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No Prefix Scout class OP ?

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by doctor566, Jan 11, 2021.

No Prefix - Scout class OP ?
  1. doctor566 Regular Member

    I just want to bring into mind at how over powered and abused the scout class is. the player/ users have no caps on how often they can use their grapple making it nearly imposable to out run one and i just think its a massive un fair advantage compared to other classes which continue to be nerfed. but not scout ??? its about a 10-15 second wait for an acrobats jump to reload ??? how is that fair compared to scout which must be able to grapple every 2-5 seconds if even that.
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  2. Tobi472 Platinum

    ok lets look at the numbers:
    Scout got 2.5 seconds cd
    Arcobat got 10 seconds cd
    Dasher got 5 to 20 seconds cd (depending on the distance u choose)

    Dasher got the best movement ability but highest cd.
    Arcobat got the easiest and most flexible Ability and a medium cd.
    Scout got the hardest to use but the ability is better than arco if mastered.

    Its really dump to say that the cd of scout is fair if compared to the other classes. If you look at the rare numbers it would mean scouts ability is 4 times weaker but I believe its more useful than arcobats ability but harder to use.
    So from the power lvl its fair to say they are about the same but scout needs more training. If you take the drawbacks of hard counters into account, the skill cap and your grapple sometimes not working I would say its only half as strong as arcobat but never a quarter!

    Half as strong would mean the cd would be 5 seconds. You still would be able to escape everyone and chase everyone. But it would increase the skill cap even further.
    Would it change much? I dont believe it would tbh. But ppl would need some time to adapt and stop crying. After a few weeks ppl would play it again and you have the same problem.

    My solution would be the complete removal or just disable the class for 2 weeks and see how it turns out.

    Last words: Scout is the most frustraiting thing to encounter as a new player. Its more hated than 10 dia ppl rushing ur base, bc the scout just overpowers u man by man and you have no tools to deal with it.
  3. lPirlo Regular Member

    I think anni without scout will better. Scout is boring.
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  4. ShotbowEveryYear Platinum

    Use FireAspect Sword or Bard slow ez counter scouts.
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  5. Huniepiebun Regular Member

    Scout class is just plain autistic lol. Players doing hit n run and they're always the ones with enchanted diamond. Just overall stupid.
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  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    These changes would not change the scout playstyle at all, these are purely balance changes.
    • Scout shouldn't have permanent Speed I (with leather armor) and it should be removed. It actually contributes more than just speed, it also gives you first hit advantage, on top of having the best movement ability in the game bar none.
    • Scouts should not be able to void grapple. Short of using a class that can stop grappling, scouts that do this usually live, regardless of gear or enemies present.
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  7. Tobi472 Platinum

    this would mean nerf to leather scout, nerf to bb armor scout and buff to full dia scout with speed

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