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Suggestion Scout needs to be nerfed

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by blueprint4, Jan 9, 2022.

Suggestion - Scout needs to be nerfed
  1. blueprint4 Regular Member

    Scout has got to be one of the most OP classes there is. For those who don't have access to the class, it makes playing against them essentially worthless. Fighting a scout is as easy as fighting any other class, however, if you get the upper hand, they can just basically 'fly' away. My suggestion is to add a cool down to using the fishing rod.

  2. emve Regular Member

    Let me give you a little secret: if you hit one of them, their whole class is useless for 5 seconds. Crazy, right! Use this next time you think Scout is broken.
  3. IEvadeTax Annihilation Mini Admin

    A scout nerf was recently added. If they get pvp tagged, the grapple becomes unusable for 5 seconds.
  4. soto Platinum

    idk if u realised but he's trollposting lol
  5. blueprint4 Regular Member

    I don't think it's enough. All they do is run away, and it's near impossible to actually hit them enough to kill them because they quickly fly away. Not to mention it's basically impossible to escape scouts in battle because if you try to retreat they will just chase you and pull in closer to you and they get a free easy kill. It needs to have some kind of slowness added or less hearts, the class is still very OP.

    The fact it's been "in use" for the entire time shows that it's not very significant, is it?
  6. TotallyEnder Platinum

    Personally don't think Scout is broken.

    We should buff other classes that make Scout less over-used because there is literally no other class that is good anymore, except for scout kinda
  7. blueprint4 Regular Member

    Give other classes speed then? We need something to be able to catch up to Scouts when they run away, maybe extra reach? idk

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