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Suggestion Scout & Dasher & Acrobat balance?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by STEVE1010101, Sep 16, 2021.

Suggestion - Scout & Dasher & Acrobat balance?
  1. STEVE1010101 Regular Member

    Shotbow 3 Big class are scout dasher(sometime work) acorbat(hmmmm)

    you need shift for blink
    you cant use blink when you hungry/get immo/enemy base
    blink have long cooldown and max 20 blocks

    you can't grap when you get fire/slowness/immo
    you can't drink speed I when you have armor

    10 second cooldown

    Everyone agree scout is the most powerful class
    many people want nerf scout
    why not just buff dasher/acrobat like old update

    Dasher biggest problem is cooldown too long
    Acrobat biggest problem is move too slow
    Scout biggest problem is enemy have bard/fire sword/flame bow

    Scout is ez avoid from death
    Acrobat is dead now no1 want use it
    Dasher just have little long cooldown

    Here is my suggest
    we should try let 3 class have same value

    Reduce dasher cooldown or can blink while get immo
    maybe like ass kill enemy can reset/reduce cooldown
    Have something like energy pool it can save up 50blocks
    every time you blink will use energy but have shorter cooldown
    energy can slowly gain back every few seconds
    You can't grap while in enemy base / use more durability per grap when you have heavy armor / every time u grap your armor will -2 durability
    i know everyone say more armor = more cooldown but i dont think that good idea
    You can charge your double jump every 15 second max 2
    so when you get void you have a chance get triple jump to alive
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  2. SnowVi1liers Emerald

    A very good suggestion, I like the ideas you have here. I try to imagine what this would look like in the practical aspect.

    Triple jump with acrobat would make walls less valuable as you can clear higher walls and triple jump around walls which could be seen as a negative however with this ability, voiding efforts like scorpio or swapper + thor are less effective, which for many players I think will be a positive. This will be interesting to see within a competitive clan war.

    Reducing the cooldown for dasher is a good idea at first glance, but I imagine at mid, dasher is used well and is very difficult to chase and to reduce cooldown and allow more frequent escapes starts to make it overpowered. What if we had this but for every dash there is a certain amount of hunger as a cost to using the dash? It could make it more manuverable but balanced.

    Unable to grapple with scout while in enemy base makes deep rushes more difficult which can improve the player experience when people are trying to gear. Having your armour durability being chipped away everytime you use the grapple is a grey area I am unsure of; I know this prevents extensive use of scout when geared but to what extent I am not sure. Iron armour will degrade really quickly, and chasing a diamond scout, the diamond scout can keep using the grapple until the irons run out of durability, maybe if there was a chance for the durability to be lost it would be a good tweak for scout.

    Overall these are very good suggestions in my opinion, all of these have both benefits and negatives and with a little tweak can provide a new and fair meta for annihilation. You've given a lot of thought to this, nice!

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