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No Prefix Scout class OP ?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by doctor566, Jan 11, 2021.

No Prefix - Scout class OP ? | Page 2
  1. atomicmonsta Gold

    I'm a new player, and personally it's ruined the game for me. I will be spending all of my time scanning these forums in a vain and naive attempt to get this broken class nerfed so i and many others can attempt to have fun in this game, instead of just playing annihilation. It reminds me of a time when i played this long ago, and there were 5 servers filled to the brim with people.

  2. Tobi472 Platinum

    are u stupid?
  3. Ivandagiant Silver

    Haha, I've been trying since I first joined back in 2013. The community back then was very against a scout nerf too, but we managed to get a nerf or 2 in. It is still an extremely strong class
  4. Tobi472 Platinum

    tbh a lot has been changed since then. Im not 100% sure about that but I believe we had:
    - the cd getting nerfed twice
    - speed removal on heavy armor
    - not beeing able to graple while on fire or under the weakness effect
    - countless bug fixes which sometimes resulted in nerfs
  5. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

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  6. gaelic Silver

    People have been saying this for years. Get over it.
  7. Ringowhs Regular Member

    Honestly scouts have been complained over and over even after being nerfed many times
    I think that's saying something and probably something fundamental needs to be changed. This debate has been going on for FIVE years already.
    It's clearly not an issue that we just "Get over it"
    I do agree with GamerHamza though. What would happen if scout is not available for 2 weeks as an experiment (Maybe events where scouts cannot be used)? Will the situation worsen or improve?
  8. SnowVi1liers Administrator

    There has been a lot of nerfs since scout first came out which Jonny and Hamza do cover. Scout has been becoming more fairer and now is more focused to the skill of use I think.
    People who practice it more like any class are generally better, I could imagine other classes if practiced as much as scout could easily have this same debate.
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  9. xitipy Regular Member

    People who say scout requires skill are bad at the game, it doesn't take skill. Takes 1-5 games to get used to the timing/cd and only thing that requires 'skill' (more like getting used to tbh) is hitting a grapple under a block, on a fence or stair.

    Scout ruins the game. Shits been broken since 2013 and has been the main meta ever since. Scout pick rate is probably like 30%-50%. How can any development / staff team from any game be so delusional that they don't see something wrong with their game if 1 class/champ/weapon from that game has been meta for 8 fucking years lmao.

    Doubt complaining about it will do anything though since the people calling the shots are running this server into the ground.
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  10. shajunghoon Silver

    I think you need to play some clan wars to understand what scout is actually capable of which to be honest is not as much as you think. Many classes counter it and when people know what their doing, you die very fast as a scout (Pyro, slowness bard). The second that you lose your scout ability, you become completely useless and the enemy has a large advantage over you. Any damage class can beat a scout in a 1v1. Also you saying that scout requires no skill is false, some individuals are on a completely different level with scout compared to others. When people run to mid for midblocks in clan wars as scout, you will see some people arrive 5 seconds before their opponents due to the skill gap. yes of course scout is broken in pubs because people are clowns and don't know how to stop it. But should admins really balance classes based off of the rats who don't understand how to play the game?
  11. LegitHunkinBoi Regular Member

    Came back to the game, haven't played it in a while, was hoping for some changes by now. Scout is just as anti fun as always, quitting again lol. I just don't get it rom a game design perspective. The whole gameplay loop is play to get xp to buy kits. And theres all these cool kits. but they mean nothing, because 80% of the people in every game are just leather scouts running around. Or occasionally, a scout in gear, because he cant die and lose it because he can run from all fights. I just don't get it. The combat kits aren't that much stronger. But a scout is exponentially faster than every other kit. And to anyone who tries to say scout isnt busted, just look at the kill feed. Its scout everywhere. And they arent playing it because "its fun". they are having fun because its op. Or are having fun because they are also scout so its less boring than if they weren't. Thats it. Scout is prob the most poorly balanced thing in any game I ever play. Which is a shame because this is otherwise the coolest MC server hands down.
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  12. Willberfollower Regular Member

    The main problem with scout is it defeats the purpose of playing any other kit except scout or ones that directly counter it (bard and pyro) but guess what? I don't want to play scout, bard, or pyro. I want to play the other 20 kits. Why cant I play other kits? because you can't win a fight against scout unless they let you. They fly in (literally fly across the map 40+ blocks with one grapple) then as soon as they realize they're bad at the game they fly off. With 0 hope of any other kit catching them. Then there's the nexus problem. Quite a few maps make it easier for scout to get to your nexus then your own team. On top of this bard can't even be used near spawn. So you have the same 3 scout kids flying in every 3 seconds cause that's how long it takes them to get back. Scout compared to other kits is ridiculous. Take Robin Hood for instance (my favorite kit but it completely sucks). Why does robin hood get weakness so I can't even fight a scout kid after he fly's across the map with one grapple and now my kits useless cause I have weakness while scout kit gets speed boosts and a get out of jail free card.
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  13. LegitHunkinBoi Regular Member

    While your post makes very good points, devs should 100% balance games for normal play (because these are the majority ofd players). And in normal casual play, the kill feed is 80% scout. This is a minigame inside a game. Its not an esport. It doesnt need to be balanced for pro level. All the scout players in clan wars can find aanother mobility kit to use if they think its not good enough post nerf.
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