there wouldn't be that many players using it.
  16. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Scout no longer has speed.
  17. Cupu Platinum

    I think the reason Scout has always been used a lot is it's mobility. No other class can get from their base to the other teams' base faster than a Scout can. People are going to use Scout regardless of whatever nerf it would get, especially after they find the new best way to use it.
  18. FlashTurtle Regular Member

    Would a longer PVP tag time/methods or short slowness after using/getting tagged help? That way, scout's main purpose would be for engagement and successful retreat (by not even hitting the people at all).

    The main problem I currently have with scouts is people rushing in, killing iron mine ppl, stealing iron and then getting out scot-free. It's easy for them to stall and run for 5s before gaining the ability to use the hook again.
    I understand rushing other team's resource mines being a tatic, but using scout is more more of a chip-type of play that should be easily counterable compared to a big iron rush.

    I view scout as scouting terrain or having high mobility- either slowness incurs on hit or use of grapple means that the scout with free grapple should have high mobility out-of combat, but the big drawback becomes in-combat is more effective. You can get some picks with scout when at a higher stage but it being a spam kit and spam rushing is maybe why it's considered to have high usage right now?

    Ofc we don't want to nerf it to the ground, but have a kit specialize in something compared to others.
  19. SimplyBac Gold

    Scout has been nerfed too much. lmao. I much prefer old scout.
  20. SnowblindGhost Emerald

    I'm inactive from this server for 7 years and come back to find people are still complaining about Scout. Just like old times...
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  21. SamsterBirdies Platinum

    I think inflicting the weakness effect for a couple seconds after using the grapple would be fair debuff.
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